Uzbekistan airways

Repair of CFM 56-5B4/3 aircraft engines for BC A320CEO aircraft

27 Nov 2018

Uzbekistan Airways Technics Aviation Enterprise (UAT) announces a tender for maintenance (repair) of CFM 56-5B4/3 aircraft engine for BC A320CEO aircraft operated by Uzbekistan Airways

Name of works:

  1. Maintenance (repair) of CFM 56-5B4/3 aircraft engine for BC A320CEO aircraft

Requirements to the Contractor:

  1. The contractor and/or his subcontractors shall have an Authorization to perform such kind of services issued by the Aviation authorities (EASA and FAA) and at least 5 (five) years of work experience in this field.

Terms of work:

  1. In the process of repair, the Contractor shall be guided by the Technology of aircraft engine repairs and other regulatory technical documentation published and approved by the manufacturer - CFM International SA.
  2. The contractor shall provide a spare aircraft engine for rental by Uzbekistan Airways National Aircraft Company for the period of the maintenance (repair) works.

Work site:

1. Repair shall be performed on the Contractor’s site in the properly equipped workshops.

The repair period shall not exceed 60 calendar days.

Requirements to the quality guarantees period and the works and services results:

After the repair, the Contractor shall provide the following warranty for the aircraft engine:

- 24 months for at least 5,000 FHR, or 2500 cycles, whichever event comes first.

Proposals addressed to UAT Director Kiyasov Ulugbek M. (Commercial Department) shall be accepted before 5.00 pm of December 3, 2018 at the address:
UAT, Aviogorodok, Tashkent, 100167, Uzbekistan
Tel / Fax: +99871 - 255-55-28
Reference person: Tatyana V. Krivosheina, Head of the contrac group sales department
Tel.: +99871-255-55-28