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Non-luggage and non-refundable fare types

2021 27 March
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Dear passengers!

We hereby inform you about introduction of baggage-free and non-refundable fare types.

The following rules apply for baggage-free/non-refundable fares:

1. Baggage allowance - 0 pieces (0PC)

2. Cabin baggage allowance - 1 piece up to 8 kg (1PC)

3. In case of refund:

- before flight departure, fuel surcharge and published airport charges on unused sections of transportation are refundable,

- after flight departure only published airport charges on unused sectors of carriage are refundable;

4. In case of rebooking/overbooking:

- prior to flight departure, the established overbooking/rebooking fee is charged,

- after departure overbooking/rebooking is prohibited;

5. Non-refundable/no-luggage fares cannot be combined with fares with refund clause and free baggage allowance;

6. Upgrading from non-refundable/baggage-free to refundable/ with luggage is prohibited.

Dear passengers! We pay your attention:

On routes from Uzbekistan to Dubai/Sharjah/Istanbul/New York and back non-refundable tariffs with reduced baggage allowance are introduced:

- on Uzbekistan - Dubai / Sharjah / Istanbul direction and back for the fares with the condition of non-refundable the baggage allowance is 20 kg, for the passengers of infant category (INF) - 10 kg;

- on the route Uzbekistan - New-York and back for the fares with condition of non-return the baggage allowance is one piece up to 23 kg (1RS), for the passengers of the infant category (INF) - one piece up to 10 kg (1RS)

For these fares with reduced baggage allowance there are also special conditions for refund and reissue.

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