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Special entry procedure for South Korea

According to the revised quarantine regulations, as of 1st April, passengers(Korean / foreign nationality) who enter Korea, will be self-isolated (self-quarantine) at their home or special facilities for 2 weeks.

- Anyone who enters Korea and should be self-isolated has to download the application '자가격리자 안전보호 앱(App for safety protection of the self-isolated)', so that Korean Government keep knowing the situation for them.


- Passengers who are exempted to self-isolated(self-quarantine) have to download the application '모바일 자가진단앱(App for mobile self-test)'.


- Crew is exempted to self-isolated(self-quarantine), but has to download the app '모바일 자가진단앱 (App for mobile self-test)


If they don't have residence in Korea, and due to this, they have no choice but to stay at special facilities where Korea Government prepared for self-quarantine, they have to pay for it, no matter how they are Korean nationality of foreign nationality.

* Short-stay foreigners (B1, B2, C3, C4) and any other person who don’t have residence will stay at special facilities.

** Cost for using special facilities for 14 days : 1,400,000 won per person (100,000 won/day)

Anyone who has any symptom will be under medical-test, and isolated at the airport

- positive after test: expected to be hospitalized at hospitals or medical centers

- negative after test: 14 days self-isolation at their residence or special facilities

Short-stay foreigners (B1, B2, C3, C4) and anyone who doesn’t have residence in Korea should fill in on '시설격리 동의서(Agreement to Facility Quarantine)', and if they don't, they might be rejected to enter Korea. At the check-in counter, airlines should inform short-stay foreigners that they will be isolated and have to fill in on 'Agreement to Facility Quarantine'.

And then, airlines have to gather this documents(agreement), load on the flight, and submit them to the Korean Quarantine at Incheon Airport.

All passengers on board are required to fill in on ‘특별검역신고서 (Travel Record Declaration)’ during the flight.

And furthermore, announcement of it should be also made during the flight.

You can find each format as attached  so please kindly check it.

(Agreement to Facility Quarantine) KOR
pdf,58.53 KB
(Agreement to Facility Quarantine) ENG
pdf,26.81 KB
Travel Record Declaration
pdf,151.71 KB
Notice for travelers KOR
pdf,50.14 KB
Notice for travelers ENG
pdf,43.12 KB