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Uzbekistan Airways provides new “Internet on board” Service

18 Mar 2019

The national airline of Uzbekistan provides passengers with an excellent opportunity to conduct a flight without leaving their favorite social networks and, while on the Internet, communicate with their relatives and keep up to date with the latest news and events.  The new service “Internet on board” is available on the new Airbus A320neo of the NAC, equipped with a Wi-Fi wireless system with access to the Internet.

Passengers are offered four types of packages: LITE - 20 Mb for using instant messengers, MEDIUM - 50 Mb for communicating on social networks or visiting news sites, STREAM - 120 Mb for online work or easy Internet surfing, and Internet package BUSINESS - 220 Mb  to maximize the capabilities of this service.  The minimum cost of the Internet tariff plan is $ 5.95.  For business class passengers, a 50 Mb Internet package is provided at no extra charge.

You can pay for wireless Internet access on board the aircraft using international Visa bank cards and the national payment system Uzcard.  Also, this service can be issued on the official website of the airline, but not earlier than one day before departure.

Information on NAC flights with wireless Internet access can be obtained on the airline's website in the "Seats availability" section of interactive services, and on flights a day before departure in the "Internet on board" section.

The service “Internet on board” is presented on flights marked with the Wi-Fi icon 

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