CIP hall of the International Airport “Navoi”

Navoi airport has the following halls: lounges «CIP», «VIP» and "Hall for official delegation" for the service of passengers.

For passengers who use the services of VIP hall and Hall of official delegation, service and meals are provided free of charge.

Parliament deputes and business class passengers are served free of charge in the CIP hall , the other passengers are served without the provision of food if the payment in the amount of $ 20 is made. Payment is made in CIP hall of the airport.

The distance from the airport to the center of the city of Navoi is 20 km away.

Public transport:

Minibus and taxis.

Travel time - 25 minutes.

Regulations for transportation of children

Pregnant women are accepted for carriage:

- If the pregnancy period is less than 35 weeks, if passenger has a medical certificate signed by a physician not more than 7 days before the date of flight;

- If passenger expects to give birth to twin children, the period of pregnancy should not exceed 32 weeks on the date of flight;

- If the period of  pregnancy exceeds 35 weeks, carriage is permitted only with the consent of the medical service of the airline accompanied by a doctor or health care provider;

- Newborns are accepted for carriage at the age of not less than 7 days.