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Flights on the route Tashkent - Seoul - Tashkent

2021 12 January
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Dear passengers!

Starting from February 24, 2021, citizens of the Republic of Korea must provide a negative test result for COVID-19, performed using the PCR method in one of the laboratories of Uzbekistan, no earlier than 72 hours before departure.

Foreign citizens, including citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, traveling to Korea, must have a negative test result for COVID-19, performed by the PCR method, issued by one of the laboratories approved by the Korean Embassy in Uzbekistan no earlier than 48 hours before departure. The certificate must be certified by the seal of the Korean Embassy in Uzbekistan!

Passengers traveling to Korea in transit through Uzbekistan by air, without crossing the border of Uzbekistan, must also have a negative COVID-19 test, performed using the PCR method, in their country of permanent residence.

1. General rule for inquiries

In addition, we inform you that a person who has provided a certificate that does not meet the following requirements will be recognized as a person who has not provided the necessary certificate and will be placed in a special quarantine facility determined by the government of the Republic of Korea for a period of 14 days. (The quarantine costs are borne by the quarantined person, 14 days - KRW 1,680,000)

General rule for references

1. Analysis method

PCR, LAMP, TMA, SDA analyzes are recognized

* The result of the analysis carried out by the method of detecting the virus gene (PCR, LAMP, etc.) is recognized. The result of the analysis carried out for the detection of antibodies (RAT, ELISA, etc.)

2. Analysis issue time

The certificate must be issued within 72 hours before departure

* Example: if the departure date is 10:00 on March 10, 2021, then certificates issued only after 00:00 on March 7, 2021 are recognized.

3. Reference content

The certificate must display the full name *, date of birth **, method of analysis, result, date of issue, name of the organization that carried out the analysis.

* Full name must be indicated only according to the applicant's passport

** instead of the date of birth, you can also specify the passport number or ID-Card

4. Result

A certificate is recognized only with the result "Negative"

* Certificates with the results "Unknown", "Positive", etc. are not recognized.

5. Language of the issued certificate

The certificate must be issued in Korean or English

* If a certificate is issued in another language, the certificate is recognized when providing a translation and certification of the translation. (If the certificate was translated independently, then certification by a notary or the Embassy is required)

2. The rule on the need to provide a certificate for newborns and for preschool children

All persons accompanying newborn children or children of preschool age must provide a certificate in accordance with the established procedure, however, newborn children and children of preschool age under 6 years of age (at the time of entry into the country) are exempted from providing a certificate.

Transportation of foreign citizens with a valid visa on the Tashkent - Seoul route is subject to the following conditions:

1 - Having a valid entry visa

2 - Having a negative COVID-19 test result as above.

Also, on these flights, it is possible to transport transit passengers traveling from Tashkent via Incheon airport to third countries, provided the connecting time is less than 24 hours.

Responsibility for compliance with the rules of entry into the countries of final destination or onward transit rests fully with transit passengers.

Upon arrival in the Republic of Korea, all passengers are required to pass a PCR test and go through a 14-day self-isolation at their place of residence. In the absence of a place for self-isolation, passengers are required to self-isolate in special state quarantine institutions at their own expense at the rate of KRW 2,100,000 per stay.

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