"Uzbekistan airways" JSC

Special meals

Depending on his/her gastronomic preferences, religion or medical condition, a passenger may book or purchase a ticket, but not more than 36 hours in advance to order a special meal free of charge.  We offer the following special meals:

MOML - Muslim menu (no pork, gelatine, alcohol)

KSML - kosher for the Jews (kosher cooking in accordance with kosher cooking rules), this diet is supplied from Israel.

HNML - Hindu non-vegetarian Hindu (the menu does not contain beef, veal, pork). Lamb, poultry, fish, milk - spicy and spicy food

FPML - fruit menu (fresh fruit in assortment)

VGML - vegetarian strict (strict vegetarian diet, animal food, milk and eggs are excluded from the diet)

AVML - Asian/Indian vegetarian food - fragrant spicy Asian/Indian cuisine with limited use of dairy products. Menu does not contain eggs.

RVML - raw vegetarian food - fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, natural juices.

VLML - standard vegetarian food - dishes using eggs and dairy products, cheese without rennet.

GFML gluten-free menu (excludes food from wheat, rye, barley, oats, dairy products - food without vegetable protein)

CHML - for small children from 2 to 12 years of age (products are easily identifiable, there are yogurt, fruit, crackers, cheese and juice in the menu).

Aircompany guarantees provision of special meals in flight if you order it at ticket buying and then confirm your order during check-in.