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December 7th - International Civil Aviation Day

2019 7 December

Congratulations to pilots, engineers, technicians, dispatchers and all those who work in aviation with the International Civil Aviation Day!

International Civil Aviation Day is celebrated annually on December 7th. The initiator of this holiday was the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which sets international standards and rules necessary to ensure flight safety, security, efficiency and environmental protection on a global scale, and is an instrument of cooperation in all areas of civil aviation between its member states.

Immediately after the establishment of the National Airline "Uzbekistan Airways" in the Republic of Uzbekistan in 1992, the aviators began intensive preparation for the accession of our country to ICAO. A great number of complex preparatory activities were carried out in the shortest possible time.

The historic event of signing the Chicago Convention by Uzbekistan and the country's full accession to ICAO took place on November 12, 1992.  Specialists of “Uzbekistan Airways” JSC actively participate in ICAO activities. Due to the active position of Uzbek aviators in our country the most modern and necessary rules, measurement units, geodetic coordinates system and other important parameters and standards of ICAO have been introduced.

We congratulate all aviators on International Civil Aviation Day, wish them safe flights, expansion of routes geography, successful takeoffs and soft landings!