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01 Jun 2016

Tashkent-Sochi: National airline launches additional flight to Sochi, Russia

July 19 till August 16, 2016, Uzbekistan Airways starts to operate additional flight Tashkent-Sochi-Tashkent. The flight is available every Tuesday on Airbus 320: HY 685        Tashkent 7:00 a.m. - Sochi 8:55 a.m. HY 686        Sochi 10:25 a.m. - Tashkent 3:50 p.m. All times local.

09 Dec 2016

Internationally recognized quality

Nukus International Airport approved the accordance to the integrated quality management system meeting the requirements ISO 9001:2015. The recertification audit was headed and implemented by Russian Register Central Asia Certification Association. Currently, two employees of Nukus airport successfully underwent the QMS trainings at Uzbekistan Airways Training Centre in Tashkent. The internationally recognized QMS Certificate approves the airport`s ground handling service, luggage and mail service, aerodrome lighting service, fuel and oil supply service.
08 Dec 2016

Emergency training on fire safety was held in airport “Tashkent”

On December 8, 2016 in the framework of two-months fire safety activity, carried out in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the special emergency training was conducted in the international airport “Tashkent”. Training was performed from 5:30 a.m. till 5:50 a.m. for the purpose of supervising over uninterrupted work of fire alarm, voice warning about smoke formation and fire, as well as for training of interaction between airport divisions, directly participating in passengers evacuation.  In the result of training the high level of interaction of airport divisions was noted. Due to competent actions of specialists the simulated “point of smoke” was timely detected and localized, as well as simulated passengers “evacuation” was efficiently organized.
28 Oct 2016

The presentation of Uzbekistan Airways was held at the Xth International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange.

Uzbekistan Airways is one of the largest and regular participant of this industrial forum. The structural units of Uzbekistan Airways – Uzbekistan Airways Technics, LC Uzaviatekhsnab, Uzairnavigation Center and Aviation Company for Special Aviation Services presented their services and needs for supplies and components. The services were presented in maintenance of western-made aircrafts, repair of their components, including composite materials, painting of all types and modifications of aircrafts, air traffic management, technical support for meteorological equipment, provision of communication and air navigation information for organizations and foreign missions, and also transportation services for tourists, aerovisual surveillance and photography, and in conducting of chemical works in agriculture. Also the products of domestic manufacturers used by the Airways and products offered for development by the local entities, in particular, thermopackets, porcelain dishware, chevrons, air fresheners, etc. were shown. During the presentation of Uzbekistan Airways the forum participants were provided with detailed information on passenger and cargo traffic of the national air carrier , its updated fleet and flights on Boeing-787 Dreamliner, and they also were familiarized with the operation of a new plant for repair of composite elements of aircrafts and cargo terminal at the international airport Navoi, learned about education and training opportunities for pilots on Full-Flight-simulators for IL-114 and A320. - The aim of our participation is widely to inform on the services offered by Uzbekistan Airways and to find new partners among domestic manufacturers and foreign companies, to expand mutually advantageous ties, - says Ulugbek Isroilov, the engineer of Uzaviatekhsnab. – At the last year Industrial Forum, Uzbekistan Airways signed more than 117 cooperation agreements, and this year the representatives of the Airways are planning to increase the figure and to sign agreements for 37 billion soums. All conditions are created for development of partnerships and conclusion of agreements directly on site, within sectoral and intersectoral collaboration, and it gives ample opportunities for economic development of the domestic manufacturers.
24 Nov 2016

Uzbekistan Airways has started operation of the second Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

On November 23, of the current year Uzbekistan Airways carried out the first flight on the route Tashkent-Dubai-Tashkent by the second Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Let's note that the first Uzbekistan Airways aircraft Boeing 787 Dreamliner has performed international flights since September, 2016. Passengers have had an opportunity to evaluate high service onboard the liner Boeing 787 on flights to Dubai, Delhi, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Almaty and Moscow. The second Dreamliner enlarged aircraft fleet on November 5, of the current year. Soon Uzbekistan Airways will start carrying out non-stop transatlantic flights on a long distance on liners of new generation, transporting passengers with the high level of comfort directly to the destination point.
25 Nov 2016

Uzbekistan Airways presented its services at one of the biggest and most popular international tourism exhibition World Travel Market - 2016.

Uzbekistan regularly participates in this large-scale exhibition since 2009. This year at WTM our country was represented by the delegation consisted of the representatives of Uzbekistan Airways, NC Uzbekturizm and a number of travel agencies. Displayed at the exhibition the National stand of Uzbekistan represented the copy of majestic madrasah Sherdor ,one of the three pearls of the Registan square in Samarkand. The video wall organized by the Uzbek experts became a bright magnet for visitors and for three days picturesquely showed history and the present of Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan Airways potential evoked strong interest not only by representatives of the tourism industry, but also by direct clients – prospective tourists. Promotional products, informational materials on the activities of national air carrier, the airways’ flight schedule were in special demand. The stand of Uzbekistan Airways also drew attention of many local and foreign media. Thus, there was a  productive exchange of views with representatives of large television companies, such as Euronews, Eurosport and teleconcern Discovery Networks.  Some questions of image promotion of Uzbekistan Airways, the Republic tourism potential on the international scene, and the organization of subject programs about our country were discussed. The saturated and picturesque program gave the opportunity to participants to experience a harmonious combination of traditions and culture of Uzbekistan. It excited bright impression about our sunshine country that, undoubtedly, will be the good reason to visit Uzbekistan in future. During the stay of the Uzbek delegation in the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Great Britain, the presentation of Uzbekistan Airways services and tourism potential of our country was also organized. The Specialists of the Representative Office of Uzbekistan Airways in London, of Uzbekturizm and Uzbek travel agencies held a number of business meetings in the B2B format. An additional bonus for the British participants was a raffle where the first prize being three-day tour to Uzbekistan and two certificates on complimentary air flight London-Tashkent-London. Uzbekistan Airways participation in the World tourist fair allowed establishing close contacts with partners from Great Britain that, in turn, will contribute to increasing tourist flow to Uzbekistan and consequently, passenger traffic on National airline flights.
21 Sep 2016

From Tashkent to Dubai on Boeing 787 Dreamliner

September 21, 2016, Uzbekistan Airways Boeing 787-Dreamliner successfully transported passengers on route Tashkent-Dubai-Tashkent. First in Central Asia, the Dreamliner started scheduled flights on September 5, 2016. Route schedule:  September 21, 2016: HY333 departed from Tashkent 8:25 a.m.– arrived Dubai 11:00 a.m. September 21, 2016: HY334 departed from Dubai 12:24 p.m. - arrived Tashkent 17:00 p.m.
20 Sep 2016

Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner schedule from 21 to 28 september

Therefore, you have a unique opportunity to get extremely exciting impressions from flying and appreciate the new level of comfort on the "Dreamliner". We will be very glad to see you on-board of a new Uzbekistan Airways’ aircraft B-787 Dreamliner. The flight schedule will be updated weekly. Follow the news. Date Flight # From Destination Time Departure Arrival             21.sep. HY333 Tashkent Dubai 8:25 11:00 21.sep. HY334 Dubai Tashkent 12:45 17:00             21.sep. HY1057 Tashkent Urgench 18:30 20:10 21.sep. HY1057 Urgench Nukus 21:00 22:00 21.sep. HY1058 Nukus Tashkent 22:40 23:55             22.sep. HY1051 Tashkent Urgench 7:15 8:55 22.sep. HY1052 Urgench Bukhara 9:55 10:55 22.sep. HY1052 Bukhara Tashkent 11:55 13:00             22.sep. HY1005 Tashkent Nukus 14:00 15:45 22.sep. HY1006 Nukus Tashkent 16:45 18:20             23.sep. HY1347 Tashkent Navoi 8:10 9:15 23.sep. HY1348 Navoi Tashkent 10:15 11:15             23.sep. HY1053 Tashkent Urgench 13:00 14:40 23.sep. HY1054 Urgench Tashkent 15:40 17:10             23.sep. HY1057 Tashkent Urgench 18:40 20:20 23.sep. HY1057 Urgench Nukus 21:10 22:10 23.sep. HY1058 Nukus Tashkent 22:50 23:55             24.sep. HY333 Tashkent Dubai 8:25 11:00 24.sep. HY334 Dubai Tashkent 12:45 17:00             27 sep. HY303 Tashkent Tel-Aviv 18:50 22:25 28 sep. HY304 Tel-Aviv Tashkent 0:20 7:20  
13 Sep 2016

Dear passengers!

Therefore, you have a unique opportunity to get extremely exciting impressions from flying and appreciate the new level of comfort on the "Dreamliner". We will be very glad to see you on-board of a new Uzbekistan Airways’ aircraft B-787 Dreamliner. The flight schedule will be updated weekly. Follow the news. Date Flight # From Destination Time Departure Arrival             14 september HY1347 Tashkent Navoi 8:20 9:25 14 september HY1348 Navoi Tashkent 10:25 11:25             14 september HY1053 Tashkent Urgench 13:00 14:40 14 september HY1054 Urgench Tashkent 15:40 17:10             15 september HY1051 Tashkent Urgench 7:15 8:55 15 september HY1052 Urgench Bukhara 9:55 10:55 15 september HY1052 Bukhara Tashkent 11:55 13:00             16 september HY1001 Tashkent Nukus 7:10 8:55 16 september HY1002 Nukus Tashkent 9:55 11:30             16 september HY1053 Tashkent Urgench 13:00 14:40 16 september HY1054 Urgench Tashkent 15:40 17:10             17 september HY1001 Tashkent Nukus 7:10 8:55 17 september HY1002 Nukus Tashkent 9:55 11:30             17 september HY1053 Tashkent Urgench 13:20 15:00 17 september HY1054 Urgench Tashkent 16:00 17:30             17 september HY1007 Tashkent Nukus 19:00 19:45 17 september HY1008 Nukus Tashkent 21:45 23:20             18 september HY1051 Tashkent Urgench 7:50 9:30 18 september HY1052 Urgench Bukhara 10:30 11:30 18 september HY1052 Bukhara Tashkent 12:30 13:35             18 september HY1057 Tashkent Urgench 18:00 19:40 18 september HY1058 Urgench Bukhara 20:40 21:40 18 september HY1058 Bukhara Tashkent 22:40 23:45             20 september HY1051 Tashkent Urgench 7:50 9:30 20 september HY1052 Urgench Bukhara 10:30 11:30 20 september HY1052 Bukhara Tashkent 12:30 13:35             21 september HY333 Tashkent Dubai 8:25 11:00 21 september HY334 Dubai Tashkent 12:45 17:00  
06 Sep 2016

Dear passengers!

September 9, 2016, Tashkent: Uzbekistan Airways Boeing Dreamliner 787 flies to Almaty, Kazakhstan. Appreciate more comfort flying the new generation airplane - the first Dreamliner in Central Asia!    Flight schedule: September 9, 2016:          HY 763 Tashkent 19:10 – Almaty 21:40 September 9, 2016: HY 764 Almaty 22:40 – Tashkent 23:20 All times local.           Welcome on board of the airplane of your dream with Uzbekistan Airways!
03 Aug 2016

Uzbekistan Airways cooperates with KOICA: Perspectives and results

August 5, 2016, Tashkent: Uzbekistan Airways arranged press conference for Korean and Uzbek officials at the airline’s head office addressing the issues of the concept and construction of the new airport terminal Tashkent 4. The meeting was headed by Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Mr.Zakirov and the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Kwan Yen Us. The Uzbek party was represented by the directors and specialists of Uzbekistan Airways and state officials. Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and consortium of Korean companies determined as the general contractors.        Tashkent 4 feasibility study was conducted by the Uzbek-Korean work group January-July 2016 and presented by Korean Ambassador to Mr.Zakirov at the press conference. The Construction of Tashkent 4 new international passenger terminal at Tashkent airport investment project is founded according to the engineering and transportation infrastructure developing and modernization program 2015-2019, Uzbekistan. The financing of the construction starts in 2016, raising grant from KOICA. According to the Discussion Protocol between Uzbekistan Airways and KOICA, Heerim, Yooshin, EY Hanyoung Korean companies and Transport Institute of Korea were determined as the general contractors headed by Inchon International Airport. Notes verbales presented July 2016 by Uzbekistan and Korea, state that governments-partners signed an agreement on financing Tashkent Terminal 4 feasibility study raising grants from Korea.