Uzbekistan airways

The contest on aquisition of the diesel engine "Mercedes" OHM 441 LA III/1

01 May 2019

The State Unitary enterprise "Islom Kаrimov nomidagi TOSHKENT XALQARO AEROPORTI" again declares the contest on aquisition of the diesel engine "Mercedes" OHM 441 LA III/1

1. The Name, technical parameters, amount and starting cost to product:

The Diesel engine "Mercedes" OHM 441 LA III/1, without, starter, generator , water pump, маховика, in collection with head of the block and with fuel equipment - without fall, only new, amount - one unit.

The Duration of the price not less 60 days

2. The Obligatory requirements of the Customer to Supplier.

Delivered engine (hereinafter Goods) must be new, not former in usages. Goods must be a factory fabrication and have a certificate of the origin and correspondences to, technical passport of the manufacturer, as well as the documents certifying legality of the import.

The Warranty period on delivered product is fixed not less 6 months from delivery date of Goods on storehouse of the Customer.

Change the conditions of the payment, delivery date is not allowed.

3. The Terms of the payment: not more than 30 % down payments for 10 bank days on the date hereof contract, rest - contractually with winner of the contest.

4. The Terms of delivery goods: Way of delivery of Goods: for foreign supplier - a plane, for domestic - a motor transport. The Cost of transportation must be comprised of cost of goods.

5. Currency of the contest: US DOLLAR or Euro.

6. Following data without fall must be specified In competitive offer:

Name of goods –

Mark -

Ukomplektovannosti engine

Engine size –

Warranty period, knead not less

Terms of the payment

Currency contract of the

Term of delivery СРT

Transport of transportation    -

Country of the origin of goods

Country producer goods

The Company producer goods.

Point of the shipment of goods to Indicate city and country

Cost of the unit of goods………..

7. The Delivery date of goods: not more than 50 calendar days from receipt of downpayments.   

8. The Contact requisitions:

100167 Tashkent, Aeroporti GA, str. Kumarik, 13 GUP "Toshkent Xalqaro aerоporti" Telephone for references: +(99871)140-29-54, +(99890)1876219, fax: 140-28-48


9. The Period of the receiving the commercial offers on participation in contest before 22.054.2019 before 14 hours time Tashkent.

The Commercial offers are taken on mail, fax, e-mail.

Information is taken in Russian language only