"Uzbekistan airways" JSC

A tender for the purchase of universal disposable headphones

19 Nov 2019

Joint Stock Company "Uzbekistan Airways" announces a tender for the purchase of universal disposable headphones.

The subject of the competition: disposable headphones for all types of aircraft in the amount of 3 015 000 pieces.

Application area: Provision of service when servicing air passengers to listen to audio-video files during flights of the JSC "Uzbekistan Airways".

Product description:

Headphone speaker standard, hard, plastic.

Plug: 3.5mm

Plastic base length: not more than 2.4 cm

Resistance: at least 32 ohms

Speaker: not more than 15 mm

Sensitivity: 103 +/- 3dB / mW at 1 kHz

Frequency range: 20-20,000 Hz

Rated power consumption: not more than 5 mW

Maximum power: not more than 15 mW

Cable length: not more than 1.25 m

Only new product, not used.

In tender can participate firms and organizations which are specialized in manufacture of indicated product or have concluded agreement with manufacturers for its implement and delivery.

Terms of payment: During 45 bank days after the fact of delivery in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).

Terms of delivery: DAP or CIP - international airport «Tashkent» by the named Islam Karimov- or FCA airport of departure according to INCOTERMS 2010 during 30 calendar days from the signing the contract and registering it in established order.

Supplied in equal installments, agreed with the customer quantity during the term of the contract.

Special requirements:

  1. Product must be new, not used.
  2. Goods delivery has to be regular batches at the request of Buyer during the contract
  3. Indication of part numbers in commercial offer is mandatory.

Required list of documents provided by participants:

- document approving registration of enterprise (firm, organization) in a public authority.

- License for specified type of works;

- Certificates for manufacturing of supplied Goods;

- Commercial offers with an address and telephone of the contact person.

In the absence of a sample or relevant documents, the proposal will not be considered.

Send your commercial offers at:

Uzbekistan 100167, Tashkent, International Airport named Islam Karimov, Director mr. Alimxodjaev R.D.

Phone/fax: (+998 71) 254-85-92, 255-35-24, 254-26-87

E-mail: uzblog@uzairways.com,Raisa.Batkaeva@uzairways.com,

Additional information for tender participants can be obtained from following requisites +99871254-85-92

e-mail: uzblog@uzairways.com , Raisa.Batkaeva@uzairways.com

Commercial offers deadline: until 26.11.2019 12-00 HOURS Tashkent time