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09 Nov 2018

Payment for Uzbekistan Airways' air tickets by MasterCard

The existing methods of paying online for the flights of Uzbekistan Airways through the airline's website were supplemented by the option to pay through the MasterCard payment system. Previously, this feature was only available through the UzCard and VISA payment systems. You can purchase the tickets of Uzbekistan Airways via the site In addition, there is an option to pre-select and book the seats in the aircraft cabins of the airline online, which is available on both paid and free basis.  

26 Apr 2019

Flight attendant of Uzbekistan Airways title at international competition Sky Lady 2019

Flight attendant of the National Airline of Uzbekistan Karina Rakhmanova  recognized as the second vice-miss in the first Sky Lady contest 2019. The Sky Lady contest, which was attended by flight attendants from 17 airlines from Russia, Uzbekistan and Belarus, included presentations by participants, a question and answer session with members of the jury and three defiles of participants: in the form of their airline, a casual image and evening dresses from Russian designers. The jury, chaired by TV presenter Arina Sharapova, assessed not only the professional qualities of the girls, but also their ability to hold on to the public and the possession of oratory. According to the results of the competition, Karina Rakhmanova from Uzbekistan Airways was awarded the title of second vice-miss, the title of first vice-jury of the competition was awarded to Zarina Stroyova from the airline Nord Star, and the title of Sky Lady 2019 was received by Daria Baranova from Aeroflot.
26 Apr 2019

Uzbekistan Airways became the winner of the contest SKY SERVICE 2019

The flight attendants team of the National Airline of Uzbekistan took the first place and won the nomination “Trade as an art of service” at the IV International Forum SKY SERVICE 2019. Indira Iralieva, Lyubov Ratushina, Faniya Babikova and Hozhyahon Tillakhodzhayeva adequately represented our country at this prestigious professional forum, which was held on April 24-25, 2019 in Moscow. SKY SERVICE is a grand international event dedicated to the development of services and services on board aircraft.  The forum brought together several events that have already become traditional: certified flight attendant training under the unique ISPY educational program, culinary competitions of chefs of the leading Sky Delight Awards 2019 onboard catering, and the awards ceremony of the unique Sky Travel Awards 2019. Forum participants were also able to attend an exhibition of brands from the Sky Shop catalog, an aviation industry job fair, and took part in the Sky Lady flight attendants beauty contest and numerous master classes and trainings. Recall that in 2018, the flight attendants team of Uzbekistan Airways became the owner of two SKY SERVICE 2018 cups: “Team of the Year” and “Best Flight Attendant of the Year”.
29 Apr 2019

Uzbekistan Airways takes part in the Arabian Travel Market 2019

Uzbekistan Airways presents its services at the international tourist exhibition Arabian Travel Market 2019, which runs from April 28 to May 1 in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). About 2500 exhibitors from 80 countries of the world, including 60 national tourism organizations from Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, South and Central Africa, the USA and Southeast Asia gathered at this largest tourist site in the Middle East to identify new trends, establish closer ties, conclude cooperation agreements, exchange experiences and get information on the latest news of world tourism. On the first day, the Unified National Stand “Uzbekistan” attracted a lot of attention of numerous visitors, including professionals from the tourist market and potential tourists. Distinguished by high attendance and stand of the NAC "Uzbekistan Airways", where you can learn about a wide range of services of the airline, its fleet of aircraft, regular passenger and cargo flights, new directions and flights to the countries of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf. Today, the national airline of Uzbekistan operates regular passenger flights to Dubai five times a week (except Tuesdays and Saturdays), and Sharjah 2 times a week (on Tuesdays and Saturdays) on comfortable airliners. It should be noted that participation in this international exhibition will serve as an excellent opportunity to present the large tourist potential and services of the national air carrier of Uzbekistan to the countries of this region, popularize the Uzbek tourist direction, establish new contacts, strengthen cooperation with the partners of the Middle East market and attract potential tourists from Arab countries to our Republic.
24 Apr 2019

Youth is the future of the country

The leadership of the NAC Uzbekistan Airways pays great attention to supporting young people, stimulating their aspirations, potential and initiatives, acquiring knowledge and experience in the aviation industry. In order to fulfill the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 05.07.2017. №DP-5106 "On measures to improve the effectiveness of the state youth policy and support the activities of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan", the NAC holds monthly meetings with the management of the airline. The next open dialogue between the leaders and activists of the Youth Union of the Directorate of the NAC and the structural enterprises of the Tashkent zone was held with the leadership of the Department of Operation of Ground Structures and Airport Management . The meeting participants were provided with an overview of the implemented measures for the construction of new terminals and the reconstruction of facilities. They also got acquainted with new projects and future plans of the airline for the modernization of ground infrastructure. Their attention was demonstrated the capabilities of the new terminal of the Termez International Airport, which was put into operation on the eve of the International Music Festival of Art of folk narrators - bakhshi, held in Termez from April 5 to April 10,2019. It should be noted that the Open Dialogue, conducted by the NAC Personnel Management every month according to the approved schedule, has become a broad discussion platform, which enabled leaders and activists of the Youth Union of the airline to raise the most acute problems, ask questions and get answers to them. Meetings in this format are held in all enterprises and airports of our company, and they are another form of direct contact between management and youth, giving them intelligently and wisely using the knowledge, skills and experience of the older generation in the development of the industry, promoting the image and status of the airline of Uzbekistan.
19 Apr 2019

Uzbekistan Airways presented its services at KITF-2019

The national airline of Uzbekistan together with Global Air, General Airline Sales Agent in Kazakhstan, participated in the 19th Kazakhstan International Tourism Exhibition “Tourism and Travel” - KITF-2019, which was held in Almaty from April 17 to April 19, 2019. In the course of the exhibition, representatives of the  NAC held meetings with both existing and potential partners of the airline. Visitors to the stand of Uzbekistan Airways were provided with information on the geography of flights, flight schedules, replenishment of the NAC fleet with new Airbus A320neo and Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft, with the availability of equipment for accessing the Internet,as well as additional services of the airline. New directions of the NAC in Jakarta (Indonesia) and Tbilisi (Georgia) were actively advertised. The exhibitors were able to familiarize themselves with the aviation capabilities of the Uzbek airline both in Kazakhstan and around the world. Note that this tourism exhibition has been held since 2000 and is the largest professional tourism platform in Central Asia and the main event of the tourism industry in the country.
17 Apr 2019

The next plane of the Kazakh air carrier undergoes MRO in Tashkent

One more aircraft belonged to SCAT Airlines undergoes maintenance in the Uzbekistan Airways Technics (UAT), a division of Uzbekistan Airways. The plane arrived in Tashkent on the eve of the official visit of the President of Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan Airways Technics experts carry out C-check form service for SCAT Airlines’ Boeing 757-200. C-check, in this case, includes a complete check of all the systems and components of the aircraft. “SCAT” Airlines is a long-term partner of Uzbekistan Airways Technics, the air fleet of this airline has been served annually at the hangar in Tashkent for many years. In 2018, MRO services for six foreign aircraft were rendered to UAT by a foreign customer, four of which are part of the SCAT Airlines fleet. According to long-term partners, the image of Uzbekistan Airways Technics works far beyond the borders of Uzbekistan. The UAT, being the closest, and hence the most convenient repair site in the region, has established itself as a reliable partner providing a wide range of services. Uzbekistan Airways Technics of Uzbekistan Airways has more than 90 years of experience in the maintenance and repair of aircraft, engines and components. The quality of the work performed and the safety of flights on the serviced aircraft are the priority areas of the airline’s activities, and the right to perform maintenance and repair of the aircraft Boeing 757/767/787, Airbus 300/310/318/319/320/321, is confirmed by certificates issued by European, international and national organizations. Without stopping at what has been achieved at the moment, the final stage of large-scale work on the development of the MRO of the Boeing aircraft – 737-300 / 400/500/600/700/800/900, which in turn will allow to provide its services to the airline and increase demand in the foreign market.
18 Apr 2019

Uzbekistan Airways introduces flights to Jakarta

From May 1, 2019 regular passenger flights on the route Tashkent – Jakarta – Tashkent will be introduced with a frequency of two times a week with an intermediate landing at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, according to the following flight schedule (LOCAL TIME): On Wednesdays: Flight number HY-551 departs from Tashkent at 06:45 am and arrives in Jakarta at 09:00 pm (via Kuala Lumpur). Flight number HY-552 takes off from Jakarta at 10:30 pm and arrives in Tashkent at 07:00 am (Thursday). On Thursdays: Flight number HY-553 departs from Tashkent at 09:25 pm and arrives in Jakarta at 09:25 am (Friday). On Fridays: Flight number HY-554 departs from Jakarta at 10:50 am and arrives in Tashkent at 09:35 pm (via Kuala Lumpur).
16 Apr 2019

Regular passenger flights on the route Tashkent-Tbilisi-Tashkent

From July 16, 2019 Uzbekistan Airways introduces new regular passenger flights on the route Tashkent-Tbilisi-Tashkent with a frequency of 2 times a week on Tuesdays and Fridays according to the following schedule (LOCAL TIME): Tuesday: HY-745 Tashkent 15:50 - Tbilisi 18:30 Tuesday: HY-746 Tbilisi 19:30 - Tashkent 23:50   Friday: HY-745 Tashkent 08:00 - Tbilisi 10:40 Friday: HY-746 Tbilisi 11:40 - Tashkent 16:00 Flights will be operated on modern Airbus-320 aircraft.
15 Apr 2019

Uzbekistan Airways is a participant of Tashkent Travel Mart 2019

On April 15, 2019 in the capital hotel "Hyatt Regency Tashkent" was held the grand opening ceremony of the tourist exhibition Tashkent Travel Mart 2019 in B2B format. Tashkent Travel Mart is a modern platform for building and developing partnership relations among representatives of tourist organizations from countries around the world. The national airline of Uzbekistan, being one of the partners and exhibitor, presented its services as a dynamically developing airline of the Central Asian region, which makes flights to more than 40 cities of the world. Within the framework of this event, Uzbekistan Airways organized a draw of two free air tickets in the direction of Tashkent-Tbilisi-Tashkent, which in turn served as an advertising campaign on the eve of the opening of regular direct flights on this route among representatives of the tourism industry not only from Uzbekistan, but also from foreign countries. Despite the fact that the event is being held for the first time, it has already aroused great interest among representatives of about 100 organizations focusing their activities in the field of tourism. Tourist organizations from Azerbaijan, Greece, Georgia, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea and other countries take an active part in the exhibition. The exhibition in the B2B format will provide an excellent opportunity for representatives of domestic and foreign tourism organizations, financial institutions, online services, airlines and tour operators to showcase their services, find new partners and establish mutually beneficial cooperation with them.
14 Apr 2019

Uzbekistan Airways received the fourth Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner passenger aircraft

On April 13, 2019, the fleet of the National Airline of Uzbekistan was replenished with the fourth Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft. The aircraft was acquired as part of an investment project to upgrade and expand the NAC aircraft fleet with modern aircraft to ensure competitiveness and safety of flights. The new aircraft arrived from the manufacturing plant like the previous three Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners. It also features GE Aviation's GEnx-1B engines, which provide low noise, minimal CO2 emissions, and better fuel efficiency. The airliner is designed to carry 246 passengers, 24 - in business class and 222 - in economy class. It is designed to provide maximum comfort for passengers. Spacious lounge, comfortable and wide seats, new flooring, lighting and noise insulation, personal HD touch screens for using entertainment programs make an impression and provide the passengers of Uzbekistan Airways an exciting pastime in flight. Note that the next Boeing 787-8 differs from the previous three Dreamliners operated by the NAC with the availability of equipment for accessing the Internet. This is the third liner of Uzbekistan Airways, where you can use the “Internet on board” service. Panasonic Avionics Corporation is a communications provider aboard the aircraft and also a supplier of in-flight entertainment and communication systems (Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity) as on the A320neo of the NAC. The national airline of Uzbekistan, being the first customer of the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner in Central Asia, began their commercial operation in 2016. In accordance with the NAC development plans in 2020, its fleet will have six airliners of this type and will become the leading operator of such aircraft in the CIS. The modernization of the fleet will allow the Uzbekistan Airways to adequately represent the republic’s interests in the global air transportation market, will have a significant impact on increasing the economic potential of the country, including in the development of domestic and foreign tourism, and will certainly open a new stage in the development of the national air carrier.