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23 Dec 2014

Boeing-767-300BCF: Flights in new configuration

Uzbekistan Airways’ second   Boeing-767-300BCF converted from a passenger into a cargo aircraft, arrived in Tashkent on the 20 December 2014. The renovated liner was manned by a professional crew of the commander Iosif Zak and the second pilot Ruslan Almamamedov. This plane, as well as the first one, has been a part of the programme involving the conversion of two passenger aircraft Boeing-767-300ER into a cargo version Boeing-767-300BCF agreed by Uzbekistan Airways and the Boeing company. According to international experience, the refitment of a passenger airliner into a cargo plane is the optimal way to continue the aircraft’s working life. This project has been made possible by the logistical and financial support of the Uzbekistan government. Its objective is to establish a modern fleet of cargo planes compliant with international standards and requirements for the development of the international intermodal hub at the Navoi airport and to increase Uzbekistan Airways’ cargo transportation capacity.   The first step was made at the Uzbekistan Аirways Technics – the passenger seats and all the related pieces of equipment were removed. Then the aircraft were converted into cargo planes at the Boeing’s refitment branch SASCO in Singapore. The work involved hatch installation, the alteration of the floor, installation of cargo equipment, new air conditioning and fire protection systems specially adapted for cargo transportation. The crew’s cabin has been also re-equipped to accommodate personnel responsible for the escorting of cargo.   The refitting of the second Boeing-767-300BCF took about 110 days and has been completed according to the schedule. The aircraft has been accepted and introduced by the company after appropriate testing procedures. Today the Boeing aircraft that had served for the company’s benefit for many years has been granted ‘the second life’ and it will now go through a thorough С-check service and re-painting at Uzbekistan Airways Technics. The converted aircraft will serve the flights from the Navoi international airport to Dubai, Frankfurt, Tian Jing, Aktobe, Delhi and other destinations, altogether 13 flights a week. The plane’s commercial payload is 53 tons. They have been upgraded to the stage 4 noise level, which will enable them to land at the airports that have night flying restrictions such as London’s and Frankfurt’s airports. The first flight of the first converted Boeing-767-300BCF from Urumchi to Tashkent is scheduled for the coming months.
26 Dec 2014

Transportation of pets to UAE

As per the UAE regulations, all pets entering the UAE , it is restricted to transport pets/small animals to Sharjah and Dubai in checked or hand luggage. All pets must arrive as manifest cargo shipment. Otherwise pets will be put under quarantine definition.
26 Dec 2014

Boeing-767-300BCF: First charter flight

 Uzbekistan Airways received first Boeing-767-300 cargo freighter. The first charter flight of Boeing-767-300BCF was operated on the route Tashkent– Urumqi-Tashkent on December 26, 2014. The airline transported 50 t. of cargo. The freighter was piloted by the captain of Boeing division, Boris Nikitin and co-pilot Valeriy Kim.   Uzbekistan Airways starts to operate second Boeing-767-300BCF soon. The airliners will fly from Navoi International Airport to Dubai, Tianjin, Frankfurt, Aktobe, Delhi –  13 flights a week. Commercial load of B767-300BCF is 53 t. Its certified stage 4 noise level which meets the requirements of international airports and in particular - London and Frankfurt airports.  
05 Nov 2014

Bukhara International Airport: First reception and service of Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Bukhara Airport (BHK) for the first time received and serviced B787 Dreamliner which operataed charter flight from UAE. Training of the airport ground handling specialists on technical characteristics of 787 were arranged by Flight Inspection Service of BHK.
03 Nov 2014

First Boeing 767-300 converted to freighter configuration delivered to Tashkent International Airport

Uzbekistan Airways received first Boeing 767-300ER converted from passenger aircraft to freighter (BCF). Under the agreement with Boeing, national airline of Uzbekistan ordered two passenger-to-freighter conversions in all. The aircraft conversion project is performed under the assistance and financial support of the government  of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The aim of the project is to expand airline`s freighter fleet up to the international standards to develop Navoi Intermodal logistics center, as well as to increase cargo transportation volume of the airline. Boeing operates the 767-300BCF passenger-to-freighter conversion at the Singapore Technologies Aerospace Services Co Pte Ltd (SASCO) maintenance facility. Uzbekistan Airways tested all the options and received the aircraft according to the schedule. The second 767BCF to arrive Tashkent in December 2014.
27 Oct 2014

Uzbekistan Airways starts flights Tashkent-Riga-Tashkent

According to the winter schedule of the national airline, the flight Tashkent-Riga-Tashkent will be operated on Fridays. Departure from Taskent - 6:40 pm Arrival to Riga - 9:10 pm Departure from Riga - 11;50 pm Arrival to Tashkent - Saturday, 7:45 am. The flights from Tashkent to New York via Riga are available every Sunday on Boeing 767.
20 Oct 2014

Attention for passengers, flying to/from Urumqi.

Since October 31, 2014 by flights on the route Tashkent-Urumqi-Tashkent will be carried out on Fridays under changed schedule. Tashkent-Urumqi (HY-507): Start of check-in: 14:15 Departure time: 17:15 Arrival time to Urumqi: 22:40 (Beijing time) Urumqi –Tashkent (HY-508): Start of check-in: 22:10 (on Friday Beijing time) Departure time: 00:10 (on Saturday Beijing time) Arrival time to Tashkent: 00:05 (on Saturday local time)
07 Oct 2014

The art exhibition of prominent art workers of Uzbekistan, members of Friendship Society “Uzbekistan – Latvia” was arranged in the Directorate of the National aircompany during celebration of Independence of Uzbekistan.

Employees of aircompany and guests might admire the pictorial paintings of teacher of Art College of Uzbekistan Shakir Zakirov, as well as permanent participant of youth republican and international exhibitions Dilorom Mamedova. Works of artist Dilmurod Yuldashev, landscape painter Jasur Bakhodirov and master of national miniature and illumination Abdugafar Bakhadirov were also presented.
22 Sep 2014

The National aircompany «Uzbekistan Airways» has opened new schedule flights on route Tashkent — Khabarovsk — Tashkent.

Since November 1, 2014 the flight HY 707/708 on route Tashkent – Khabarovsk – Tashkent will be performed bimonthly on comfortable aircraft Boeing 757, Departures from Tashkent will be on Saturdays, departures from Khabarovsk – on Sundays.
26 Sep 2014

В дни празднования независимости Узбекистана в холле дирекции Национальной авиакомпании прошла выставка работ видных деятелей искусств Узбекистана, членов Общества дружбы «Узбекистан-Латвия».

Сотрудники авиакомпании и гости смогли полюбоваться живописными полотнами преподавателя Художественного колледжа Узбекистана Шакира Закирова и  Дилором Мамедовой, постоянной участницы молодежных республиканских и международных выставок. Также были презентованы работы художника Дильмурада Юлдашева, пейзажиста Жасура Баходирова, мастера национальной миниатюры и освещения Абдугафура Бахадирова. Выставка получила положительный отклик среди всех посетителей, которые единодушно пожелали, чтобы они проводились как можно чаще.