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How can I get a certificate of confirmation of my flight indicating the cost of the ticket?

You can receive this certificate by sending an official request to the airline’s directorate at "Contact us" page, after which a certificate will be prepared for you indicating all the necessary data.

Which model of airplane I fly on?

Even you know a model of an airplane as you buy your air ticket the scheduled model may be changed as technical or operational reasons. To know which a model of an airplane for your flight, please, contact our aviation company’s employee registering the passengers and luggages of your flight.

How to know whether my flight late is?

You may specify your flight terminal in «Online panel» of our aviation company’s web site. Also coming at an airport you find all the necessary information on a flight room’s panel.

When I come at airport?

If you travel with the luggage to be registered to transport into an airplane you come at check-in counter not later than 40 minutes before your flight.

Is hand luggage free of charge?

All items carried by the passenger are considered hand luggage. For example, a handbag, camera / camcorder, laptop, cakes, flowers, purse, baskets, covers. We recommend that you put your things in one (1) piece of carry-on baggage in advance.Free of charge luggage does not include:

- Lady or gentleman bags or files;
- Cameras;
- Printed papers;
- Computer less 2 kg;
- Child’s nutrition and movable cradle;
- Umbrella or cane;
- Coat, cloak or other same garments;
- Rug;
- Crutches (if crutches are required during a flight);
- One bag with the Duty free products less 5 kg and 115 cm by three dimensions;


How to take «Uzbekistan airways» flight confirmation?

Our company may confirm a passenger’s flight in writing on its letter-head if a passenger writes an application (with the indication the passenger’s full name, passport information, air ticket number, line, flight’s date, r application eason). Confirmation in writing is made for 5 business days free of charge. This confirmation in writing a passenger may take from «Uzbekistan airways» all selling offices.

How to know does visa need for travel?

Some countries require entry or transit visas which are to be taken before your travel. We recommend you to contact visa / consular department of the embassy of the country you would like to vist or is within a territory of this country during some time while transit flight. Many country provides visa information on their official web sites. Also necessary information you may take from your agent while you are reserving your air ticket. Passenger is responsible fully for presence of the required visas and notations.

What is «airport’s fee»?

Some airports collect «departure fee» which each passenger pays. If you reserve your air tickets of our aviation company airport’s fees are included in your air ticket.

How to get information on your flights, fares and/or reservation conditions?

Information on your flights, fares and/or reservation conditions you may get on our web site page interactive services or contact with our aviation company’s representative office in your country as well as nearest office selling «Uzbekistan airways» air tickets. Contact information on offices selling the air tickets / regional representative offices you may get in Representative offices.

How to fly on an airplane pregnant passengers?

Pregnant women are allowed to fly:

- In case the pregnancy is not beyond the 35th week, in the presence of the medical certificate signed by gynecologist and issued not earlier than seven days before the flight.

- In the case of pregnancy with twins or a multiple pregnancy, it is possible to fly until 32nd week of pregnancy on the flight day.

- In case of the pregnancy is beyond 35 weeks, the pregnant passenger is required to be accompanied by a medical escort. This travel is subject to the approval of the Airline Medical Service.

Do I need a medical insurance for travel?

We recommend buying good tourist insurances for travels abroad. Some travels prescribe vaccinations. You may use our IATA vaccination standards or be consulted by your physician.

May I travel if my passport expires soon?

Many countries have the special requirements concerning the passport validity. It is often necessary that the passport validity would be much longer than your travel. These requirements may vary dependent on the country of your citizenship as well as other stipulations. Please, check passport and visa requirements for all countries you would like to visit while you are travelling and make sure that your passport has validity required for entire travel.

How to order special nutrition while I am buying my air ticket?

Special nutrition is individual and ordered while you are buying your air ticket. When check-in is on it is impossible to do.

Does a child under 2 years need an air ticket?

Child under 2 years for flight needs an air ticket and an accompanier’s reservation request.

What is necessary for check-in at an airport if I have an electronic air ticket?

If you have an electronic air ticket you must have a document identifying a passenger’s person that is a passport for adult passenger and a birth certificate for child; if necessary a foreign passport and visa. We recommend you to have a route receipt (although this is not compulsory condition for check-in on flight) which contains all the useful flight information.

On which period of the time I may reserve my air ticket not buying it?

It depends on a fare you choose as well as which period of the time you reserve your air ticket. Please, take information on a precise period of the time during which you may have your reservation at an office where you buy your air ticket.

May I buy an international air ticket if I have no still visa of the country where I would like to fly?

No, you may not buy an international air ticket if you have no still visa of the country where you would like to fly. Please, take care of duly registration of your visa before you buy your air ticket.

Which time local or Moscow is indicated in air ticket?

Our web site always indicates local time of the departure and arrival. For instance, if flight from Tashkent 14:05 it means Tashkent time. Arrival to Paris 15:20 it means Paris time.