Blankets aviation road

19 Jun 2018

Now our airline the national airline of the Republic of Uzbekistan «Uzbekistan Airways» needs acquisition of following kinds of the goods:

- blankets aviation road usable for passengers in economy class on flights of the NAC, with the development of design, manufacture and supply - the required number of 7000 pieces.

Requirements to the composition and quality of products:

The blanket aviation road reusable use for air passengers of an economic class


Blanket: - must be made of blended fibers (wool, cotton, viscose, synthetic fibers)

It is allowed to add synthetic fibers up to 50% of the composition.

-have a uniform and durable fabric structure

-size: 110x130 cm,

-density 200g / m2

-have a logo NAK applied with embroidery or textile weaving

-have a strong undisturbed edge treatment in the form of a machine textile edge

-color: Burgundy-pink

-have a strong and uniform staining, allowing chemical cleaning after each single use of the blanket

-have fire-proof impregnation and anti-static treatment

-the blanket should not leave visible traces of fabric fibers on the passengers ' clothes.

-must be suitable for further use and retain the original form for the entire period of operation (at least 24 months without significant loss of condition).

Safety requirement: in accordance with the Rules of the us Federal Airline (FAR part 25, section 25.853), meeting all parameters of fire resistance.

Note: The design in the presented sample of the road blanket should be with the use of a logo NAK, applied with embroidery or textile weaving.

Special requirement:

1. The air road blanket is reusable for economy class air passengers and must be Packed in individual packaging.

2. All materials used in the production of road blankets for economy class passengers should be non-toxic, harmless, safe for passengers; should not have a smell, should not be flammable. The color of the material should be resistant to fading, abrasion when using, washing and cleaning.

3. The road blanket must be designed in accordance with the request of the Airline.

4. The products must be presented with certificates of conformity, certificates of safety requirements in accordance with the Rules of the Federal Airline (FAR part 25, section 25.853), meeting all the parameters of fire resistance and, if necessary, sanitary-epidemiological conclusions.

5. Marking of road plaids must meet the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan., contain all the necessary information, must be made in Uzbek, Russian and English.

6. Without fail to the commercial offer must be enclosed:

- documents on state registration of the enterprise

- license, permit and certificates for the types of services provided, type of activity and the products supplied.

Certificates of conformity of the quality management system, recommendations, patents, etc. are welcomed.

7. Packaging, marking should correspond to the nature of the Goods and ensure its full safety during transportation

8. All documents and information submitted by Participants, including Proposals, should be in Russian. If any information or documents are submitted in another language, they must be accompanied by a translation into Russian.

9. Participants must necessarily be provided with a detailed quotation on the letterhead with a technical description of the proposed goods, specify the delivery time, or partial delivery of the goods with the possibility of manufacturing the specified products, the cost of production, the payment terms - 15% advance payment, 85% payment upon delivery of the goods.

10. Delivery on the agreed schedule and according to the terms of the contract.

11. Delivery of Products is carried out on the terms of FCA – airport of departure (warehouse of the buyer's cargo agent) or DAP – airport "Tashkent", the buyer's warehouse.

12. Participants must be provided with a sample in the amount of 1 piece.

Restrictions for participation in the Competition:

1. Proposals should be submitted by legal entities (Participants) established in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. or with the laws of other countries;

2. The participant must not be insolvent, in the process of liquidation or reorganization, be recognized as insolvent (bankrupt). Also, no claims for recognition as insolvent (bankrupt) should be filed against the Participant. A participant may not be a company whose property is seized on any grounds and (or) the economic activity of which is suspended.

Proposals are accepted at:

MSD “UZAVIATEXSNAB” NAK, GSP100167, Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Airport

«Tashkent», tel / Fax /+998 71/ 255-68-37, 255-35-24, 254-26-87, 255-50-18


The deadline of bids: to 18: 00 on 29.06.2018.

Competitive offers are accepted by mail, Fax, e-mail, on purpose.