Uzbekistan Airways National airline has held negotiations with the Incheon International Airport Corporation on the design of Tashkent-4 passenger terminal and optimization of operation of Tashkent-2 terminal.

18 Oct 2017

The Korean side was invited as a potential consultant to improve the quality of passenger service in Tashkent airport in the name of I. Karimov.

Colleagues from Korea presented their vision on the methodology for calculating the size of the projected Tashkent-4 terminal and the capital investments, and to increase the comfort level and the service provide in the existing Tashkent-2 terminal, and to increase its capacity by reviewing the decisions on planning.

Note that Tashkent international airport in the name of I. Karimov occupies a convenient geographical position, located at the intersection of air routes coming from the CIS countries to the Southeast Asia, Europe and America. The airport is connected by air routes with almost all the major cities of the world. The airfield includes two runways and has the second category of ICAO, which allows it to accept all types of aircraft. The capacity of the Tashkent-2 terminal is more than 1 thousand passengers per hour. Every year its services are used by more than 2.5 million passengers.

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