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Uzbekistan Airways announces the recruitment of flight attendants with foreign certificates

2023 17 March
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       Uzbekistan Airways hires flight attendants who have a valid certificate (license) of a flight attendant issued by a foreign state and work experience in other airlines.

Candidate requirements:

  1. Valid approval for A320/321 aircraft;
  2. Valid flight attendant license;
  3. Valid medical certificate (valid for at least one month);
  4. English language level;
  5. Break in flight work no more than 6 months;
  6. legitimacy certificate of the flight attendant license;
  7. Work experience from 3 years;
  8. Age from 25 to 35;
  9. Height from 165 to 175 cm.

Documents should be sent to the following Email: ca.school@uzairways.com

The contract term is 12 months.

Note: You need to fill and send the attached form to email above.

Download PDF