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09 Nov 2018

Payment for Uzbekistan Airways' air tickets by MasterCard

The existing methods of paying online for the flights of Uzbekistan Airways through the airline's website were supplemented by the option to pay through the MasterCard payment system. Previously, this feature was only available through the UzCard and VISA payment systems. You can purchase the tickets of Uzbekistan Airways via the site In addition, there is an option to pre-select and book the seats in the aircraft cabins of the airline online, which is available on both paid and free basis.  

06 May 2014

Important information for passengers: The ban on the transportation of liquids, gels and sprays on board in passengers’ hand luggage has been LIFTED

Starting from 1 May 2014, there have been some amendments made to the temporary instruction related to the control of aviation security of liquids, gels and sprays taken on board of aircraft in passengers’ hand luggage and duty free purchase. Passengers departing from the airports of Uzbekistan are allowed to transport liquids, gels and sprays on board of a plane on the following conditions: - all liquids are to be transported in containers not exceeding 100 ml; - liquids in containers exceeding 100 ml are not allowed aboard even if the container is only half full; - the container has to be placed in a tightly closed transparent plastic bag not exceeding 1 litre of volume; - the containers have to move freely in the tightly closed transparent plastic bag; - the plastic bag has to be submitted for visual inspection at the aviation security control post; - each passenger is allowed to have only one transparent plastic ban with the volume not exceeding 1 litre.
07 May 2014

Tashkent International Airport hosted a one-day training seminar on the Entry Visa Requirements for Travel to the US conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan.

In order to reduce the number of refusals of entry to countries of destination, the Uzbekistan Airways Group for control of travel documents carry out regular workshops aimed at awareness raising and professional development of the company’s employees in the areas of visa and immigration requirements of the countries where the company regularly flies to. At the seminar training organised for the improvement of the work focused on identification of the passengers carrying fraud or inappropriate travel documents, there were presentations made by O. Westhassel, US Vice-Consul; N. Ergasheva, the Head of Immigration Visa Department; and by G. Jumamuratova, an expert of the Department for Visa Fraud Prevention at the US Embassy. The participants in the seminar, including employees of the company’s Directorate, the Immigration Control Department of the Tashkent airport, the General Sales Agency, the Committee for Border Control at the State Security Service and of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan, have received complete information about the documents required for the entry to the USA. The participants had an opportunity to examine protection facilities of US passports and visas and learned new ways of fraud identification and prevention. At the end of the seminar all the participants received certificates signed by the Ambassador and the Consul of the USA.  
07 May 2014

Uzbekistan Airways was awarded the prize of the Most Responsible Company in the Republic of Uzbekistan for Labour Safety

The Council of the Trade Union Federation of Uzbekistan organised a round table dedicated to the International Day of Labour Safety with a wide range of participants including representatives of the Supreme Council of the Republic, the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance, of the State Monitoring and Control Committee and other organisations. The event concluded with the award ceremony in honour of different companies and institutions including Uzbekistan Airways.
06 May 2014

New regular flight in the spring-summer schedule

Beginning from 16 May 2014. a new regular flight connects the capital cities of two provinces in Uzbekistan. The flight Tashkent – Bukhara – Ferghana – Bukhara – Tashkent is carried out on a Il-114-100 on Fridays once a week according to the following schedule:   Departure from Tashkent        12:10 pm                        Arrival at Bukhara                  1:55 pm               Departure from Bukhara         2:35 pm               Arrival at Ferghana                  4:20 pm               Departure from Ferghana       5:00 pm               Arrival at Bukhara                  7:00 pm               Departure from Bukhara         7:40 pm               Arrival at Tashkent                  9:10 pm                             We wish you a pleasant flight!