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Frequently asked questions about Travels and Flights

May I travel if my passport expires soon?

Many countries have the special requirements concerning the passport validity. It is often necessary that the passport validity would be much longer than your travel. These requirements may vary dependent on the country of your citizenship as well as other stipulations. Please, check passport and visa requirements for all countries you would like to visit while you are travelling and make sure that your passport has validity required for entire travel.

Do I need a medical insurance for travel?

We recommend buying good tourist insurances for travels abroad. Some travels prescribe vaccinations. You may use our IATA vaccination standards or be consulted by your physician.

Which time local or Moscow is indicated in air ticket?

Our web site always indicates local time of the departure and arrival. For instance, if flight from Tashkent 14:05 it means Tashkent time. Arrival to Paris 15:20 it means Paris time.

May I buy an international air ticket if I have no still visa of the country where I would like to fly?

No, you may not buy an international air ticket if you have no still visa of the country where you would like to fly. Please, take care of duly registration of your visa before you buy your air ticket.