Impressions of Japanese tourists about Uzbekistan

12 Apr 2018

On April 12, 2018 a group of Japanese tourists who arrived on April 6, from Narita to Samarkand on short sightseeing tour, flew out to Japan on the flight of Uzbekistan Airways.

At the international airport of Tashkent named after Islam Karimov guests shared with representatives of the NAC and journalists of the republican media with their impressions about the trip to Uzbekistan. 

Suzuki Nobuyuki said:

- This is my  first visit  to Uzbekistan.  I heard about rich ancient history, historical cities with world-famous architectural monuments of your country a lot  and  dreamed of visiting here. I knew about performing of visa-free regime for Japanese tourists and direct flights from Narita to Samarkand and immediately set off on a trip. I have got an unforgettable experience.  I was impressed by beauty and grandeur of your ancient cities of Samarkand and Bukhara.  I can talk about the goodwill and hospitality of the Uzbek people a lot. The taste of your dishes, especially bread, I will remember it for ever.  I became a big fan of Uzbekistan, and I hope that I will come here again.  I would like to express special gratitude to the government of Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan Airways for the comforts that have been created for us. 

Yashiro Masumi said:

- I have been in Uzbekistan before.  I always use the services of Uzbekistan Airways, as I have more than once been convinced of the professionalism of crews and the safety of flights.  I also really like your meals on board, and, of course, the attentiveness of flight attendants.  I want to say that our peoples have much in common, first of all, the similarity of mentality, common traditions, and historical ties through the Great Silk Road.  I especially must to note the peace and tranquility prevailing in Uzbekistan, which is very important when choosing a country for travel.  I am sure that due to the abolition of the visa regime for the citizens of our country, in future the number of Japanese tourists to Uzbekistan will increase even more. 

Yashiro Eiji said:

- As I heard about direct flights of Uzbekistan Airways to Samarkand from Narita, I decided to once again visit Uzbekistan. I wanted to revive my impressions from previous trips.  I talked a lot about your country to my friends, and it's great that they can fly to Samarkand directly from Narita airport.  Especially, when we arrived to Uzbekistan, I saw great changes, Tashkent and Samarkand were transformed beyond recognition through creative work.  But the distinctive feature of the Uzbek people as hospitality, benevolence, tolerance, honor and respect for the elders are preserved.  And I see that these traits and traditions are passed on from generation to generation.  I wish Uzbekistan further prosperity!

As we noted earlier, the Representative offices of Uzbekistan Airways abroad actively working on development of touristic potential of our country and attraction of tourists to Uzbekistan.  According to the various educational and excursion tours developed jointly with foreign travel companies, numerous tourists from different parts of the world arrive with flights of the National Air Company every day.

In order to create favorable conditions for tourists, Uzbekistan Airways operates direct flights from Japan to Samarkand, from Italy and France to Urgench, as well as from Korea to Fergana and Urgench.

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