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Rules for payment of excess checked baggage of special categories

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Rules for payment of excess checked baggage of special categories when it is accepted for carriage by the number of seats on all Main Line and Low-Cost flights.

Attention!!!! The following items/sets, regardless of their actual size, are accepted for carriage as pieces of luggage measuring 158 cm in the sum of three dimensions. If the specified items/sets exceed the weight specified for the heaviest piece of this type of baggage, then in addition to the rate set for paying for the heaviest piece of baggage of this category, an additional rate set for paying for heavy baggage is charged.

Name of the special baggage The number of rates charged

Rules of acceptance for transportation

Backs to normal
1 Small animals and birds in the aircraft cabin weighing no more than 8 kg 0,5 rate Animals in the cabin are transported with the condition that a request for transportation of an animal (SSR code for animals transported in the cabin - PETS) must be entered into the reservation and the request confirmed by the carrier No

Animals in the hold

up to 23


up to 32


up to 50


1 rate


1.5 rates


2 rates

Booking of transportation of pets and birds as checked baggage is made subject to the mandatory inclusion in the reservation of a request for the transportation of an animal (SSR code for animals transported in the baggage and cargo compartment - AVIH), confirmation of the request by the carrier and subject to compliance with the rules for the transportation of such animals (see clause 6.8.).  No
3.1 A service animal in the cabin  

It is allowed to carry guide dogs for blind and deaf passengers in the cabin of an aircraft without weight restrictions and without paying fees for

special and/or excess baggage provided that the animal

has a collar, muzzle and is tied at

the passenger's feet. Passengers with deafness (DEAF) must have appropriate medical documents confirming the presence of deafness. Guide dogs for blind and deaf passengers, dogs for emotional/psychiatric support services are transported in the cabin of the aircraft free of charge, without weight restrictions, without providing them with a separate seat, tied at the feet of the passenger using their help and subject to compliance with the rules for the transportation of such animals (see clause 6.8.).

Sports equipment

Uр tо 15


up to 23


up to 32


0,5 rates


1 rate


1.5 rates

Transportation of sports equipment is carried out in compliance with the provisions of paragraph

6.11. these Rules.



up to 23


up to 32


1 rate


1,5 rates

The transportation of weapons is carried out in strict compliance with the provisions of paragraph 6.5. of these Rules. No


up to 23


up to 32


1.5 rates


2 rates

The rate is published for the payment of baggage items containing one TV.


Wheelchairs and other auxiliary devices for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility

They are transported without payment and without EMD registration

Without charging fees, if a passenger with a disability or with limited mobility carries one seat or other auxiliary devices for his movement that he needs during the trip.

If the passenger carries such items not for personal use, and they exceed the number of seats allowed for free carriage, then charges for excess space and, if necessary,

fees for exceeding the standard sizes/weights established for the paid class of service are charged for their transportation.

Transportation of wheelchairs is carried out with mandatory observance of the provisions of the paragraphs 6.3 .1.2 - 6.3 .1.4. these Rules.



8 Baggage items carried with declared value Upon delivery of baggage with declared value, an additional fee equal to 4% of the amount of the declared value of the piece of baggage is paid   Yes



6.11. Transportation of sports equipment

Sets of sports equipment are accepted for transportation as pieces of luggage measuring 158 cm (62 inches) in the sum of three dimensions, regardless of their actual size. The weight of one set of sports equipment should not exceed 32 kg.

Sports equipment is not included in the free baggage allowance and is paid at the rates set for such equipment.

Table 6 contains descriptions of sets of sports equipment, which should include only sports equipment items and should not include items of ordinary clothing, shoes and other everyday items carried by passengers in checked baggage and hand luggage.

Table 6

Name of sports equipment

The standard contents of the kit


A sports bike

One packed single-seat bike - road (urban), walking, road bike, touring, mountain, fat bike, cruiser, hybrid, cyclocross, unicycle, tandem, track (racing) folding bike. Bicycles equipped with gasoline and electric motors are not accepted for transportation as checked baggage. Folding bicycles must be transported in a folded state and in an appropriate case/package. Other bicycles are accepted for transportation provided that the handlebar is turned on its side and secured, and the pedals are fixed and wrapped with packaging material.


Ski equipment, snow or water

One set of ski equipment includes:

one pair of skis, one pair of ski poles, one pair of ski boots, or

one pair of standard water skis or one ski for water slalom.


Golf equipment

One set of golf equipment includes:

1 golf bag with a set of clubs;

1 set of balls and stands for them;

one pair of golf shoes;

one golf cart made of aluminum.


Surfing equipment

One set of surfing/ kitesurfing/ wakeboarding/ windsurfing equipment includes:

- 1 board;

- a set of fins for the board - no more than 3 pcs.;

1 pair of fasteners;

1 wetsuit;

hydro shoes/ hydro boots - no more than 2 pairs;

other accessories with a total weight of up to 5 kg;

Additionally, the kit for windsurfing includes a sail with a mast in a cover (the weight of the cover is included in the total weight of the kit).


Equipment for rowing standing on a board

One set of paddling equipment for standing on a board includes:

1 inflatable surfboard,

1 pump,

1 paddle,

an equipment bag, in which the kit is packed.


Scuba diving equipment

One set of scuba diving equipment includes all or part of the listed items:

- 1 set of empty cylinders for breathing mixture;

1 regulator;

1 diving suit;

1 pressure measuring device;

1 mask and 1 breathing tube;

1 pair of fins;

1 knife;

1 harpoon gun;

1 life jacket;

1 weight belt.


Canoes or kayaks with paddles

One set includes:

canoe or kayak;

1 paddle.


Fishing equipment

One set of fishing equipment includes:

a set of fishing gear (netting, cage, reels, fishing lines, hooks, sinkers, floats, lures, leashes and bait, etc.) packed in one container (case);

2 fishing rods packed in one case.


Hockey equipment

One set of hockey equipment includes:

- 1 bag with hockey equipment;

- a case with two clubs;


Hang gliders

It is accepted for carriage as baggage only in rolled and packed form, placed in a case up to 2 meters long and with a diameter of 30 to 40 cm. Hang gliders with an engine and seats for pilots are accepted for transportation only as cargo.


Fencing equipment

One set of fencing equipment, includes:

1 bag with fencing equipment (mask, lightweight Kevlar suit or special electric jacket, gaiters, sneakers, gloves);

weapons in one case (sabers, rapiers or swords).



One set for snowboarding includes:

special equipment with protective equipment (protective helmets, masks, knee pads, elbow pads, chin protection, etc.), boots and fasteners packed in one case;

one board (snowboard).



One skateboard kit packed in one case or bag includes:

- 1 board (deck), suspension and wheels;


- protective equipment (knee pads, elbow pads, helmet, chin protection).



Archery equipment

The archery equipment set includes:



The quiver;


finger pads/gloves.



The kit includes:

wing (dome);

suspension system (suspension), equipped with carabiners for connection with a paraglider;

a handle for using a spare parachute;

A spare parachute;


helmet and boots.