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The first C-check on Boeing-787 Dreamliner performed in Tashkent

24 Sep 2019

Experts working with Uzbekistan Airways Technics (UAT) successfully completed C-check maintenance work on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner wide-body aircraft of Uzbekistan Airways.

This form of maintenance is one of the most difficult types of checks for all systems, equipment and aircraft structure. And therefore, special attention was paid to be prepared for its implementation. The UAT engineering and logistics services were involved in the work, as they spent six months to make assessment, analysis, planning, distribution of upcoming work and deliver all necessary spare parts. Necessary ground equipment was also manufactured, specialized parking for the aircraft with racks and quick-access warehouses was prepared, special tools and control and testing equipment were purchased.

As a result of such thorough preparation, the C-check was carried out in the shortest possible time at a high level. All relevant checks, improvements to service bulletins and airworthiness directives have been carried out. Engines, landing gear, wing mechanization, control systems, hydro and electric, oxygen and fire systems have been serviced, as well as software was updated for aircraft systems. In addition, the carpet was completely updated, the seat covers of the passenger compartment were made and replaced, and the aircraft was partially restored.

It should be noted that Uzbekistan Airways Technics (UAT) is one of the leading centers for maintenance and repair of aircraft in the former USSR and it has certificates from the aviation authorities of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Europe (EASA) and Bermuda (BCAA). Maintenance and repair (MRO) of such aircraft as the Boeing 757/767/787, Airbus 300/310/318/319/320/321 and their components is carried out in the UAT modern workshop, where Boeing 737 MRO is currently being completed.