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Deutsche Bahn

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Instructions for obtaining an itinerary receipt (boarding pass) Deutsche Bahn for travel within Germany via online service www.rail-checkin.com

Note: A Rail&Fly ticket – a ticket for a single carriage, including international flights (Tashkent-Frankfurt/Munich and back) of Uzbekistan Airways and German railway sections of Deutsche Bahn.

To receive a route receipt (boarding pass for a railway train) after paying the ticket price, the passenger must register on the website www.rail-checkin.com, which is available no earlier than 180 days before the date of railway transportation.

Step-by-step procedure for registering a paid ticket:

  • Turn to website www.rail-checkin.com.
  • Be identified by entering the passenger’s first and last name, as well as the airline ticket number, consisting of 13 numbers, or the reservation number, consisting of combination of 6 letters and numbers.


  • Confirm information about the passenger and the route being taken. In the case of group booking, at this stage it is possible to add 4 passengers traveling on the same route from the list of this booking.
  • Select the required railway route.


  • Additionally confirm information about booking railway transportation.

  • Receive a route receipt (boarding pass for a train), which is available both for downloading to a mobile device and for sending to the passenger’s specified e-mail.


  • For children under 2 years of age, registration for DB railway transportation is not required.
  • If the received itinerary receipt is lost, it can be restored to the date of travel by repeating the authorization procedure on the website www.rail-checkin.com.
  • To board the train, the passenger must have an itinerary receipt (boarding pass) received through the website www.rail-checkin.com and present it together with a passport                   /ID card and Rail&Fly ticket issued for the entire journey.

Rebooking transportation.

  • When rebooking a Rail&Fly, the already received itinerary receipt (boarding pass) of the original reservation is canceled and you must re-register on the website  www.rail-checkin.com. for rebooked railway section.
  • Two days before the date of railway transportation, rebooking of any segment of the  Rail&Fly ticket is prohibited.


  • Refunds for unused sections of transportation are made at the place of purchase of the Rail&Fly ticket and, if necessary, with the collection of a refund fee in accordance with the rules for applying tariffs.
  • Provided that the passenger registers for rail transportation in advance on the website  www.rail-checkin.com, two days before the date  of railway transportation, a refund for the Rail&Fly ticket is carried out with the deduction of an additional penalty fee of 91 Euro for business class service and 48 Euro for economy class service for each registered railway segment.