Uzbekistan airways


26 Mar 2019

The State Unitary enterprise "ISLOM KARIMOV NOMIDAGI TOSHKENT XALQARO AEROPORTI" declares about undertaking the contest on aquisition car passenger ship's ladder (hereinafter Ship's ladder) for boarding passenger in(from) air court in amount 4-h units on negotiated price.

The Contract conditions:

The Conditions of the payment: 30% down payment, rest 70% - immediately after transfer Ship's ladder buyer. Currency of the payment - a Bags Uzbekistan shade USA DOLLAR.

The Terms of delivery goods: on condition СРT on customs post 00102 "AVIA YUKLAR VED", STK "Tashkent-AERО". The Grantee - GUP "ISLOM KARIMOV NOMIDAGI TOSHKENT Halqaro Aeroporti" one of the overland type of the transport.

The Delivery date of goods: not more than 90 calendar days from receipt of down payments.

For reception of the Specificationses and contest participant instructions, necessary to send the written demand on fax or e-mail. The Demand must have a registration number and in her must be specified bank requisitions of the pretender as well as conjectural cost of the Ship's ladder.

To commercial offer must be an attached documents, enumerated in contest participant instructions

In contest can take part foreign and domestic manufacturers, company and organizations eligible to wholesale business.

The Competitive offers are taken to:

Where: Uzbekistan, 100167, Tashkent, GUP "Islom Karimov nomidagi Toshkent Xalqaro Aeroporti"

To whom: Deputy director of the aeroportAlimovu A.M. (for SST).

The Telephone for references: + (99871) 140-29-54, fax: 140-28-48 E-mail:

Period of the receiving the commercial offers on participation in contest before 15.04.2019. The Commercial offers are taken on mail, fax, e-mail or courier.

Authentic documents must be given not later 25.04.2019