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Frequently asked questions about  "Travel preparation"

On which period of the time I may reserve my air ticket not buying it?

It depends on a fare you choose as well as which period of the time you reserve your air ticket. Please, take information on a precise period of the time during which you may have your reservation at an office where you buy your air ticket.

What is necessary for check-in at an airport if I have an electronic air ticket?

If you have an electronic air ticket you must have a document identifying a passenger’s person that is a passport for adult passenger and a birth certificate for child; if necessary a foreign passport and visa. We recommend you to have a route receipt (although this is not compulsory condition for check-in on flight) which contains all the useful flight information.

May a reservation be cancelled without a notification?

Yes, it may. If a period of the time on which you have reserved your air ticket has been expired but not paid your reservation is cancelled. A period of the time on which you may reserve your air ticket varies from 3 up to 24 hours dependent on your fare and period of the time before your flight around three days.

How to know «Uzbekistan airways» lines and schedules?

If you need information on «Uzbekistan airways» lines and schedules, please, log Flight Map and Schedules.

How to get information on your flights, fares and/or reservation conditions?

Information on your flights, fares and/or reservation conditions you may get on our web site page interactive services or contact with our aviation company’s representative office in your country as well as nearest office selling «Uzbekistan airways» air tickets. Contact information on offices selling the air tickets / regional representative offices you may get in Representative offices.

What is «airport’s fee»?

Some airports collect «departure fee» which each passenger pays. If you reserve your air tickets of our aviation company airport’s fees are included in your air ticket.

How to get address and telephone of «Uzbekistan airways» representative offices in country of my living?

All address and telephone of «Uzbekistan airways» representative offices in country of your living as well as worldwide offices selling our aviation company’s air tickets you may get, logging Representative offices.