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Uzbekistan Airways Technics received Turkish aircraft

2023 2 February
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Uzbekistan Airways Technics LLC accepted Boeing 757-300 aircraft for maintenance. This aircraft was registered by the German airline “Condor”, which carried out the transfer of the aircraft into operation to the Turkish airline “Mavi Gök Aviation” (MGA).

The specified aircraft will undergo a major overhaul (D-check) and painting.

D-check is the most difficult form of aircraft maintenance. This procedure is carried out approximately once every 12 years and lasts 30-40 days. During it, the components and parts of the aircraft are carefully checked.

Today, Uzbekistan Airways Technics LLC occupies a leading position in the aircraft maintenance market in Central Asia., The company has been providing its services at a high level for 98 years thanks to the vast experience and deep knowledge of its specialists.

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