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Uzbekistan Airways and Boeing: cooperation expands

12 Feb 2019

Uzbekistan Airways and Boeing reached an agreement to provide services that will enable the airline to more efficiently and effectively maintain its 787-8 Dreamliner fleet through the Boeing Landing Gear Exchange program.

This program offers a simple and cost-effective solution for overhauling the landing gear significantly reduces the time spent on maintenance, which helps to quickly return the aircraft to operation and concentrate resources on the main activity. This service provides for the replacement of the landing gear struts requiring repair with a certified set of reserves from Boeing and allows operators to avoid the need to conclude a contract, plan and monitor overhaul.

Boeing will provide more efficient maintenance and support for the Boeing787-8 Dreamliner aircraft fleet of the national airline of Uzbekistan.

“We are proud to provide our customers with value-added services that deliver results and drive efficiencies in their operations. This is exactly what our Landing Gear Exchange program aims to do, thanks to which our customers receive a cost-effective and reliable way to carry out quick and effective repairs,” said Mike Fleming, vice president of services for the commercial sector at Boeing Global Services.

It should be noted that Uzbekistan Airways and Boeing have been closely cooperating for over 20 years in the supply, operation and maintenance of modern passenger aircraft. Together, the companies operate a joint Composite Repair Shop at the Uzbekistan Airways Technics aircraft maintenance enterprise.

Uzbekistan Airways flies to more than 40 destinations to Europe, Asia, and operate charter flights from Alaska to New Zealand. Currently, the NAC operates three Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft, in 2019-2020 the fleet is expected to be replenished with another three liners of this type. With the receipt of these new Dreamliners, the national airline of Uzbekistan will become the leading Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner operator in the CIS countries.

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