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Information for departing on March 10-11 on the route Tashkent-Bangkok-Tashkent

10 Mar 2019

Flight HY533

Tashkent – Bangkok  March 10th  is postponed to 17:30p.m. Arrival in Bangkok at 04: 00+p.m.

Flight HY534

Bangkok - Tashkent is postponed to March 11th  5:30p.m. Arrival in Tashkent at 12:00a.m.


Uzbekistan Airways apologizes for the inconvenience and asks passengers in the coming days to pre-specify the time of departure / arrival of flights by the numbers:

Representative office in Bangkok:

+ 66-2-134-24-66

"Tashkent" airport:

 + 99878-140-28-01

 + 99878-140-28-02

 + 99878-140-28-03

 + 99878-140-28-04

Call center (from 8:00  a.m.  to 20:00 p.m.):

 + 99878-140-02-00

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