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Loss of luggage - a violation of the contract of carriage in which the carrier after a specified delivery period and the expiration of Investigation not delivered luggage, cannot give it to the authorized recipient of baggage, regardless of whether it happened because of his actual loss, infiltration or erroneously delivered in the interim airport. Luggage shall be regarded as lost luggage, when it was not found within 21 days after the search.


If the luggage which is not received by the passenger will not be found, the applicant has the right to submit a claim for compensation and review in accordance with the established rules.

Baggage is considered lost if it is not found after the search for 21 calendar days from the date following the date on which the baggage was to arrive at passenger’s destination. In this case, tracing service must inform in writing about the loss of passenger baggage, offer to send to the first or last carrier claim form for reimbursement of damages, send all available materials regarding baggage tracing, depending on the situation, to the claim department of the airport or airline for consideration of claim from passenger and solving issues regarding compensation of damage.