Acquisition of some kinds of the poligraphic production

28 Jan 2016

The list the necessary poligraphic products

Production name

Necessary quantity, pieces.


/ Vouchers for registration and payment of ground services at the airport.

Booklet - 25 sets of 3 page (3 selfcopying sheet (blue, red, yellow)). 6 - digit numbering. Left-sided perforation. Cover - white cardboard 260gr / m2. Printing on the cover - 1/0.

150 000

Now our airline needs acquisition of some kinds of the poligraphic production – transportation documents for service of air passengers, cargo and luggage processing.

The list of names and quantity of necessary production it is specified in the Appendix №2 to the present inquiry.

For the purpose of definition of possibility of acquisition of given production, we ask you to inform delivery possibility, possible terms of delivery, costs of production on the terms of shipment FCA – the departure Airport (the cargo agent of the buyer), on the terms of payment of 15% the advance payment, 85% upon receipt of goods and customs clearance IM 40.

At presence we ask to present licenses and certificates available for your enterprise.

If your firm has a capability and is interested in delivery for needs of our airline of above-stated production, I appeal for you to notify about it under the following contact properties: Uzbekistan, 100167, Airport «Tashkent», UMSD «UZAVIATECHSNAB» NAK, on phone/fax: /+99871/ 255-50-18; e-mail:,,

As we ask to give samples and the description on offered production.

Your offer we ask to direct to our address to 15.02.2016.

We hope for mutually advantageous cooperation and your operating answer.