International Air Traffic Controller Day – October 20

19 Oct 2018

Every year on this day, experts working with the Uzbek Air Navigation Agency (UANA) celebrate their professional holiday – the International Air Traffic Controller Day and, by a good tradition, accept sincere congratulations from their colleagues.

Uzbekistan Airways’ air traffic controllers are the people with unique professional skills, without which it would be impossible to control aircraft and their flight in the skies. Thanks to their professionalism, dedication, loyalty to their work, the crews and passengers are sure that the “earth” will always provide them with a clear sky and safety in the air.

Since the establishment of the UANA, the Uzbekistan’s air traffic control system has been developing dynamically. In accordance with international requirements, the radar, radio navigation, meteorological and radio communication equipment is modernized and replaced at all airports in Uzbekistan.

At present, the UANA includes modernized dispatch points, the latest equipment, international class experts, a navigation system that meets international standards, which is recognized as one of the best in the CIS and, most importantly, flight safety over the entire territory of Uzbekistan.

According to the results for Jan-Sep 2018, 75,854 flights, both passenger and cargo ones, were served by the UANA experts. This number includes 45,944 transit flights and 29,910 flights for the aircraft that took off/landed at the airports located in Uzbekistan. Of these, 17,550 flights were operated by the National Air Company Uzbekistan Airways. As compared to the same period last year, the number of flights serviced increased by 13.6%.

Each airliner in the airspace of Uzbekistan is under the close supervision of Uzbek air traffic controllers. They always keep abreast of the times and up to date with all the innovations and changes. Permanent information exchange links them with colleagues from many countries.

The professionalism and skill of Uzbek air traffic controllers are repeatedly confirmed in international forums and competitions where they demonstrate the highest results.

Congratulations to all representatives of this significant and responsible profession on their professional holiday, we wish them health, success and a cloudless sky!

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