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Rules and conditions for individual participation in the personal program “UzAirPlus”.

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How to start participating in the UzAirPlus Program

Any individual who has reached the age of 16 and has an identification document (passport, ID card) can become a participant in the UzAirPlus personal program.

The start date of participation in the UzAirPlus program is the date of registration.

Registration in the personal program “UzAirPlus” can be done by:

  • Online registration on the airline’s website in the “Loyalty Program” section (the “Become a Member” tab) or
  • Directly contacting the passenger to the UzAirPlus Service or sending an application for joining the Program with a copy of an identification document (passport, ID  card) to the email addresses of the  UzAirPlus Service (plus@uzairways.com, uzairplus@uzairways.com), whose employees will register the passenger for participation in the program.

To register in the program, the participant must provide the necessary personal data (first name, last name, date of birth, in accordance with an identification document-passport, ID card) and mandatory contact information (telephone number and email address). Registration is considered completed after reading the rules of the UzAirPlus program and confirming agreement with them.

Registration on the JSC website www.uzairways.com is carried out by the passenger independently filling out a standard application form for participation in the program. After successful registration, the participant is assigned and informed of his identification number and a password is automatically generated to enter the participant’s personal account. The registration number and password for entering the personal account are sent to the participant to his e-mail address specified during registration. The password for entering your personal account can be changed by the program participant independently.

After registering in the program, the Member receives the initial Premium status.

The participant’s personal account displays all information about his participation in the program. Immediately after registering in the program, the participant will receive 1000 welcome points to his account, which is displayed in his personal account.

Each paid flight of a participant on a regular JSC flight is the basis for crediting a certain number of points to his personal account, calculated in accordance with the rules of the program.

To earn points, flights made 90 days before the date of registration of the passenger in the UzAirPlus program are also taken into account.

Points are credited only to the account of the program participant who completed the flight. Points are awarded automatically if the Participant’s account (card) number was entered into the reservation when purchasing the air ticket.

The participant can independently track data on accruals for completed flights through his personal account and receive information about the account status and changes in status. To accrue points for unaccounted flights, the Participant can leave a request in his personal account or contact the UzAirPlus Service directly by email at  uzairplus@uzairways.com/ plus@uzairways.com with a request to credit points, indicating the air ticket number, date and route of the flight.

To timely credit points to your personal account, the participant must provide his personal account number or present his membership card when booking and paying for an air ticket to an agent or when booking and issuing an air ticket on the airline’s website, indicate his personal account number in the UzAirPlus field. ATTENTION!! The Participant must ensure that his personal account and the spelling of his first and last name are accurate.

The program participant independently monitors the account status and the validity period of the  accumulated active  points through his personal account.

If an unaccounted flight is detected, including one made 90 days or less before the date of registration in the program, the participant may declare such an unaccounted flight for crediting award points.

If a duplicate member account is detected, the accounts are merged into one, earlier in date of creation and the valid points are summed up on such a combined account.

If a passenger loses a plastic card, the participant should contact the UzAirPlus Service or the nearest Representative Office of the JSC with a statement of loss and a request to restore the plastic card. When a duplicate card is issued and issued 1.500 reward points are deducted from the program participant’s account as penalties for losing the card.

When changing the surname/ name of a participant, changes in the participant’s account card are made by employees of the UzAirPlus Service based on a written application from the Participant, with attached copies of supporting documents (marriage/divorce certificate, copy of a valid identification document, passport, ID card) or their scanned images. The application can be sent in writing to the UzAirPlus Service   or electronically to the email address uzairplus@uzairways.com,plus@uzairways.com. The period for consideration of an application for a replacement card is 7 working days from the date of submission of the application.

If a personal program participant does not fly for 36 months, his account will be cancelled.

A canceled account and its data are not restored.