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Uzbekistan Airways negotiates with DNATA

19 Sep 2018

Within the framework of the program of business cooperation and attraction of investments, the Directorate of Uzbekistan Airways held a meeting with representatives of Dubai National Air Transport Association (DNATA) – Darek Swan, Senior Vice President of Business Development, DNATA, and Kevin Ennis, Vice President, Commerce and Business Development Department, DNATA. Uzbekistan Airways was the initiator of this meeting.

During the negotiations, DNATA representatives presented their presentation about the company, its structure, directions of activity, which includes a wide range of aviation services starting from on-board catering to air cargo transportation and realized projects. Representatives of the company expressed their readiness for further cooperation with Uzbekistan Airways in all directions, including cargo air transportation.

In turn, the management of Uzbekistan Airways provided with information about the Navoi International Intermodal Logistics Center, its potential for receiving and storing cargo and its favourable geographical position.

The visit program of the DNATA representatives to Uzbekistan includes a visit to the Navoi International Intermodal Logistics Center, where they will be able to personally familiarize themselves with the infrastructure of the facility and its potential nowadays.

During the talks, both sides agreed to re-meet to discuss issues of possible bilateral cooperation, which will be organized following the visit of guests to the Navoi International Center for strategic studies.

For reference: The Dubai National Air Transport Association (DNATA) conducts business in 83 countries around the world, on six continents, and is one of the world’s largest providers of aeronautical services offering services for ground handling, cargo transportation, travel and maintenance on board aircraft. DNATA was founded in 1959, operates efficiently in the aviation industry in 131 airports in the Middle East, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, Africa, and the Americas.

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