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Uzbekistan Airways launches its Airbus A320neo aircraft

14 Mar 2019

Today, March 14, the national airline of Uzbekistan begins flying on its new Airbus A320neo. The first flight on the route Tashkent–Baku–Tashkent will depart from the capital city’s airport at 01:40 a.m. local time.

The first passengers of the new aircraft will be able to appreciate its advantages and the amenities created in the passenger cabin including its modern design, comfortable and wide passenger seats with individual screens for entertainment, the ability to use the communication system and Wi-Fi, improved sound insulation and much more, which will ensure a comfortable flight for them.

Recall that the Uzbekistan Airways’ fleet was replenished with Airbus A320neo on March 11, 2019, the arrival of the second aircraft is expected in early April 2019.

The Uzbekistan Airways’ new Airbus A320neo has a two-class layout and it is designed to carry 150 passengers (business class – 12, economy class – 138). It is 20% more economical than its predecessors thanks to the latest LEAP-1A engines manufactured by CFM International, providing better jet fuel efficiency, and modern operating time in the fuselage design, which improves the aircraft’s aerodynamic characteristics.

The flight range of a highly economical airliner has been increased from 4,500 to over 6,000 kilometers, which will make it possible to cover the entire Central European region with flights.

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