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Sevara Nazarkhan – The Ambassador of UZBEKISTAN AIRWAYS

2022 3 August
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SNThis year Uzbekistan Airways celebrates the 30th anniversary. The date is not a small one and it is worth noting that over the years the company has shown itself to be locomotive in the transport structure.

Previously, Uzbekistan Airways did not cooperate with stars who support and demonstrate values of the company. In recent years a lot has changed here, changes are observed at all levels and now the face of the airline has finally been chosen the famous singer Sevara Nazarkhan. Representatives of the company highly respect Sevara’s art and now she is famous not only in our country but also abroad.

“I always feel special warmth and comfort on board of Uzbekistan Airways. This feeling is very important for a person being away from home. The offer of cooperation seemed like a good idea to me right away, but I am aware of the responsibility that falls on me” – shares Sevara Nazarkhan.

As the singer herself notes, she always approaches any business with great responsibility, she is what is called “fighter” and for her it is important not just to be present, namely final result. This idea will be unique, designed to have a positive effect on the reputation of Uzbekistan Airways. And at the same time, the main criterion of work remains unchanged – ensuring flight safety for each passenger.  

“I travel a lot and in-flight comfort is important to me. I use the services of many airlines, so I have my own favorites and have something to compare with. Even now, without any flattery, I can say that the level of service for passengers of Uzbekistan Airways has improved significantly. The competent and professional approach to work in this company is evident. I usually fly “economy class” because I want to believe that passengers are provided with comfort here as well. I am expecting fast results from this project because I do not like slowness. I believe that everything will work out for sure, and it will not be in vain” – says Sevara.

Uzbekistan Airways hopes that Sevara Nazarkhan and her friendly team will help developing air-links with many countries.


Suriya Magdeeva

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