Uzbekistan airways

Drawers for glasswar​e

09 Apr 2019

Currently, Uzbekistan Airways has a need to acquire drawers for glassware for passenger service on flights NAC "Uzbekistan Airways».

1. Drawer for glass of wine (the diameter of the glass – 5cm, height – 10,9cm) in the amount of 300 pieces.

2. Drawer for glass and for shot (the diameter of the glass – 7cm, height 9,5cm, shot – 6cm, height – 7cm) в количестве 700 штук.

The height of Drawer for glass  must meet the parameters of glassware.

Drawer for glass must be of dimensions (length, width) allowing it to be placed in the on-Board service cart of the standard «Atlas»

We also ask you to consider the possibility of manufacturing drawer for glass different color: 300 pieces of one color, 700 pieces of other color.

In order to determine the possibility of purchasing this product, we ask you to inform the possibility of delivery, possible delivery time, the cost of products on the terms of payment 15% advance payment, 85% upon delivery to Tashkent.

If available, we ask you to provide licenses and certificates available from Your company.

If Your company has the opportunity and interest in the supply of the above products for the needs of our airline, please contact us using the following contact details: Uzbekistan, Tashkent 100167, Airport «Tashkent», MSD “UZAVIATEXSNAB” NAC, tel/fax /+99871/255-68-37, е-mail:,

We also ask you to provide samples and technical description of the offered products.

Your offer please send to our address to 12.04.2019.

Commercial offers are accepted by mail, Fax, e-mail.

The information must be in Russian or translated into Russian.