"Green corridors" are opened in all international airports of Uzbekistan

31 Dec 2017
Uzbekistan Airways National airline informs passengers that  January 1, 2018, at all the international airports of the country, double ("green" and "red") corridors  system is introduced at the customs border checkpoints of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 
At the international airports of Uzbekistan Airways specialists has carried out all necessary infrastructural works to ensure the functioning of the double corridor system. Passengers crossing the customs border can choose the "green" corridor as a form of declaration of goods for non-commercial or the "red" one for customs operations. 
The measures will significantly improve the logistics of passenger flow. 
The execution of the customs registration of citizens in accordance with the generally accepted international standards and simplification of customs procedures is aimed at creating the most favorable conditions for the development of tourism and increase of efficiency of control methods.

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