"Uzbekistan airways" JSC

Uzbekistan Airways JSC holds a tender to select the best offer for the acquisition of the Flying Loyalty System Management (FFP) service

26 Dec 2019

Currency of payment - national currency - SUM, or USD currency for foreign companies.

Mandatory conditions:

Availability of permits for the performance of work;

The Contractor must have an office at the legal address specified in the Contract;

Have qualified employees;

The Contractor provides a price list for the services provided.

Responsibility of the parties is carried out in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the legal basis of the activities of business entities” dated August 29, 1998 No. 670-I;

Local and foreign firms and organizations eligible to provide the above services may participate in the competition.

Limitations for participation in the competition:

Participants in the selection of the best offers, submitting proposals must be registered as legal entities and be eligible for the supply of the proposed type of goods (works, services).

Organizations and firms are not allowed to participate in the selection of the best offers:

• Are in the process of reorganization, liquidation or bankruptcy;

• Inadequately fulfilling their obligations under previously concluded contracts;

• Established less than 6 months before the announcement of the selection of the best offer;

• In a state of litigation or arbitration with the customer;

The list of documents submitted by the participants for participation in the selection of the best offers:

• A document certifying the appropriate registration of the enterprise (company, organization) with a state body;

• Copies of valid licenses for the types of work provided for by the subject selection of the best offer (determined in each case and if necessary);

• Copies of type and production certificates for the equipment supplied (determined in each case and if necessary);

• Taxpayer Identification Number;

• Data on the identification of individuals with the right to sign, or acting on behalf of a legal entity;

• Information about the location (mailing address) and phone numbers;

• Commercial offer.

• Financial statements for the last year, as well as an extract or statement from tax or labor authority confirming no debt to budget (as of the day of filing the application and, if necessary);

• Information about the founders (shareholders, participants) and their shares participation in the authorized capital (capital of a legal entity);

• Work experience over the past 2 years and other information, characterizing the activities of the supplier company (defined in each specific case and if necessary);

• Information on the staff and education of employees in the enterprise (firm, organization, determined in each case and if necessary).

Commercial offers are accepted at the following address: Uzbekistan, GSP 100060, Tashkent, Amir Timur Avenue, 41. The commission on the selection of the best offers, the Chairman of the commission on the selection of the best offers, the board of Uzbekistan Airways JSC.

For information: 78 140-47-09,

Email: e_commerce@uzairways.com

The deadline for accepting commercial proposals for participation in the competition: until 10.01.2020 inclusive.

Commercial offers are accepted by mail, e-mail. Attached documents must be scanned electronically.

A package of technical requirements for the system will be presented at the request of applicants for e-mail: e_commerce@uzairways.com