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28 Jun 2019

Uzbekistan Airways Discusses Tourism Development Issues with National Tour Operators

A meeting of the heads of the National Airline "Uzbekistan Airways" and the State Committee for Tourism Development of Uzbekistan with the leading tourist companies of our country was held in the NAC Directorate. The purpose of this event was to discuss topical aspects of the development of tourism industry of the country. The participants of the event considered the issues of development of inbound and domestic tourism, increasing the frequency of flights and opening direct flights in the tourist season to resort towns, creating favorable conditions for foreign tourists arriving in the country, as well as for citizens of the country, etc. Tourist companies voiced a number of proposals to improve the quality of tourism services offered, which will help attract foreign tourists to Uzbekistan and develop domestic tourism. It was also noted at the meeting that in order to further effectively promote the national tourism potential of our country in the domestic and foreign markets, Uzbekistan Airways  will continue to work on implementing projects aimed at ensuring the development of tourism, popularizing the Uzbek tourism destination abroad and attracting a large number of foreign tourists to the country. The event was attended by First Deputy Director General of NAC "Uzbekistan Airways"  U.Husanov and First Deputy Chairman of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development U.Kasimkhodjaev.
12 Jun 2019

Excursion into the world of aviation

Within the framework of the celebration of the Youth Day of Uzbekistan, specialists of the Department of Social Policy of the Personnel Department of the NAC Directorate organized an excursion for the pupils of the Auxiliary Children's Home No.30 to the subdivisions of the National Airline Uzbekistan Airways. Young romantics of the sky began their fascinating journey from the history museum of Uzbekistan Airways Technics airline company, where specialists of the shop of linear maintenance of the center of Western aircraft AP "UAT" told about the origins of the establishment and years of formation of the airline company. Then thechildren were invited to the repair hangar. Here they boarded the aircraft, were introduced to the structure and technical capabilities of the airliner. The excursion continued with acquaintance with bustling work of the capital airport. The children visited the terminals of domestic and international airlines. They watched how the passengers check in, check in their luggage, go through the inspection zones, in short, watched all the production processes, thanks to which the airport is constantly functioning. The next step was a visit to the Catering enterprise, which prepares meals for the flight. A festive table organized by Catering specialists was waiting for them here. Kids were able to taste dishes offered to passengers during the flight, they said, everything was very tasty! During the whole tour the young romantics were accompanied by the representatives of the Youth Union, Press Service of  the NAC, the regime and aviation security service of the AP "UAT", the special transport service of the capital's air harbor. The tour was completed with gifts. The management of the National Airline and the trade union committee presented the children with airplane models and colorful books. Catering specialists also presented their gifts. A fascinating journey left the children with the most vivid and unforgettable impressions.
11 Jun 2019

National airline of Uzbekistan presented its services at SITIF 2019

The 34th Seoul International Tourism Industry Fair (SITIF) was held in Seoul from 6 to 9 June. Uzbekistan Airways presented its capabilities in the field of air travel and tourism potential of the country at the National stand of Uzbekistan in cooperation with the State Committee for Tourism Development and travel companies of the Republic of Meridian travel, Zukhro travel, Orient Mice. The Embassy of Uzbekistan in the Republic of  Korea took an active part in the organization of a single stand of our country along with the NAC and the above mentioned organizations and companies. Within the framework of the fair, colorful presentations of tourist and investment potential of Uzbekistan were held for local and foreign participants. In addition, during the stay of the Uzbek delegation in Seoul, a meeting was held with our compatriots living in the Republic of Korea. It should be noted that SITIF is one of the largest international tourism exhibitions in the Asian region, which annually gathers more than 500 participating companies from more than 55 countries, including representatives of international airlines, national and regional tourism councils, regional tourism administrations, travel agencies, major hotel complexes, resorts, etc. Participation of Uzbekistan Airways and tourist organizations of our republic in this exhibition became an excellent opportunity to promote the services of the airline and the tourist potential of Uzbekistan in the region and in the international tourism market in general.
10 Jun 2019

Uzbekistan Airways participant of ‘Workshop Tashkent 2019-Welcome to Georgia’

On June 10, 2019, the ‘Workshop Tashkent 2019-Welcome to Georgia’ forum, organized by the international travel company named ‘Leisure Business Travel’ with the assistance of Uzbekistan Airways was opened at the Hyatt Regency Tashkent hotel. Representatives of tourist organizations, local and foreign business circles, as well as the best hotels from various resorts in Georgia, interested in establishing new contacts and strengthening ties with partners, participated in this event, the format of which was focused on companies offering services in the tourism industry. Uzbekistan Airways presented complete information on its transportation capabilities, including flight schedules, destinations, fleet modernization, ground infrastructure, as well as technological innovations, which the airline now offers its passengers as a dynamically developing air carrier of Central Asian region. In the framework of Workshop Tashkent 2019 – Welcome to Georgia, the Uzbekistan Airways also organized a raffle of air tickets for Tashkent – Tbilisi – Tashkent roundtrip air service, which served as an advertisement among the representatives of the tourist industry on the eve of launching direct flights by Uzbekistan Airways on the named air route.
01 Jun 2019

Uzbekistan Airport - the best airport in the CIS

The International Civil Aviation Airport Association determined the best airport among the CIS countries in 2018. Once again, the winner was Bukhara International Airport. The special cup and the honorary diploma of the Association became a worthy assessment of the work of the airport staff in 2018. Bukhara Airport annually takes part in this prestigious competition and since 2012 has become the "Best Airport in the CIS" five times, three times - "Dynamically developing airport" and twice - "Prospectively developing". The air harbor was recognized for the sixth time as the "Best Airport of the Year in the CIS" among the airports with the capacity from 100 to 500 thousand passengers. Bukhara Airport received the international status in 1999. In 2011, a new airport terminal complex with a capacity of up to 400 passengers per hour was put into operation at the airport. Annually, the airport's services are used by more than 120 thousand passengers, including more than 15 thousand foreign tourists.
02 Jun 2019

Catering is the best!

Uzbekistan's national airline took first place in the ranking of foreign airlines with the most delicious meals on board. The rating of airlines providing the most delicious meals during the flight was compiled by Tutu.ru, analyzing 27,500 responses from independent passengers left in the period from April 2018 to April 2019. Passengers of the national air carrier of Uzbekistan often mention that everything is very tasty and nourishing. Passengers also like the fact that when flying from six hours on board, they are offered a light breakfast in addition to basic meals. It should be noted that board meals are prepared by the best cooks of the NAC Catering State Unitary Enterprise. Its diet and menu for passengers is regularly updated taking into account their wishes. Also, when preparing dishes the direction of the route, preference of passengers and their commitment to a particular cuisine are taken into account. During the flight there are offered hot and cold dishes, a wide range of various snacks, various drinks, including branded alcohol, fruits, plenty of herbs and vegetables in garnishes, as well as branded samosas and dried fruits - sultanas, apricots and nuts - that give the Eastern flavor to the meal. Along with regular meals, the airline's passengers can also order special meals free of charge, taking into account their age or religious beliefs (vegetarian, kosher, baby food, etc.). All you need to do is book it at the time of booking or buying a ticket and then confirm your order at check-in at the airport.
26 Apr 2019

Flight attendant of Uzbekistan Airways title at international competition Sky Lady 2019

Flight attendant of the National Airline of Uzbekistan Karina Rakhmanova  recognized as the second vice-miss in the first Sky Lady contest 2019. The Sky Lady contest, which was attended by flight attendants from 17 airlines from Russia, Uzbekistan and Belarus, included presentations by participants, a question and answer session with members of the jury and three defiles of participants: in the form of their airline, a casual image and evening dresses from Russian designers. The jury, chaired by TV presenter Arina Sharapova, assessed not only the professional qualities of the girls, but also their ability to hold on to the public and the possession of oratory. According to the results of the competition, Karina Rakhmanova from Uzbekistan Airways was awarded the title of second vice-miss, the title of first vice-jury of the competition was awarded to Zarina Stroyova from the airline Nord Star, and the title of Sky Lady 2019 was received by Daria Baranova from Aeroflot.
26 Apr 2019

Uzbekistan Airways became the winner of the contest SKY SERVICE 2019

The flight attendants team of the National Airline of Uzbekistan took the first place and won the nomination “Trade as an art of service” at the IV International Forum SKY SERVICE 2019. Indira Iralieva, Lyubov Ratushina, Faniya Babikova and Hozhyahon Tillakhodzhayeva adequately represented our country at this prestigious professional forum, which was held on April 24-25, 2019 in Moscow. SKY SERVICE is a grand international event dedicated to the development of services and services on board aircraft.  The forum brought together several events that have already become traditional: certified flight attendant training under the unique ISPY educational program, culinary competitions of chefs of the leading Sky Delight Awards 2019 onboard catering, and the awards ceremony of the unique Sky Travel Awards 2019. Forum participants were also able to attend an exhibition of brands from the Sky Shop catalog, an aviation industry job fair, and took part in the Sky Lady flight attendants beauty contest and numerous master classes and trainings. Recall that in 2018, the flight attendants team of Uzbekistan Airways became the owner of two SKY SERVICE 2018 cups: “Team of the Year” and “Best Flight Attendant of the Year”.
29 Apr 2019

Uzbekistan Airways takes part in the Arabian Travel Market 2019

Uzbekistan Airways presents its services at the international tourist exhibition Arabian Travel Market 2019, which runs from April 28 to May 1 in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). About 2500 exhibitors from 80 countries of the world, including 60 national tourism organizations from Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, South and Central Africa, the USA and Southeast Asia gathered at this largest tourist site in the Middle East to identify new trends, establish closer ties, conclude cooperation agreements, exchange experiences and get information on the latest news of world tourism. On the first day, the Unified National Stand “Uzbekistan” attracted a lot of attention of numerous visitors, including professionals from the tourist market and potential tourists. Distinguished by high attendance and stand of the NAC "Uzbekistan Airways", where you can learn about a wide range of services of the airline, its fleet of aircraft, regular passenger and cargo flights, new directions and flights to the countries of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf. Today, the national airline of Uzbekistan operates regular passenger flights to Dubai five times a week (except Tuesdays and Saturdays), and Sharjah 2 times a week (on Tuesdays and Saturdays) on comfortable airliners. It should be noted that participation in this international exhibition will serve as an excellent opportunity to present the large tourist potential and services of the national air carrier of Uzbekistan to the countries of this region, popularize the Uzbek tourist direction, establish new contacts, strengthen cooperation with the partners of the Middle East market and attract potential tourists from Arab countries to our Republic.
24 Apr 2019

Youth is the future of the country

The leadership of the NAC Uzbekistan Airways pays great attention to supporting young people, stimulating their aspirations, potential and initiatives, acquiring knowledge and experience in the aviation industry. In order to fulfill the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 05.07.2017. №DP-5106 "On measures to improve the effectiveness of the state youth policy and support the activities of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan", the NAC holds monthly meetings with the management of the airline. The next open dialogue between the leaders and activists of the Youth Union of the Directorate of the NAC and the structural enterprises of the Tashkent zone was held with the leadership of the Department of Operation of Ground Structures and Airport Management . The meeting participants were provided with an overview of the implemented measures for the construction of new terminals and the reconstruction of facilities. They also got acquainted with new projects and future plans of the airline for the modernization of ground infrastructure. Their attention was demonstrated the capabilities of the new terminal of the Termez International Airport, which was put into operation on the eve of the International Music Festival of Art of folk narrators - bakhshi, held in Termez from April 5 to April 10,2019. It should be noted that the Open Dialogue, conducted by the NAC Personnel Management every month according to the approved schedule, has become a broad discussion platform, which enabled leaders and activists of the Youth Union of the airline to raise the most acute problems, ask questions and get answers to them. Meetings in this format are held in all enterprises and airports of our company, and they are another form of direct contact between management and youth, giving them intelligently and wisely using the knowledge, skills and experience of the older generation in the development of the industry, promoting the image and status of the airline of Uzbekistan.