"Uzbekistan airways" JSC

Plaids aviation road

04 Jun 2019

Currently, Uzbekistan Airways has a need for the purchase of Plaids aviation road reusable for passengers of business class on the aircraft A320, B757

1. Plaids aviation road reusable in the amount of 2000 pieces.

- material: shell 100% matte high density satin, polycotton 82-95 gr/m2; filler: 100% polyester 82-95 gr/m2

- color: solid color on both sides, Pantone 7448

- size: 110 cm x 150 cm

- the density of ~ 200-250 grams

- quilted on both sides of a rhombus/square, element size, stitch 3,5x3,5cm

- logo NAC in the form of a Shield (label)

For the purpose of definition of possibility of acquisition of given production, we ask you to inform us about possibility manufacturing by your enterprise of specified production, possible terms of delivery, production costs, on the terms of shipment, FCA - the Airport of departure, the cargo agent of the buyer, taking into account all export formalities, a payment condition - 15% the advance payment, 85% of a payment after delivery of delivery of the goods.

If available, we ask you to provide licenses and certificates available from Your company.

If Your company has the opportunity and interest in the supply of the above products for the needs of our airline, please contact us using the following contact details: Uzbekistan, Tashkent 100167, Airport «Tashkent», MSD “UZAVIATEXSNAB” NAC, tel/fax /+99871/255-68-37, е-mail: kmts.sg@uzairways.com, uzblog_peo@uzairways.com.

We also ask you to provide samples and technical description of the offered products.

Your offer please send to our address to 22.06.2019.

Commercial offers are accepted by mail, Fax, e-mail.

The information must be in Russian or translated into Russian.