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09 Dec 2019


Dear passengers and greeters! We inform you that the departure of the Uzbekistan Airways HY-95 flight (Tashkent - Namangan) was postponed to 12:00 due to lack of visibility at the Namangan airport. For this reason, flights will also depart  later: Flight HY-619 (Namangan - Moscow) - at 14:00. Flight HY-606 (Moscow - Samarkand) - at 18:10. Flight HY-96 (Namangan - Tashkent), which was scheduled to take place on December 9, is CANCELED.
09 Dec 2019

Flight delay

Important information for passengers and greeters! As we reported earlier, due to heavy fog, two airports were closed for receiving aircraft and several flights of Uzbekistan Airways were delayed. We add that: Departure of flight HY-619, following the Namangan-Moscow route, was postponed from 19:15 December 08 to 12:00 December 9; Departure of flight HY-606 (Moscow - Samarkand) was postponed from 01:25 to 16:10 (December 9); Departure of flight HY-42 (Samarkand - Tashkent) was postponed from 06:25 to 10:00, arrival in Tashkent at 10:40 (December 9); Departure of flight HY-95 (Tashkent - Namangan) was postponed from 08:35 to 10:00 (December 9); The flight commander HY-690 (Kaliningrad - Tashkent), due to insufficient visibility at the Islam Karimov airport in Tashkent, decided to leave for the alternate airport in the city of Navoi. Preliminary departure time at the destination airport: 10:00. We apologize to the passengers for the inconvenience caused by bad weather conditions and we hope for your understanding!
09 Dec 2019

Information message

As we informed earlier, due to thick fog international airports "Namangan" and "Fergana" were closed for receiving aircraft, and in this connection the aircraft "Uzbekistan Airways" Boeing 757, which was flying on December 8, HY-620 flight Moscow-Namangan instead of 17:45 l.t, by the decision of the commander of the aircraft landed at the international airport "Tashkent" at 17:41 local time. Due to the fact that weather conditions at Namangan airport did not improve for a long time, passengers who expressed a desire to reach their destination by land transport on their own, according to the airline's rules, were given appropriate monetary compensation to reimburse transportation costs to Namangan. Passengers with large amounts of luggage were asked by the airline to fly to their final destination on the next flight. 37 people agreed to fly to Namangan on HY-095 flight on December 09 at 08.25 a.m. Due to the continuing bad weather conditions at Namangan Airport, the flight HY-095 from Tashkent to Namangan was postponed to 10:00, then to 12:00 and 14:00 on December 09. For the period of waiting for the flight to Namangan, passengers were accommodated in the waiting room of the Tashkent airport international flights terminal, where they were provided with hot meals twice - dinner/breakfast. For their flight to Namangan, passengers were delivered by land to the local airline terminal on December 9 at 07:00 a.m. The long waiting time for passengers on board the aircraft was related to the repeated deterioration of weather conditions at Namangan airport. Some passengers reacted aggressively to the situation, demanding an immediate flight to Namangan, regardless of the weather conditions. As soon as information about the opening of Namangan airport was received, the commander decided to fly and the passengers were announced to board. After boarding the plane, the same aggressive passengers attacked the chief flight attendant with claims. Five passengers were removed from the flight by the Tashkent Airport Linear Police Department, including an aggressive passenger who inflicted bodily harm on the chief flight attendant, which was followed by the replacement of a member of the plane's crew. It should be noted that all this time, the management and responsible specialists of Uzbekistan Airways JSC were at the airport, conducted explanatory work and were in direct contact with passengers and took all necessary measures to serve passengers. Chronology of flights HY620 Vnukovo - Namangan and HY-095 Tashkent - Namangan: - The actual arrival time of HY-620 Vnukovo - Namangan flight to Tashkent airport is 08.12.2019 - 17:41. - Departure time according to HY-095 flight schedule Tashkent - Namangan - 09.12.2019 - 08.25 - Transfer of flight schedule HY-095 Tashkent - Namangan - 09.12.2019 - to 10:00; 12:00; 14:00 - Start of boarding of passengers of flight HY-095 Tashkent - Namangan at 12:15 - Completion of boarding of passengers HY-095 Tashkent - Namangan at 13:30 - The actual time of departure of HY-095 flight Tashkent - Namangan - 09.12.2019 - 15.35. - Actual time of arrival at the destination airport HY-095 Tashkent - Namangan at 16:03. "Uzbekistan Airways" asks passengers to understand the changes in flight schedules due to bad weather conditions at the airports of departure and destination in winter, as the safety of flights and passengers is our primary task.
08 Dec 2019

8 December - Date of adoption of the Constitution of Uzbekistan

"Uzbekistan Airways" sincerely congratulates all compatriots on the 27th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan! The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan is a strong support and legal guarantee of social development, a bright symbol of independence of our Motherland. Its adoption has become one of the most important stages of the country's sovereignty. The basic law has laid the foundation for ensuring human rights and freedoms, peace and harmony in society, implementing wide-ranging reforms in the political, economic and social spheres. It serves as a solid legal foundation for the consistent development of social relations and defines the vector of interaction between the citizen, society and the state. The core of constitutional law is the Constitution itself. The role and place of the Constitution in any national legal system is fundamental and paramount. At the same time, every state has its own Constitution and its own path of constitutional development. It should be emphasized that there is no and cannot be a universal constitutional model, which is the only one suitable for all states. In this regard, the Constitution of independent Uzbekistan is no exception. The path chosen by the country and the successes achieved in the process of gradual implementation of reforms are practical results of the implementation of the provisions of the Constitution of Uzbekistan.
07 Dec 2019

December 7th - International Civil Aviation Day

Congratulations to pilots, engineers, technicians, dispatchers and all those who work in aviation with the International Civil Aviation Day! International Civil Aviation Day is celebrated annually on December 7th. The initiator of this holiday was the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which sets international standards and rules necessary to ensure flight safety, security, efficiency and environmental protection on a global scale, and is an instrument of cooperation in all areas of civil aviation between its member states. Immediately after the establishment of the National Airline "Uzbekistan Airways" in the Republic of Uzbekistan in 1992, the aviators began intensive preparation for the accession of our country to ICAO. A great number of complex preparatory activities were carried out in the shortest possible time. The historic event of signing the Chicago Convention by Uzbekistan and the country's full accession to ICAO took place on November 12, 1992.  Specialists of “Uzbekistan Airways” JSC actively participate in ICAO activities. Due to the active position of Uzbek aviators in our country the most modern and necessary rules, measurement units, geodetic coordinates system and other important parameters and standards of ICAO have been introduced. We congratulate all aviators on International Civil Aviation Day, wish them safe flights, expansion of routes geography, successful takeoffs and soft landings!
04 Dec 2019

Uzbekistan Airways becomes leader in Russian Vnukovo Airport’s punctuality rating

Vnukovo International Airport, Russia, compiled a Punctuality Rating of Airlines based on the results of the spring-summer season of 2019, in which Uzbekistan Airways won in two categories at once. Uzbekistan’s national airline won the nominations “The most punctual airline in the passenger flow from 100,000 to 1 million passengers” and “For contribution to the development of regular international air routes”. Uzbekistan Airways has not become the winner of the Vnukovo Airport Prize for the first time. The airlines won the nomination “The most dynamically developing foreign air carrier” in the punctuality rating based on the results of the autumn-winter season 2018-2019. Currently, Uzbekistan Airways operates 49 flights to the Vnukovo International Airport per week, 21 flights from Tashkent and 28 flights from regional airports.
05 Dec 2019

Uzbekistan Airways launches charter flights to Maldives

Uzbekistan Airways together with Aznur Travel LLC starts operating its direct charter flights en route Tashkent, Uzbekistan – Male, Maldives – Tashkent. Flights will be operated on Boeing-757 aircraft. Schedule of these flights is as follows: on December 28, 2019: Tashkent 09:15 am – Male 03:20 pm, Male 05:15 pm – Tashkent 11:20 pm. On January 05, 2020: Tashkent 09:15 am – Male 03:20 pm, Male 05:15 pm – Tashkent 11:20 pm. On January 14, 2020: Tashkent 09:15 am – Male 03:20 pm, Male 05:15 pm – Tashkent 11:20 pm. Time is local for all cities. To purchase your air tickets, please contact our partner Aznur Travel LLC: + 998-97-444-36-36, + 998-97-440-36-36.
29 Nov 2019

Brief autumn summary of Uzbekistan Airways

- Restructuring of the NAC “Uzbekistan Airways” has been completed - “Uzbekistan Airways" and "Uzbekistan Airports" joint-stock companies were established. - Uzbekistan Airways Joint Stock Company (JSC) was established on the basis of the Directorate of the National Joint Stock Company and state unitary enterprises "Flight Complex", "Main Agency of Air Traffic" and "Material and Technical Supply Complex "Uzaviatekhsnab". - All operating 11 airports of the republic were included in the structure of “Uzbekistan Airports” JSC - State unitary enterprises - "Catering", "Training Center", "Uzbekistan Airways Technics" airline were transformed into limited liability companies (LLC) - On the basis of airline "САР" ("Special aviation works") it is created Open Company "Uzbekistan Helicopters". - Uzbekistan Airways JSC acts as a founder for Training Center LLC, Ketring LLC, Uzbekistan Airways Technics LLC and Uzbekistan Helicopters LLC. "Uzbekistan Airways": - opened sale of tickets for flights to Munich in connection with the introduction of a new regular route from April 1, 2020 in Tashkent - Munich - Tashkent - Reduced economy class tariff levels to Mumbai, Baku and Nur-Sultan - increased free baggage allowance in the direction of Tashkent-Nur-Sultan-Tashkent - Organized two press tours for the British media and a tour for bloggers from the Kingdom of Thailand - took part in the international tourism fairs TTG ITALIA RIMINI 2019, World Travel Market (WTM London 2019), JATA Tourism EXPO Japan 2019, as well as the 25th Tashkent International Tourism Fair "Tourism on the Silk Road", the Republican Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange, the 16th International Exhibition "Transport and Logistics - TransLogistika Uzbekistan 2019", in the gala evening "Malaysia - Central Asia Fashion Designers"; - presented air transportation services in Amritsar (India), St. Petersburg and in the south of Russia - in Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar - as part of the presentation "Travel to Uzbekistan!” - Recognized as the most punctual airline in the punctuality rating of the Heydar Aliyev International Airport (Azerbaijan) - Received gratitude from Aerotour LLC (Russia) for intensive promotion of the tourist potential of Uzbekistan and support in organizing advertising tours for the directors of major travel agencies and travel bloggers of St. Petersburg and Moscow - For the first time in Uzbekistan the training of pilots of civil aviation has started in the Training Center of “Uzbekistan Airways” JSC - The 1st Flying and Dispatching Conference with participation of specialists of flight and dispatching services of Uzbekistan was held in the Training Center of “Uzbekistan Airways” JSC - “Uzbekistan Airways Technics” celebrated its 95th anniversary - Uzbekistan Airways Technics took part in the Aeromart Nagoya 2019 aerospace exhibition - Uzbekistan Airways Technics specialists have made the first C-check of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
02 Dec 2019

"Uzbekistan Airways” reduces tariffs from Tashkent to Jakarta

Starting from 3 December 2019, Uzbekistan Airways reduces all types of tariffs on the route Tashkent - Jakarta - Tashkent, as well as the levels of tariffs on the route Jakarta - Tashkent when purchasing air tickets in both directions. The cost of air tickets on the date of interest to clarify the number 78-140-02-00. Tickets can be purchased at the airline's official website www.uzairways.com or at all sales offices of Uzbekistan Airways. Uzbekistan Airways performs regular flights to/from Tashkent to Jakarta twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays.
02 Dec 2019

Discounts from "Uzbekistan Airways" for New Year!

"Uzbekistan Airways” will introduce discounts on all domestic flights from 31 December, 2019 to 2 January, 2020, during the New Year celebrations. Discounts are provided to both Uzbek and foreign citizens when buying air tickets in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Discounts are available, as follows: • 30% for individual passengers; • 40% for tourist groups with five or more people, schoolchildren, students of colleges, lyceums, universities, pupils and students of special educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense, State Security Service, State Customs Committee and other agencies; • 50% for a family with two or more people, including husband and wife, husband and wife with their children under 18 years old, father with children under 18 years old or mother with children under 18 years old; • 50% for senior citizens; • 50% for persons with disabilities; • 50% for participants of the war in 1941-1945 and persons equated to them; • 50% for persons awarded with orders and medals for their dedicated work and excellent military service in the rear during the war in 1941-1945; • 50% for participants in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster. Discounts are valid for all domestic flights operated during this period. Tickets for discounts can be purchased at all sales offices of Uzbekistan Airways provided that the documents confirming the right to receive the discount are provided.