Uzbekistan Airways: high status and confident stride towards the progress!

18 Aug 2017

On the eve of the Day of the Air fleet, which in this year fell on August 20 and 26th anniversary of the country's independence in the Training complex of the National air carrier was held a press-conference for Belarusian and foreign media. This significant date also fell on the date of commissioning of the new Full-flight simulator Boeing 767 BC.

By the long tradition in the work of conference took part the Director General of Uzbekistan Airways Valery Tyan, his deputies, directors of departments and structural subdivisions, heads of departments and services of the airline. Also this time at the conference were present the representatives of the air force of the Republic of Uzbekistan as the Day of Air fleet is not only a celebration of aviators of the civil aviation, but also of the employees of military aviation.

At the conference took place the awarding of media representatives, actively and objectively covering the activities of the national airline on television, radio and online resources.

During the event, held in the format of open dialogue, media representatives asked a variety of questions regarding the activities of Uzbekistan Airways. Heads of departments have given detailed explanations on every question. A great interest of journalists was caused by the implementation of the project "Construction of a modern airport complex for civil aviation on the basis of the airport "Tashkent-Vostochny", the delivery of four Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircrafts by Boeing Corporation and training of the pilots of the national air carrier directly in Uzbekistan, at the Training center of Uzbekistan Airways.

Questions were also raised in regard of the recent developments in the activities of the National airline – the first in the history direct flight on the route Tashkent - New-York – Tashkent on the Dreamliner of Uzbekistan Airways, which opened a new era in the development of the National air carrier of Uzbekistan. It was oted that now, on the "the liners of dream" passengers can complete the transcontinental route in just 10 hours and 50 minutes.                              

The press conference participants were informed about the launching of a new runway with upgraded lighting equipment in the Tashkent international airport in the name of Islam Karimov and Samarkand international airport, about the works to ensure safety, modernization, implementation of the new technologies, about training and education of flight personnel, and also about the significant contribution of the National air carrier in the development of the tourism potential of our country.

Next, participants were invited to a demonstration of the new Full-flight simulator (FFS) of the aircraft Boeing 767. They were given the unique opportunity to fly as crew members on the new simulator, which is a real cockpit of a Boeing 767.

We should point out that currently in the training centre of the Uzbekistan Airways  are in function modern procedural simulators, such as Il-114-100 and A320 Full-flight-simulators, allowing flight crews to train in conditions as close as possible to the real life. And with the commissioning of Boeing 767 FFS in Uzbekistan was created a necessary base for training and retraining of pilots on the aircraft Boeing 767 without engaging the foreign training centres.

As well as in the all previous meetings, the journalists highlighted not only the deepest knowledge and professionalism of the management and staff of Uzbekistan Airways, but also a great passion, thanks to which the national airline of Uzbekistan retains the status of a reliable and stable airline in the global aviation market.

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