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“Navoi” Airport: Developing Logistics Infrastructure

29 Sep 2018

At the “Navoi” international airport was put into operation an international postal exchange place (IPEP) located on the territory of the Navoi cargo terminal.

IPEP began its work on July 20, 2018 . The first courier item to “Navoi” was made from Turkey on September 17 of the current year - 1380 kg of textile products. This relatively small volume showed that “Navoi” International Airport is convenient for shippers for customs clearance of goods and their delivery to recipients.

The location of the “Navoi” International Airport in the central part of Uzbekistan is very convenient for decentralizing incoming postal flows to the regions by road and rail. Considering these factors, as well as the growth of e-commerce and the volume of e-commerce, it was decided to create an international postal exchange place on the basis of the “Navoi” cargo terminal, which reduces the processing time and delivery of international postal items as directly as possible to the final recipient region.

The opening of IPEP is the first step towards the creation of a mail and cargo cluster at “Navoi” for processing and transporting all types of air mail and express cargo. Convenience of IPEP is to provide services “from hand to hand” (“door-to-door service”), which is attractive to customers and is used in international practice by such large courier companies like DHL, FedEX, UPS, etc. Another convenience is "Non-stop delivery service" - around the clock, seven days a week, a working point of processing and distribution of incoming mail, which allows you to deliver mail without delay to the recipients.

A specialized platform has been allocated in the cargo terminal for sorting and processing incoming correspondence from abroad, the necessary inspection and conveyor equipment has been installed, and workstations have been equipped.

- The creation of an IPEP in “Navoi” is of great importance for our airport as for an infrastructure and logistics hub. In light of the development of e-commerce, the extensive route network of the airport connecting Navoi with the largest cities in Europe and Asia will ensure full utilization of IPEP facilities and enable us to work out the latest technologies for mail and cargo services in conjunction with interacting services. This enterprise will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the business structure of the region and the development of the republic’s economy as a whole, ” said Director of “Navoi” International Airport Timur Babayev.

“Navoi” International Airport has an ideal location - at the intersection of transport routes of Central Asian countries. Taking into account this geographical advantage and the support provided by the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan, today “Navoi” Airport, as one of the most important facilities of the “Navoi” free industrial-economic zone, is becoming a regional logistics center connecting Europe and Asia.

Today, the airport is connected with the leading logistics centers of Eurasia. Cargo aircrafts of the NAC fly from Navoi to Seoul, Vienna, Milan, Zaragoza and Sabiha (Turkey). The cargo terminal of the airport, thanks to the use of world-class technology, is able to cover the whole range of services for receiving, temporary storage and shipment of goods. Its capacity is 300 tons of cargo (import, export, transit) per day, the ability to store up to 1000 tons of cargo in all weather conditions. The cargo terminal can handle up to 100,000 tons of cargo per year. Cargo handling at the terminal is carried out around the clock.

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