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Information about products, the import of which is restricted or banned in the following countries

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  • Weapons and ammunition (except for hunting, for which a special permit is issued);
  • Drugs and narcotic drugs;
  • Pets;
  • Photographs and printed materials, which can be regarded as being directed against the constitutional order of Azerbaijan;
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits.

Great Britain

  • Alcohol and cigarettes. In the UK from countries not members of the EU can be imported duty-free:200 cigarettes, or 100 cigarillos, or 50 cigars, or 250 grams of tobacco;1 litre of alcoholic beverages fortress over 22 degrees or 2 liters of fortified wine to 22 degrees;- 16 litres of beer;- 4 l of ordinary wine.
  • Jewelry. Personal belongings, including jewelry,  etc. at a cost of over 4000 euros must be declared.
  • Cars and petrol. The importation of a vehicle for personal use for a period of not more than 6 months you must fill out a customs form C 110 and send it by mail to the Bureau for tax exemption (National Import Reliefs Unit), and you should leave a copy of it. To declare the car at the border is not required. The main condition for duty-free import of cars is its removal before the expiration of the specified period.
  • Students or individuals working on the contract, visitors may bring the vehicle for the period of their studies or contract, then it should be removed. When leaving the country a copy of the customs form must be sent to the above authority. Imported vehicle must have an insurance policy valid in the UK. Import petrol for personal use is limited by the capacity of the tank of the car.
  • To be imported into the UK is prohibited: military munitions, explosives, firearms, unlicensed medicines, pornography, pirated products, meat, fish, honey, eggs, milk and other animal products. For personal consumption mentioned food products can be imported in limited quantities.
  • Other. Foreigners arriving in the UK private jet or yacht can import duty-free goods worth respectively 390 or 270 pound.


  • Alcohol and cigarettes. Persons under 17 years old are prohibited to import tobacco and alcohol. Allowed duty free import: 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco, - 1 liter of alcohol strength of more than 22 degrees, or 2 liters of champagne or liqueur, 2 liters of wine.
  • Weapons and ammunition.
  • Firearms, explosives and ammunition, including electric shocks and gas sprays (only with special permission).
  • Cars and gasoline. 

  • When following a car in a spare canister is recommended to carry no more than 10 liters of petrol..
  • With respect to both the car and the baggage during the entire stay in the country will operate a customs regime, which means that neither sell nor rent or mortgage, or use it for profit is not allowed . If such necessity is still arose, it is necessary to contact your local customs office and pay the import duty. The residence time in the German vehicle registered in a State which is not a member of the EU, 6 months. This limitation does not apply to students studying in Germany, and persons who are there longer on duty. For them, the use of machines in the private, non-commercial purposes shall be extended for the duration of stay in the country.
  • medicines. In Germany allowed to import licensed medicines. For detailed information on the import of medicines are available in HM Customs and Excise Advice Centre, Tel: +44 (0) 20-89-29-01-52
  • Others. Allowed duty free import 500 grams of coffee, 100 grams of tea.
  • Items restricted for import to Germany:-
  • Live animals (animals import into Germany is determined by special rules);
  • fur, ivory, leather, stuffed animals or birds;
  • plants, seedlings, seeds and bulbs;
  • long-wave radio transmitters.
  • Prohibited for importation- unlicensed medicines (drugs) such as heroin, morphine, cocaine, amphetamines, barbiturates, LSD and hashish;
  • knives, daggers, knuckle dusters, batons and similar edged weapon;
  • fake goods violating the rights of the registered trademark owner, such as a watch or a CD with unlicensed software;
  • meat, fish, eggs, honey, produced outside the EU, with some exceptions.
  • Allowed to import baby food and special foods, the use of which is due to medical purposes.


  • Alcohol and cigarettes:
  • Not subject to declaration: spirits - up to 1 liter, wine - up to 2 liters per entering the country over 17 years;
  • tobacco - up to 250 cigarettes or 250 grams of other tobacco products on every vehicle entering over 17 years.
  • Cosmetics. Do not be declared alcohol based cosmetics - to 0.25 liters per entering the country.
  • Others.
  • Do not be declared clothes, shoes, hygiene products, for personal use, and other items for personal use or for a gift. In this case, the cost should not exceed $ 200. US entering the country each over 2 years.


  • 1. Alcohol and cigarettes:

 Allowed to import duty free:  200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco, alcohol and 0.95 liters.  

  • Jewelries.  Allowed the importation of ukrasheniy.
  • Weapons and ammunition.
  • Prohibited the importation of arms and ammunition.
  • Currency. The import and export of foreign currency previously imported is not limited, but the amount of more than 10 000 USA dollars should be indicated in the declaration.
  • In case of export of currency in excess of 2,000 USA $.
  • USA $ should provide proof of its legal origin.
  • Household appliances. Allowed duty free import cameras, video cameras, and other electrical appliances - 1 subject each item. Should be declared imported computers and laptops.
  • Other. Permitted the importation of food and household items within the personal needs.
  • Prohibited to import:
  • drugs;
  • gold bars;
  • Gold coins without permission.
  • Prohibited to be exported:
  • rare species;
  • hides and skins of wild animals;
  • feathers of rare bird species, ivory;
  • ive plants;
  • gold and silver bars;
  • jewelry, if their total value exceeds 2000 rupees (about 500  USA $).

Import of satellite phones in India without license from the Department of Telecommunications (DT), Government of India banned, as the baggage and hand luggage. According to the rules, import and use in India can only satellite phones, manufactured by "Inmarsat" (Inmarsat), with the exception of portable BGAN terminals for broadband satellite communications. In addition, India banned satellite communications services "Thuraya" (Thuraya). Found in luggage or personal belongings satellite phone, which is not licensed DT is subject to forfeiture at the checkpoint. In the case of the phone in India owner faces arrest and trial.


  • Alcohol and cigarettes import in Iran and export from Iran is prohibited any form of alcohol.
  • Weapons and ammunition Importation of weapons and firearms are permitted only in agreement with the Ministry of defense of Iran. To import to Iran is prohibited explosives and flammable substances.
  • Prohibited to import:- facilities for gambling (cards, dice, etc);- lottery tickets;- equipment for photo and video from the air;- foreign currency, which went out of circulation in the country; products containing pork (sausage).
  • Also prohibited photo, video and print production, which is propagandistic character, insults Islam and national feelings of Iranians.


In Spain, a selective customs control in designated areas, although it may be holding directly in vehicles in which foreigners enter Spanish territory.

Customs declaration is filled in when the number of items or goods transported across the border, is commercial. There are no special rules concerning the procedure for the import and export of expensive things and objects.

In practice, the customs authorities shall apply the higher cost limit - 10 thousand. Euros, above which requires a declaration (must have proof of invoice).

  • Alcohol and cigarettes.

Citizens older than 17 years are allowed to import duty-free in Spain 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco, 2 liters of spirits or wine, the strength of which is less than 22 degrees, or 1 liter of alcoholic beverages with more than 22 degrees, 200 grams of coffee and 100 grams of tea, 50 ml perfume or toilet water up to 0.25 liters.

  • Artistic and cultural-historical value.

Order of import of these items are not legally defined.

  • Weapons and ammunition. The importation of any kind of weapons or parts thereof carried out with the permission of the Ministry of Interior of Spain, which is presented to Customs along with the weapon. Controls on the movement of weapons across the border made the Civil Guard.
  • Currency. Cash up to 10 thousand. Euro for 1 person over the age of 17 years are carried free and cash in excess of 10 thousand. Euro must be declared. Not formally allowed to move across the border 20 thousand. Euro husband or wife separately if the couple goes on a trip together.
  • Cars and gasoline. At the entrance in vehicles with license plates of other countries, including Russia, must have, in addition to a driver's license, technical passport and insurance «carta verde». Restrictions on the import or export of gasoline is not provided.
  • A ban on the import of meat and dairy products, except for those that do not require refrigeration before consumption, or have a commercial package of a standard form. Foods that do not contain meat or milk is allowed to bring the rate of 1 kg per person.
  • Others.

Slot machines for authorized in Spain and imported games on presentation of the license obtained in the Spanish Interior Ministry in consultation with the National Commission for the games. When you import a car in Spain you must pay taxes on the value added to the movement and for the purchase of the hotel, as well as council tax. For all categories of citizens allowed temporary import of vehicles for six months, the students - the period of study, seasonal workers - on time.


  • Alcohol and cigarettes. 

Adult citizen can carry 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250 grams of smoking tobacco, 1 liter of spirits (over 22%) or 2 liters of soft drinks (less than 22%), 4 liters of wine and 16 liters of beer.

  • Weapons and ammunition.   

Imported and exported only with the permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

  • Jewelries and expensive goods to be declared.
  • Cars and gasoline.   In Italy is possible importation of road transport for the realization of the presence of the appropriate documentation and declaration. The service life of the vehicle shall not exceed seven years. In addition to the car can bring no more than 50 liters of fuel.
  • Other. Not declared currency up to 10,000 Euros. For transportation of expensive appliances must have a purchase receipt or warranty talon
  • It is forbidden to import / export: artistic, cultural and historical values, drugs, weapons and ammunition, items are the intellectual property.


  • All kinds of Military weapons and ammunition, weapons of mass destruction, as well as equipment and materials that can be used to make such weapons.
  • Drugs, medicines containing narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors.
  • Visual and printed materials promoting war, aimed at terrorism, racism, violence, undermining the state system.
  • Materials of pornographic content.
  • Soil, as well as live rooted plants with soil.
  • All kinds of plant pathogens, which include culture of live bacteria, viruses, fungi and mites, insects, nematodes that damage plants.
  • The regulated products and products contaminated by quarantine organisms, seeds of quarantine weeds, except for samples that are imported for scientific purposes and only in coordination with the competent authority.


  • Drugs, weapons and ammunition, information on any media, undermine the foundations of the state system of Kyrgyzstan.
  • Animals can not be imported without a permit sanitary-veterinary service of the country.
  • Without a similar resolution can not be imported fruits, berries and vegetables.
  • Without the permission of the competent local authorities can not be imported into the country minerals and rocks.
  • Potent medicines can be imported with the proper prescription from a doctor. 


In the order No. 1712 of the Ministry of agriculture of the PRC and General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, is presented the list of animals, plants and their products, importation of which into the territory of China by air is prohibited:

1. Animals and products of animal origin.

  • Live animals (excluding dogs and cats) including all mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, insects, invertebrates, animal genetic material.
  • Raw or cooked meat ( including viscera ) and meat products, including fish.
  • Milk and dairy products including raw milk, ayran, sour cream, butter, cheese and other dairy products.
  • Eggs and egg products, salted eggs, egg liquid, eggshells, mayonnaise and other egg products.
  • Swallow-nests (except canned).
  • Animal fats and oil, leather and fur, wool, hooves, bones, horns and more.
  • Fodder of animal origin ( including meat meal, bone meal, fish meal, milk flour), medicines and fertilizers of animal origin.

2. Plants and plant products.

  • Fresh fruit vegetables.
  • Tobacco leaves.
  • Seeds, sprouts and other plant material.
  • Organic cultivation environment.

3. Other quarantine categories.

  • Vaccines, toxins, pathogenic pests, cells, organs, blood and similar biomaterials.
  • Dead animals, stuffed animals.
  • Soil.
  • Genetic material.

Note: The importation of pets (dogs and cats) is allowed to be imported to China in the presence of the quarantine certificate and vaccination certificates.


1. Alcohol and cigarettes:

  • Duty-free import of spirits no more than 1,5 l, tobacco products to 600 cigarettes is resolved.

2. Jewelries. Duty-free import of jewels within personal needs is resolved.

  • Jewels with the maintenance of precious metals from above 50 g should be declared at entrance to the People’s Republic of China and without fail be taken out back.

3. The weapon and ammunition. 

  • The weapon and the subjects simulating the weapon, ammunition and explosives are forbidden to import in the Peoples Republic of China.

4. Currency:

  • The quantity of the imported foreign currency is not limited. At foreign currency transportation in the size exceeding 5000 US dollars, it is necessary to declare it in the declaration. The quantity of the yuans taken through border, should not exceed 6000.

5. Are forbidden to import:

  • Counterfeit bank notes, bonds and securities,
  • Printing editions, films, photos, sound recordings, cinema - video- and magnetic films, laser video- and audio-disks, computer programs and other materials, causing a damage to the politician, economy, culture and morals in the People’s Republic of China;
  • Various poison gases;
  • Narcotic substances, and also psychotropic preparations (the persons who have broken an interdiction for transportation of drugs, are frequently sentenced to the death penalty or a life imprisonment);

5. Are forbidden to import:

  • Subjects and things which bear in itself dangerous pathogenic microbes;
  • Blood of the person and its derivatives (a lymph etc.);
  • Fruit and vegetables, stuffed animals of animals, soil, pathogenic microorganisms of animals and plants, unmanufactured skins of animals, their blood, wool, hoofs, fats and oils, meat and interiors, fresh milk, cheeses, oil, cream, whey.

6. Are forbidden to export:

  • All subjects and the things forbidden to import;
  • Rare and valuable animals, plants, seeds.


1. Alcohol and cigarettes:
   - when traveling by air: 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of smoking tobacco, or tobacco in any combination, if the interest portion used for individually assigned amounts, in aggregate does not exceed 100 percent;
   - with other forms of travel 40 cigarettes or cigars 10, or 50 grams of smoking tobacco or tobacco in any combination, if part of interest used to individually set amounts together does not exceed 100 percent;

- When traveling by other modes of transport:
- 1 liter of distilled beverages and alcohol if the alcohol content exceeds 22%;
- undenatured ethyl alcohol with an alcohol volume concentration of 80% or more, or 2 liters of distilled beverages;
- alcohol and aperitifs based on wine or alcohol, where the alcohol content does not exceed 22%; - sparkling wine, dessert (liqueur) wine.

Alcoholic beverages may be carried in any combination, if the interest portion used for individually assigned amounts, in aggregate does not exceed 100%; 4 liters of still (non-carbonated) wine; 16 liters of beer.
Persons under 18 years of tax exemption on the import of tobacco and alcohol is not available.

2. Cars and gasoline.
Importation of fuel is possible in the standard fuel tank of the vehicle; a portable fuel tank - not more than 10 liters per vehicle.

3. Other.

  • Without veterinary border controls for their own consumption are allowed to import and send by e-mail: up to 2 kg of the following products of animal origin
  • honey, eggs;
  • live oysters, live mussels and snails.
  • Without veterinary border controls for their own consumption are allowed to import and send by e-mail: up to 2 kg of the following products of animal origin:
  • Royal jelly, propolis;
  • Milk powder for infants, baby food;
  • A special health food;
  • Pet food in the corresponding patented packaging, which contains the information about the special use of the manufacturer.
  • Without veterinary border controls for their own consumption are allowed to import and send by e-mail: up to 2 kg of the following products of animal origin:
  • Up to 20 kg of fishing products (except for sturgeon caviar - up to 125 g according to the markings on the package);
  • Fresh (required - gutted (also the one that the whole import), dried, heat-treated, salted, smoked fish or canned fish.
  • Without veterinary border controls for their own consumption are allowed to import and send by e-mail: up to 2 kg of the following products of animal origin:
  • Various crustaceans, such as shrimp, lobster.
  • Up to 10 kg (and get in postal parcels up to 1 kg) of food products, such as bread, cakes, biscuits, chocolate and confectionery (including sweets), as part of which there is no meat products or in which there is no stuffing meat products;
  • Pasta and noodles, which are not mixed or filled with meat products;
  • Without veterinary border controls for their own consumption are allowed to import and send by e-mail: up to 2 kg of the following products of animal origin:
  • Broth and seasonings in packaging, meat extracts and concentrates;
  • Olives stuffed with fish;
  • Food additives in the package;
  • Any other food products, which have a composition of fresh or processed meat or dairy products, in which structure at least 50% of the treated eggs or fish products.

If the rules are not complied with, the customs officer will confiscate them, and they will unichtozheny.
For violation of the requirements for the import of products of animal origin administrative responsibility, and in case of repeated offense - a fine.
On importation into the European Union of large volumes of goods than indicated above, at the border crossing and goods must be declared for excess volume of goods to pay the excise tax.

For more information on this subject can be obtained from the Sanitary Border Inspection of the Food and Veterinary Service of Latvia by phone +371 6702-72-82.

4. Customs duty.  At the entrance is necessary to consider that the payment of customs duty is not levied if the goods for personal use, own use or gifts shall not exceed:210 lats (300 euros) - if the traveler enters on land; 300 lats (420 euros) - if the traveler enters by air or sea, children under the age of 15 years, regardless of the method of entry is allowed to import goods for personal use in the amount of not more than 200 lats.

  • The total price does not include:
  • the cost of personal baggage, imported at a time traveler or imported back after temporary export;
  • the cost of medicines needed for the personal needs of the traveler;
  • tobacco, alcohol and fuel imported in the personal luggage, subject to certain limited amount.
  • In personal luggage for personal consumption in Latvia, forbidden to bring:
  • Meat and meat products (bacon, fresh or processed meat, including poultry meat, animal fat, sausages of various kinds, canned meat,
  • pastry stuffed with meat or containing meat - pasta, sauces, soups and others.
  • milk and dairy products (yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese, butter, condensed milk, ice cream, etc.)
  • pet food, which included eating meat or milk (pet food, dog chew toys, a mixture of wholemeal) .Product food that is forbidden to import into the European Union for personal use, is also prohibited to send the mail.


1. Alcohol and cigarettes:

  • To Malaysia duty-free import is resolved: cigarettes-200 of piece either 50 cigars, or 225 г tobacco; strong spirits - 1 l, wine and liquors - 1 l.

2. Currency. 

  • Without declaration filling import/export of currency to the equivalent sum which is not exceeding 10 000 US dollars is resolved.

3. The weapon and ammunition. 

  • At import/export the weapon in the presence of corresponding allowing documents is subject to obligatory customs control.

4. Art and cultural-historical value. At import/export subjects of art in the presence of corresponding allowing documents are subject to obligatory customs control.

5. Other:

  • Import electronic, audio-video equipment no more than one name on the person is resolved.

6. Illegal transportation: of narcotics and preparations is punished by the death penalty.

United Arab Emirates

1. Alcohol and cigarettes: 

  • In accordance with customs regulations in the UAE are allowed to import, based on one adult, 2000 cigarettes or 400 cigars or 2 kg of tobacco, perfume at reasonable levels.
  • In addition, adult non-Muslim religious person is entitled to bring 2 liters of spirits and 2 liters of wine.

2. Currency. 

  • Restrictions on the import and export of currency, precious metal products in the UAE is not.

3. Other. 

  • Printed and video production may be required to check for compliance with censorship and morality.

4. To import strictly prohibited:

  • All kinds of drugs, for that local law provides severe punishment including the death penalty.
  • Also, in countries prohibit the importation of firearms, ivory and articles of cork, birds of prey. The ban affects all materialscontaining erotica and pornography, violence, facts, belittling Islam and extolling Israel, excessive criticism of friendly countries, as well as criticism of the government and the ruling families of the UAE.

Republic of Belarus

Information concerning the ban on import of quarantine products to the territory of the EAEU and the Republic of Belarus

Dear passengers!

In accordance with the requirements of the authorities of the Republic of Belarus, the import of quarantine products to the territory of the Republic of Belarus and the Eurasian Economic Union as checked baggage and hand baggage is prohibitedwithout a phytosanitary certificate.

The quarantine products prohibited to import include:

  • seeds of cultivated and wild plants;
  • seed and ware potatoes;
  • planting materials of fruit, ornamental, woody plants, shrubs, flowers and other plants, pot plants, fruit and berry plants;
  • live plants and their parts (cuttings, tubers, rhizomes, roots, bulbs, etc.);
  • live insects, including mites, nematodes and other harmful organisms;
  • cultures of living fungi, bacteria, viruses - plant diseases causative agents;
  • collections of insects, seeds and herbarium of different plants;
  • cut flowers of more than three bouquets;
  • plant products of high phytosanitary risk (fresh fruits, vegetables and berries, nuts, dried fruits, flour, cereals, etc.) weighing more than 5 kg.

In case of violation of the requirements of import of quarantine products to the territory of the Republic of Belarus and the Eurasian Economic Union, all products are subject to seizure and destruction.

We urge You to adhere to these requirements.