"Uzbekistan airways" JSC

Catering is the best!

02 Jun 2019

Uzbekistan's national airline took first place in the ranking of foreign airlines with the most delicious meals on board.

The rating of airlines providing the most delicious meals during the flight was compiled by Tutu.ru, analyzing 27,500 responses from independent passengers left in the period from April 2018 to April 2019.

Passengers of the national air carrier of Uzbekistan often mention that everything is very tasty and nourishing. Passengers also like the fact that when flying from six hours on board, they are offered a light breakfast in addition to basic meals.

It should be noted that board meals are prepared by the best cooks of the NAC Catering State Unitary Enterprise. Its diet and menu for passengers is regularly updated taking into account their wishes. Also, when preparing dishes the direction of the route, preference of passengers and their commitment to a particular cuisine are taken into account.

During the flight there are offered hot and cold dishes, a wide range of various snacks, various drinks, including branded alcohol, fruits, plenty of herbs and vegetables in garnishes, as well as branded samosas and dried fruits - sultanas, apricots and nuts - that give the Eastern flavor to the meal.

Along with regular meals, the airline's passengers can also order special meals free of charge, taking into account their age or religious beliefs (vegetarian, kosher, baby food, etc.). All you need to do is book it at the time of booking or buying a ticket and then confirm your order at check-in at the airport.