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17 Mar 2015

Uzbekistan Airways Technics participated in the 10th International Conference & Exhibition on Aircraft Maintenance in Russia & CIS

        The exhibition took place in Moscow.  More than 100 companies presented their stands in it, among which there was UAT stand.   Aircraft maintenance and repair is the most important segment of civil aviation providing the airworthiness of aircrafts.         The annual exhibition-conference invited MRO providers, the largest airlines, representatives of government bodies, and also foreign market experts  for discussion of the vital issues of maintenance and repair services under present-day conditions.         The regular participant of the event UAT promoted its services at the exhibition, including the expected news such as capabilities of the shop of maintenance and repair of large elements of aircrafts Boeing-787 "Dreamliner" which made of composite materials.        The participation of "Uzbekistan airways technics" in such a large forum, undoubtedly, will play a positive role in attraction of new foreign MRO customers to the Uzbek air enterprise, in exchange of experience with other leading companies and in conducting market researches.
20 Mar 2015

The Permission of dangerous goods transportation via China’s airports was extended for Uzbekistan Airways

On the 10th of March, 2015 Uzbekistan Airways got the extension of the right to transport dangerous goods via China’s airports. According to China’s legislation the operator applying for transportation of dangerous goods via airports of China, has to fulfill the requirements imposed by the aviation authorities of China and provide the necessary package of documentations verifying the personnel training quality sufficient for safe transportation of dangerous goods. Uzbek Air began performing regular and charter cargo flights to the airports of Tianjin and Urumqi cities in 2012, in this connection, the obtaining of the permission to transport dangerous freights became a priority task within further development of air freight transportation. In 2013 the first permission for transportation of dangerous goods via the airports of Beijing, Urumqi and Tianjin cities was issued, the valid period of this permission expired on March 10, 2015. Owing to timely submitting of the required documentations to the aviation authorities of China, and to the absence of any discontent with Uzbekistan Airways operation and of any incidents connected with dangerous freights for the entire period of transportation, the permission for transportation of dangerous goods via China’s airport was prolonged. Thus, the current permission for transportation of dangerous goods via the airports of Beijing, Urumqi, Tianjin cities and Shanghai which also joined them, is prolonged till March 09, 2017. If you have any questions connected with transportation of dangerous goods via the airports of China, please contact the Department of Cargo Transportation of Uzbekistan Airways, phone  at: + 998 (71) 140-20-92, 140-20-93, 140-20-94.
12 Mar 2015

Uzbekistan Airways launches new Tashkent - Minsk - Tashkent route

In 2 July 2015, National Airline of Uzbekistan presents new regular flight to Minsk, Belarus. Uzbekistan Airways will fly to the Republic of Belarus twice a week (every Tuesday and Thursday) operating Airbus А320. The destination is the new development of the airline`s Spring-Summer flight season. The experts of Uzbekistan Airways project the new route will successfully find its audience.    
04 Mar 2015

Boeing 767-300: flights in a new format from Navoi

Since the 3,4 March of the current year the regular operation of two cargo aircrafts Boeing 767-300 has begun.  It will be a new milestone in the history of Uzbekistan Airways’ airfreight. After full C-check maintenance and painting of the aircrafts Boeing 767-300BCF  at Uzbekistan Airways Technics,  the aircrafts were sent to Navoi airport for permanent location as the integral component of the International intermodal center of logistics. The commercial aircrafts’ loading capacity is 53 tons. It should be mentioned that due to commissioning of these cargo carriers, the thorough training in the flight group Boeing of the Flight center of Uzbekistan Airways was carried out. The pilots involved in airfreight had special theoretical training in the Educational and Training center of Uzbekistan Airways.        On the 3rd March flight HY-123 Navoi - Delhi was performed. On the 4th March the second cargo carrier was put into operation for the flight HY-143 Navoi - Dubai.  The pilots of the Flight center operated cargo aircrafts Boeing 767-300, they are the Deputy commander of an aircraft squadron T. Fayzullayev, the pilot-instructor B. Narkhodzhayev, commanders of AC G. Romanov and R. Turabov, the co- pilots M. Mirkhaydarov and M. Vakhabov.        At the time of transition to summer navigation on the 29th March, 2015 Uzbekistan Airways will perform new regular cargo flights from Navoi airport to Amsterdam, Shanghai and Mumbai. The geography of Uzbekistan Airways flights by Boeing-767-300BCF consists of seven directions with frequency of 15 flights a week: to Delhi – 3, Dubai – 3, Frankfurt – 2, Tianjin – 1 flight a week, to Amsterdam, Shanghai and Mumbai 2 times a week. Charter flights are also planned.        We would like to remind that the project of re-equipment of two passenger Boeings into cargo carriers was realized with the assistance of the government of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The creation of modern cargo carriers’ park meeting the international requirements and standards will promote further development of the Intermodal center of logistics on the basis of Navoi airport and increase the airfreight volume of Uzbekistan Airways.
23 Feb 2015

UMRA 2015

Umra 2015 project includes 31 charter flight Tashkent–Jeddah–Tashkent on Boeing-757G/767 for 5.494 pilgrims to Saudi Arabia. The Head of Charter Section of Commercial Department, Uzbekistan Airways, Mr. Bahriddinov, assures of the world standard quality of services for pilgrims which are welcome to be served at four individual check-in points. Flights from Tashkent to Jeddah are available from February 9 till March 23; back flights from Jeddah are operated from February 19 till April 2, 2015.
11 Feb 2015

Special offer for Tashkent - New York - Tashkent

Uzbekistan Airways offers discounted tariff for Tashkent - New York - Tashkent. Special offer is valid from February 10 till March 31, 2015. Tickets are available for economy passengers for EUR 1205.
16 Feb 2015

Uzbekistan Airways Technics is providing MRO for B-757, VIM-avia

Another beneficial result of international customer network development at Uzbekistan Airways Technics maintenance enterprise is the С-check of Boeing-757-200 for VIM-avia airline, Russia. The current cooperation between UAT and VIM-avia is to provide C-check for two B-757 of Russian airline.  
27 Jan 2015

23rd anniversary of the establishing the National Aircompany “Uzbekistan Airways”

         The modern aircompany means more than just passenger transportations. Huge mechanism, safety of hundreds thousand passengers, first of all, depends on coordinated work of which, today is obliged to carry out its tasks with cruiser speed, adapting to a tough competition. New terminals, comfortable aircraft, flight simulators of new generation, technical and technological innovations, recognition and awards of the prestigious international organizations, successful passing the IOSA audits, joining the IATA – all of these is an acknowledgement of reliability and stability of the national air carrier of Uzbekistan on the world aviation market. On January 28, 1992 the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan had signed the Decree on creation of the National aircompany “Uzbekistan Airways”. Since this time the large programs on updating the air fleet, modernization of all ground infrastructure are realized in the industry with comprehensive support of the country leaders. Quality and safety of aircompany’s services are provided both in the sky and ground. Pride in its modern aircraft fleet, systematic development of all land infrastructure, high level of professionalism of the personnel of airline of Uzbekistan is a result of understanding and assistance of the President of the country and the government. Safety. There are two basic components of safety in modern aviation world, namely flight safety and aviation security. The first one consists of a continuous work on providing the airworthiness of the aviation technics, on preparation and training the flight crews, training the flight attendances on actions in emergency situations, on improvement of airports’ infrastructure, providing the fuels and lubricants for flights, etc. The second one consists of non-admission of interference on the activity of civil aviation by persons whose actions may damage the objects of civil aviation on the ground, or our aircraft and NAC’s clients in air. Throughout these 23 years the fleet of the National aircompany has being modernized stage by stage. Only during last three years aircompany’s fleet has been replenished by new ten A320, four Boing-767-300ER aircraft. Six modern and comfortable aircraft of domestic production IL-114-100 are also successfully operated. New technics are received for small aviation too. New multi-purpose helicopter MI-8MTV-1 with unique functionality from the Russian manufacturer will soon be added to the fleet of aircompany of Special Aviation Works (SAW). In 2016 arrival of two liners of future – Boeing-787-8 Dreamliner is expected. “Dream liner” is the aircraft, which had landed in 2012 in our capital’s airport during world demonstration tour once again underlining aspiration of aircompany to perfection and new horizons. Converting two passenger “Boeing” aircraft to modern cargo planes for the purpose of development of International Intermodal Centre of Logistics on the base of airport “Navoi” and increase of freight traffic volume of the NAC is one more important step for development of aviation of Uzbekistan. Today “the second life” has been given to these aircraft which served for the benefits of the aircompany during many years and now correspond to the international requirements and standards for freighters. Their commercial loading is equal 53 tons, they have been certified according to the fourth noise level (Stage 4 noise level) that allows to perform take-off and landing at the airports having restrictions for flights at night. On December, 25th 2014 converted Boing-767-300VCF of the NAC had executed the first flight on a route “Urumqi – Tashkent”. 48,660 kg of cargo were transported on its board. It is also planned to carry out flights from airport “Navoi” to Dubai, Tianjin, Frankfurt-am-Main, Aktobe, Delhi (in average 13 flights per week) on these aircraft. IILC "Navoi" combines air freight to Europe, India, China and Southeast Asia. From the beginning of its opening it has been transported more than 200 thousand tons of cargo. Maintenance and providing the airworthiness of aircraft of the NAC takes a special place in aircompany’s activity. All services of aviation enterprise “Uzbekistan Airways Technics” are confirmed by the international certificates. It has now technical base and qualified personnel for rendering all kinds of line and base maintenance and repair not only for aircraft of the national air carrier, but also for the foreign companies. The joint project is carried out with company "Boeing" on opening the new Centre on repair of large elements of aircraft, made of composite materials, on the base of “Uzbekistan Airways Technics”. Construction work will come to the end soon, and the necessary personnel are already prepared for the Center. Continuous perfection of system of professional training is one more important aspect in activity of the NAC. The great attention is given not only to training, but also to improvement of professional skill of pilots, flight attendants, experts in ground provision of flight safety. The modern procedural simulators for aircraft “Boing-757/767”, “А320” and unique “Full-flight” simulator for domestic aircraft IL-114-100 have been mounted in the Simulators Complex of the Training Centre of aircompany. They allow flight crews to be trained in the conditions as much as possible approached to real ones. The ground personnel are trained under the special programs developed by qualified teaching staff of the Training Centre of the NAC. The matter on acquisition of one more simulator – “Full-flight” simulator for aircraft А320 – is now studied. The NAC “Uzbekistan Airways” brings the considerable contribution to realization of huge tourist potential of our republic. Every year the stream of tourists grows that puts new problems before aircompany’s staff. During the last years the republican airports were completely reconstructed and modernized according to requirements of time; all of them have the status “International”. The Quality Management System ISO 9001 has been implemented. New perfect and reliable customs and screening means are established, park of special airport vehicles is updated, technology of service is improved, number of passenger terminals is increased. Commissioning two passenger terminals with capacity up to 300 passengers per hour at airport “Urgench” became a worthy gift for 23rd anniversary of independence of republic and for birthday of the national air carrier. Each of these terminals carries out its own function; the first serves the arriving passengers, the second – the departing passengers. Not only modern materials, but also elements of traditional national art, in particular, the Khorezm ceramics, have been used for decoration of facade and interior of buildings. At the airport the special office has been opened where any foreign tourist may get consultation on visa and other questions. New passenger terminals are also successfully function at airports “Tashkent”, “Bukhara”, “Navoi”, “Samarkand”, “Fergana”. Over 2.8 million passengers arrive and depart annually in the main domestic “air harbour” “Tashkent”. The new terminal of domestic routes, the transit hall, the new block for departing passengers, equipped according to the international requirements, are placed in operation with a view of improvement of service and comfort for passengers at the capital airport with capacity over 1300 passengers per hour. The VIP Hall (for service of very important persons) and business lounge (with raised comfort) are now reconstructed. Commissioning a new runway after full reconstruction, which will allow landings of aircraft without restrictions, is shortly expected at airport “Namangan”. Three airports of Uzbekistan, namely “Bukhara”, “Samarkand” and “Urgench”, more than once became the winners in various nominations of prestigious competition “The best airport of year of the CIS countries” of Association “Airport of Civil Aviation” (“Bukhara” – six times, “Samarkand” – ten times, “Urgench” – two times) among the airports serving from 100 thousand to 500 thousand passengers per year. The geography of flights of the NAC is extended – new routes to Singapore, Khabarovsk, as well as flights from Frankfurt-am-Main to Urgench, attractive to the European tourists, and flights from Milan and Paris to this ancient city are opened. The new route Tashkent – Minsk is also planned. Due to raised demand of passengers the second frequency per week to Urumqi, and the second daily flight to Amritsar and Delhi is now opened. Direct flight to Riga and new intra-republican flight “Bukhara – Fergana” are now carried out. Financial condition of aircompany is the major indicator of efficiency of its activity. Despite instability in global economy and difficult market conditions, the company is dynamically developed. According to the results of year 2014 the National aircompany has performed 23 thousand 811 flights, transported more than 2 million 625 thousand passengers. Transportations of cargo, including mail and paid luggage, have amounted over 42 thousand 812 tons. For 12 months of last year volumes of cargo transportation through International Intermodal Centre of Logistics “Navoi” have made 30 912,1 tons that is at 24 % more than in 2013. Air traffic control includes not only qualitative and modern equipment, but also timely tracing, control of flights. Today in this sphere the ICAO’s system of units – universal system of the international standard (readout of flight attitude relative to the pressure QNH) has been implemented. It gives the possibility to make flights more safe and will attract more air carriers to use air space of Uzbekistan and more passengers to use flights of the National aircompany “Uzbekistan Airways”. The main task of the National aircompany is to provide a regularity of flights, carefully monitor all trends on the financial markets, making product of the NAC accessible to the passenger. The staff of the National aircompany “Uzbekistan Airways”, numbering many thousands people, will further make all efforts for promotion of the company’s product on the international market, as the aviation industry is one where backlog is impossible – only the strongest, effective and flexible air carriers remain on the market. One of such, the air carrier of Uzbekistan, during 23 years shows its “right to the sky” to the whole world, adhering to its main criteria – safety, stability and comfort.
20 Jan 2015

Travelling Europe: Special offers

Uzbekistan Airways offers discounted flights to Europe. Flights from/to Tashkent from/to Paris, London, Milan, Rome and Frankfurt are available for economy passengers till March 31, 2015. The number of seats is limited.      
12 Jan 2015

Immigration rules of Turkey

Since April 11, 2014 in accordance with the Turkey’s Law No.6458 «On foreign citizens and International protection» the minimal permissible term of validity of foreign citizen’ passport was established for entry to Turkey. This Law is effective since January 1, 2015. According to the Article 7 of this Law, if person has passport or other identity document or residence permit, validity term of which is less than 60 days, then such person will not be allowed to entry to Turkey. Validity term of passport of foreign citizen, who is permitted to stay within the territory of Turkey during 30 days without entry visa, shall be not less than 3 months.