Travel kits for kids passengers

01 May 2018

National Air Company “Uzbekistan Airways” expresses our respect and wishing prosperity to your Company «Uzbekistan Airways» has a need for procurements of following production:

- travel kits for kids passengers of business class on flights of the NAC, for duration of the flight more than 6 hours, with design, manufacture and delivery -5000 sets.

Requirements for the composition and quality of products:

Cosmetic bag road

Must ensure the safety of nested set elements. Should be suitable for further use.

Form: children's cloth lightweight backpack

Size: not more then 35 cm length and width not more then 35 cm.

Material: fabric, soft to touch, fabric cord..

Design: with the use of the corporate colors of the Airline, with an original pattern, the composite logo of the NAC.

Wax pencils

Wax crayons / pastel crayons. Size: up to 10 cm, quantity - not less than 5 pieces. Colors: blue, yellow, green, red, brown / black. All wax pencils should be packed in individual packing.


There must be at least two games designed for children. Games must contain all necessary information in three languages: Russian, English, Uzbek. Made of materials that is safe for children. Do not contain small parts, the corners and edges of the parts should be rounded. Size of games: not more than the size of a backpack. Preferred: developing games, games - puzzles, board games.


Journal for children format is not more than A5 (the total number of pages is not less than 20). The Journal should contain all necessary information in three languages: Russian, English, Uzbek. The magazine should contain coloring pages, developing tasks, crossword puzzles, puzzles and other entertainments intended for children.

The quality of the paper should allow you to easily draw or write on it with writing accessories attached to the set.

Have a high-quality artistic design, directly or indirectly touching the subject of air travel.

Special requirements:

1. Universal travel kit for business class kids passengers is: the original Cosmetic bag road in an individual package with nested components.

2. Components of business class kids passengers and cosmetic bag road should fit the function, design and colors for both boys and girls.

3. All materials used in the manufacture of amenity kits for business class kids passengers, should be non-toxic, harmless, safe for passengers; must not have scent, should not be combustible, should not be stitching and cutting. The color of the materials deposited elements should be resistant to fading, abrasion during use, washing and cleaning.

4. Road cosmetic bag and component sets should be designed in accordance with the Corporate colors of the Airline.

5. Products must be represented with certificates of conformity and, if necessary, sanitary-epidemiological conclusions.

6. Marking components travel kits must meet the requirements of the legislation of Uzbekistan., contain all the necessary information that needs to be done in Uzbek, Russian and English. The shelf life of the components of the travel kits should expire not earlier than 12 months. from the date of delivery of the set.

7. Packaging, labeling must conform to the nature of the Product and to ensure its complete safety during transportation.

8. All Participants submit documents and information, including Proposals, should be prepared in Russian language. If any information or documents are submitted in another language, they must be accompanied by a translation into the Russian language.

9. Delivery according to the agreed schedule and in accordance with contract terms.

10. Participants must be provided with a commercial offer with the possibility of manufacturing the mentioned product, possible delivery time, product cost, payment terms - 15% advance payment, 85% payment upon delivery of the goods.

11. The Products are shipped FCA – Airport of departure (warehouse freight agent of the buyer) or DAP Airport "Tashkent", the buyer's warehouse.

12. Participants must be provided with samples of each proposed product-1 PC.

Restrictions for participation in the Competition:

  1. Proposals must be submitted by legal entities (Members) established in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan or the laws of other countries;
  2. A participant shall not be insolvent, be in process of liquidation or reorganization, to be declared insolvent (bankrupt). Also, regarding the Party cannot be stated claims for insolvency (bankrupt). A participant may not be firm, the assets of which it is seized for any reason and(or) economic activities are suspended.

Offers are accepted at:

Uzbekistan, 100167, Airport "Tashkent", KMTS "Uzavialeasing" NC,

tel/Fax /+998 71/ 255-68-37, 255-35-24, 254-26-87, 255-50-18


The deadline of bids: to 18: 00 on 17.05.2018.

Bids are accepted via mail, Fax, e-mail.