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18 Dec 2015

One more New Year's gift from Uzbekistan Airways

Uzbekistan Airways fixes special New Year fares for flights to Moscow from Uzbekistan cities – airline`s New Year gift to passengers. The special reduced fares are available only for the flights performed till May 20, 2016. During this period the following rates are fixed: Tashkent/Samarkand/Bukhara/Karshi/Fergana/Namangan/Andijan – Moscow lowest one-way fare  – 109 EUR lowest round-trip  fare – 224 EUR Termez – Moscow lowest one-way fare  – 118 EUR lowest round-trip  fare – 246 EUR The air tickets at reduced prices are already on sale and will be available till February 29, 2016. Number of seats is limited. Tickets are non refundable after departure date, in case of flight cancelation before departure or changing the date, the penalty of 50 euros is charged. We kindly remind you that special promotional tariffs for the directions to Southeast Asia and the United Arab Emirates are also available (Tashkent Bangkok/Kuala Lumpur/Singapore/Sharjah/Dubai and back).
09 Dec 2015

Special offers for passengers traveling Southeast Asia and UAE

Uzbekistan Airways introduces a special rate for scheduled flights Tashkent-Kuala Lumpur-Tashkent, Tashkent-Sharjah-Tashkent, Tashkent-Dubai-Tashkent, Tashkent-Singapore-Tashkent, Tashkent-Bangkok-Tashkent. Want to get from winter to summer? The flights of Uzbekistan Airways to Southeastern Asia or the United Arab Emirates scheduled in the period from 10 January to 29 February 2016 are available at special season airfare: Tashkent-Kuala Lumpur -Tashkent  for 735 Euro Tashkent-Bangkok-Tashkent  for 770 Euro Tashkent-Singapore-Tashkent for 813 Euro Tashkent –Sharjah-Tashkent  for 741 Euro Tashkent-Dubai-Tashkent for 786 Euro. Rates are inclusive of all fees. Tickets at reduced prices are on sale. Special rates are valid for one month and seats are limited.
03 Dec 2015

The most punctual airline

Uzbekistan Airways is recognized as the most punctual airline operating international flights to Sochi Airport. Basel Aero aviation holding company, the operator of the airports in Sochi, Krasnodar, Anapa and Gelendzhik, determined the most punctual airlines flying to these airports. Uzbekistan Airways was named the most punctual airline operating flights to the airport of Sochi and was honored with the award for contribution to the development of air transportation in Krasnodar territory in the summer navigation period of 2015 by the Basel Aero.  
27 Nov 2015

The simulator of new generation

Active renewal and replenishment of fleet of the NAC “Uzbekistan Airways” by aircraft of western manufacturers causes buying the new simulators to support high level of skills and preparation of air crews of the NAC. The National aircompany of Uzbekistan has bought the new Full-Flight-Simulator (FFS) of the aircraft A320 of Canadian manufacturer “CAE”, which produces simulators for the aviation. With this FFS the air crews will realize practicing the actions in special cases of flight and reinforce the skills of pilotage in conditions, as much as possible approximated to the real ones. Full-Flight-Simulator of the aircraft A320 is the newest product of the company “CAE”, equipped with modern computer software, systems of mobility and visualization. The system of visualization of series “Tropos 6000 XR” consists of collimation display, database of airports information and three-channel system “IG”, which has been designed in accordance with industrial standards to provide high-quality formation of images for all kind of applications and allows to calculate difficult and effective visual scenes in non-standard situations. New simulator is the complete analogue of cockpit of aircraft A320, mounted on the mobile platform with six degree-of-freedom. Automatic managing system of level of detailing (LOD) provides generation and reflection of maximal number of elements of given situation without detriment to reliability of many visual signals produced. The angle of horizontal field of view is 200 degrees and the vertical one is 43 degrees. The weight of the simulator is about 10 tons. The company “CAE” had delivered the FFS A320 at the end of August of this year. Installation and assembling works, software set-up and adjusting the simulator equipment were performed by the specialists of the manufacturer. After performance of tests by pilot-instructors of the NAC and after acceptance of simulator the State Inspectorate of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Flight Safety Supervision has given the certificate for exploitation of new simulator on the base of results of qualifying assessment. To provide the technical support of the simulator at the first stage the Canadian experts have taught eight engineers of aircompany in the Training Centre of the NAC, which have obtained permission for independent maintenance of the FFS. At the day when the FFS had been put into operation the first group of pilots of flight division “A320” of Flight Complex of the NAC began to train on simulator. We must note that technical equipment of the Training Complex of the NAC gives opportunity to the National aircompany to perform training preparations not only for own air crews, but to offer services on pilot education and re-training to the foreign aircompanies. Today the modern simulators for aircraft “Boeing 757/767”, “A320” and unique Full-Flight-Simulator of aircraft “IL-114-100” are working in the Training Complex of “Uzbekistan Airways”. Upon launching the Full-Flight-Simulator A320 in the NAC the necessary base for preparation and re-training of the pilots on Airbus A320 has been founded. Now they may train without inviting the foreign educational centers. Informational Service of the NAC e-mail: uzairsmi@uzairways.com
26 Nov 2015

Special tariff for the passengers travelling Tashkent-Samarkand-Tashkent

Uzbekistan Airways offers special tariff for the passengers travelling Tashkent-Samarkand-Tashkent till December 27, 2015. One way trip is available for EUR 18 including all fees.
27 Oct 2015

Tashkent-Samarkand for 18 Euro

Uzbekistan Airways offers special tariff for the passengers travelling Tashkent-Samarkand-Tashkent till November 30, 2015. One way trip is available for EUR 18 including all fees.
11 Sep 2015

Uzbekistan Airways has received the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) authorization to operate in EU countries.

It was necessary to obtain such an authorization in connection with new EASA Implementing Rule as of 26 May 2014 to issue safety authorizations to non-EU air carriers performing commercial air transport operations into the EU. The authorization issued by EASA has once again confirmed the high level of Uzbekistan Airways safety performance, kept up by observing the international standards.
11 Sep 2015

Uzbekistan Airways is in the top ranking

Uzbekistan  Airways was included in top airlines rating of the most tasty onboard food. By the results of the passengers opinion poll conducted by one of the tourist internet portals, Uzbekistan Airways took the seventh place in the rating of airlines serving the best and tasty onboard food. In this rating there was British Airways, Austrian Airlines and Air Serbia. The sixth place was divided by Israeli El Al, Air France and Etihad Airways. Qatar Airways took the fifth place and Emirates took the fourth place.
17 Aug 2015

The meeting of Uzbekistan Airways management with representatives of large travel agencies of Japan was held

The delegation of tourism organizations and mass media of Japan headed by Deputy Chairman of the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) Jingo Kikuma visited Uzbekistan During the talks it was mentioned that Uzbekistan Airways is the only airline in Central Asia operating direct flights from Tashkent to Tokyo. This direction is important in strengthening of diplomatic, economic and cultural ties between two countries. In November, 2015 tours will begin and the first group of Japanese tourists will visit Uzbekistan. In March-April of the following year the program of charter flights from various cities of Japan is planned for people interested in seeing sights of our country. Also the participants of the meeting discussed the opportunities of attraction of Japanese passengers to transit flights as Uzbekistan Airways carries out direct regular flights to the countries of Central Asia. Both parties expressed confidence in effective cooperation in implementation of projects on attraction of tourists following from Japan to Uzbekistan and to develop tourism potential of both countries.
29 Aug 2015

Uzbekistan Airways head sales office in Tashkent launched daily operating

Dear passengers!              Starting from September 1, 2015 main ticket office of Uzbekistan Airways (51, Amir Temur Street, Tashkent) will operate daily from 08.00 till 19.00  without days off. This schedule has been changed for passengers’ convenience, the new schedule will make it possible for the passengers to book, buy air tickets and to receive full information concerning air transportation.            The operational hall is equipped with: • the electronic touch-panel for the route choice, flight schedule information and air tickets rates • a special counter for UzAir Plus program passengers • supplemental information brochures • information monitors with videos about Uzbekistan Airways transportation rules • a special counter to register contracts with legal entities for buying air tickets by non-cash payment • the sanitary block, coffee and snack-machines.  Welcome! We are glad you to serve!