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12 Nov 2017

Tickets online for international Bank cards.

Uzbekistan Airways National airline in conjunction with the National Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan has completed the implementation of the next phase of the project to ensure the sale of tickets through the corporate website of the airline with payment through international credit cards. From November 10 it is possible to pay the cost of the ticket using VISA credit and debit cards. The further step provides for the connection of international payment systems, allowing the use of MasterCard, American Express and some other plastic cards. Direct involvement of the Ministry for Development of Information Technologies and Communications and the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the ongoing activities to eliminate the barriers for the development of e-commerce and to create the appropriate conditions for the implementation of interactive services, will provide for the fulfillment of this project as soon as possible. The realization of the entire complex of measures for provision of interactive services will allow for the sell of tickets on flights of the Uzbekistan Airways anywhere in the world and will contribute to the development of tourism in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

16 Mar 2018

Samarkand greets the first flight from Istanbul

On March 16, 2018, the international airport Samarkand held a solemn greeting ceremony of Turkish Airlines that made its flight from Istanbul to Samarkand. The delegation of the Turkish Republic headed by the Director General of  "Turkish Airlines" Mr. Bilal Akshi was greeted by the representatives of the city administration, the State Aviation Administration of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the National Air Company "Uzbekistan Airways", the State Committee for the Development of Tourism of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Embassy of Turkey in Uzbekistan, also republican and foreign media and the sounds of karnais and surnais. The event was greeted by hokim of Samarkand city Furkat Rakhimov, director of Samarkand international airport Hasan Mavlyanov, head of the Turkish delegation Bilal Akshi and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Turkey to Uzbekistan Ahmet Bashar Shen.  It was noted that since ancient times, the Uzbek and Turkish peoples have linked the similarity of customs, centuries-old traditions and common values, as well as the time-tested constructive and open relationships based on friendship and mutual trust. The state visit of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to the Republic of Turkey in October 2017, brought a multifaceted and mutually beneficial Uzbek-Turkish cooperation to a qualitatively new level.  Today, close partnerships in trade, economy, science and education, including in the sphere of transport, are developing actively between our countries. The agreement reached during the visit of the head of our state to the Republic of Turkey last October laid a foundation to establish a direct air link between the cities of Samarkand and Istanbul. This, in turn, demonstrates the readiness of Uzbekistan for the consistent development of cooperation in the field of civil aviation.This new direction served as a significant factor not only in creating new opportunities in the trade, economic and investment spheres, but also in developing the tourist potential of the two states. Uzbekistan and Turkey have enormous opportunities in the field of tourism. And the introduction of a simplified visa regime for the citizens of the Republic of Turkey in our country is another step in creating wide conditions for the citizens of Turkey to visit Uzbekistan, get acquainted with the amazing ancient history and the present day of our Republic. It should be noted that today the NAС Uzbekistan Airways on modern airliners "Airbus" and "Boeing" carry out regular flights to more than 50 cities in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America.  The airline performs regular passenger flights to Istanbul from Tashkent seven days a week, from Samarkand - twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.
15 Mar 2018

Uzbekistan Airways presented the aviation capabilities in Chennai city (India)

The Representative Office of of Uzbekistan Airways in Delhi together with the Embassy of Uzbekistan in India and the sale agents "Aero Sail Services" and "Aero World Travels" held a presentation of the tourism potential of Uzbekistan  in the city of Chennai.  Numerous representatives of touristic business, taking part in this event, received a vivid and full picture of the rich spiritual and cultural-historical heritage of Uzbekistan, world-famous sights, amazing nature, ancient traditions and customs of the Uzbek people rooted deeper into millennia.  They could get acquainted with attractive touristic routes, including special programs for pilgrimage (ziyorat) tourism.  They are also provided with full information on the international directions of the national air carrier Uzbekistan Airways, convenient dockings, proposed special group rates, fleet of aircraft, ongoing measures to modernize the airport ground infrastructure and improve the level of service for passengers. The participants of the presentation showed great interest in the touristic potential of Uzbekistan, considered the issues of the formation of tour packages for the organization of trips of Indian tourists to Uzbekistan. Participation of the Representative Office of Uzbekistan Airways in Delhi together with the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in India and agents of the airline for the sale of air transportation "Aero Sail Services" and "Aero World Travels" in the 25th anniversary international exhibition of tourism and leisure "South Asian Travel and Tourism  Exhibition" (SATTE-2018), held in New Delhi, also promoted the popularization of the tourism product of Uzbekistan and the services of  Uzbekistan Airways. They were able to get acquainted with attractive tourist routes, including special programs for pilgrimage tourism. They also received information about international flights of the national airline Uzbekistan Airways, available special group rates, the fleet, etc. Samples of national clothes and objects of applied art, oriental sweets and gifts of generous Uzbek land aroused admiration of visitors and guests of the exhibition.  The representative of the NAC in Delhi Mr. Shukhrat Mirsaidov, said that SATTE-2018 has become an excellent platform for holding B2B meetings with representatives of foreign travel companies and promoting the touristic potential of Uzbekistan on the international market of the tourism industry.
14 Mar 2018

Guests from Singapore in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways together with the Changi airport of Singapore in order to promote the touristic potential of Uzbekistan and the development of tourism has invited Singaporean bloggers to our country.  Guests will visit the sacred places of Islamic heritage, get acquainted with ancient history, with glorious traditions, national dishes and rich culture of the Uzbek people.  The bloggers will share their impressions about the trip to Uzbekistan on their pages in Instagram, Facebook, and also on the information portal "The" and the official website of the Changi airport.  This info tour to Uzbekistan, guided by the travel company "Miramax Travel", will last until March 15th.  Uzbekistan Airways provided free tickets to the participants of the project on the route Singapore-Tashkent-Bukhara-Tashkent-Singapore.  It should be noted, that for citizens of Singapore, Korea, Turkey, Israel, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan since February 10th  there is a visa-free regime for 30 days from the date of entry into Uzbekistan.
13 Mar 2018

Uzbekistan Airways participant of "MITT-2018"

The International touristic exhibition MITT-2018 has started in Moscow (Russia), on March 13th, 2018. Uzbekistan Airways presents its aviation capabilities on a single stand "Uzbekistan" in conjunction with the State Committee for Tourism of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as domestic travel companies "Ulysse tour", "Marco polo", "Central asia travel", "Compass tour", "Dolores travel", " Orient star group " and " Inter mice asia ". During the exhibition, which will continue to work until March 15th, experts of the Uzbekistan Airways  are planning to hold a number of B2B meetings and negotiations with representatives of the tourism sector, resort organizations and large hotels, as well as media, advertising agencies and private visitors to establish and  development of cooperation in the field of tourism.  Undoubtedly, the participation of  the NAC in MITT-2018 and conducted negotiations will help attract tourists and increase passenger traffic on the airline's flights.
07 Mar 2018

The touristic potential of Uzbekistan is presented in Berlin.

The International touristic exhibition "ITB Berlin 2018" has started in Berlin today, in the capital of Germany. There are more than 10 thousand exhibitors of tourism industry from 185 countries taking in it.  Uzbekistan Airways also presents its services on air transportation at the united stand "Uzbekistan" along with touristic companies and government committies where presents the rich touristic potential of Uzbekistan. Visitors were introduced with cultural and historical heritage of Uzbekistan, were offered information brochures on the activities of the national air carrier, its updated fleet, flight schedule, services provided on board aircraft and many others. The colorful stand of our country attracts the attention of a large number of local residents and visitors of the exhibition.  It should be noted that on March 6th , the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan hosted a presentation of the tourism potential of Uzbekistan. Representatives of Uzbekistan Airways and touristic companies of the two countries took part in it. Within the framework of this event, meetings in the B2B format took place, during which representatives of the touristic industry of the two countries were able to discuss cooperation issues and establish new contacts. It should be noted that Uzbekistan Airways will be presenting its services on air transportation to ITB Berlin 2018 until March 11.
07 Mar 2018

NAC introduces additional flights

In order to develop domestic tourism and meet the increased demand of the population of our republic for intra-republican directions during the celebration of Navruz, "Uzbekistan Airways" from March 18 to 22, 2018 introduces additional flights for the route Tashkent-Urgench-Tashkent and Tashkent-Bukhara-Tashkent. The flights will be performed on modern airliners according to the following traffic schedule (local time): March 18: HY-051 Tashkent 07:00 - Urgench 08:40 March 18: HY-052 Urgench 09:20 - Tashkent 10:50 March 18: HY-021 Tashkent 07:00 - Bukhara 08:10 18 March: HY-022 Bukhara 08:50 - Tashkent 09:55 19 March: HY-023 Tashkent 19:45 - Bukhara 20:55 19 March: HY-024 Bukhara 21:35 - Tashkent 22:40 March 20: HY-053 Tashkent 13:10 - Urgench 14:50 20 March: HY-054 Urgench 15:30 - Tashkent 17:00 19, 21 March: HY-021 Tashkent 06:35 - Bukhara 07:45 19, 21 March: HY-022 Bukhara 08:25 - Tashkent 09:30 22 March: HY-051 Tashkent 20:10 - Urgench 21:50 22 March: HY-052 Urgench 22:30 - Bukhara 23:30 22 March: HY-052 Bukhara 00:10 - Tashkent 01:05
05 Mar 2018

Korean businessmen in Fergana

On March 5th, 2018, a group of business tourists arrived in our country without a visa.  Guests of the international airport "Fergana" were greeted by the head of the Fergana region, representatives of the National Air Company "Uzbekistan Airways", the State Committee for the Development of Tourism of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the media, to the sounds of karnais and surnais.  The head of the Korean delegation, the president of the “Evergreen Motors Group” Chang Keon, Kim, in an interview with the media, noted the successful flight, the professionalism of the pilots and the high level of service provided both on board the airliner and at the airport, and expressed his enthusiasm for the hospitality of our people. Tourists who arrived without a visa to Uzbekistan for a four-day tour plan to visit the Kokand free industrial and economic zone, Indorama Kokand textile LLC, UzSungwoo company and architectural monuments of the Fergana Valley.  They will also take part in the Uzbek-Korean business forum, which will host meetings in the B2B format. Recall that the first tourists from Korea, who organized their travel without a visa, entered our country on February 11 this year.  Visa-free regime for a period of 30 days from the date of entry into the country for citizens of Korea, Singapore, Turkey, Israel, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan is effective from February 10 this year.
05 Mar 2018

Additional frequency of flights Tashkent-Novosibirsk-Tashkent

Starting from March 31, 2018 Uzbekistan Airways introduces additional regular flights for the route Tashkent-Novosibirsk-Tashkent, according to the following schedule (local time): On Saturdays: HY-667 Tashkent 11:10 – Novosibirsk 16:00 On Saturdays: HY-668 Novosibirsk 17:30 – Tashkent 18:35 The flights will be operated on the modern comfortable Airbus A-320 aircrafts
05 Mar 2018

New Group Fare rules out of London

Uzbekistan Airways are pleased to announce the introduction of new Group Fare rules out of London effective for sales 01 April until 31 October. For all Group tariff tickets issued effective 01 April using international sector London-Tashkent, one internal flight will be included in the fare free of charge, all taxes payable.
02 Mar 2018

Spring changes on the board of the aircrafts of Uzbekistan Airways.

The national airline of Uzbekistan congratulates its passengers on the coming of spring and gives them a fully updated range of service products and on-board meals. Starting from March 1 of this year, on the flights of Uzbekistan Airways, the business class passengers, whose flight lasts more than 5 hours, are offered travel kits of new design and content. Along with the necessary in-flight items of service they include cosmetics: hand cream and lip balm, from the famous French perfume manufacturers. The travel kits for business class passengers on medium-haul flights of Uzbekistan Airways have also been updated and supplemented with additional items of the service. The design and quality of road blankets and pillows have also been changed. On the flights operated in the CIS countries on Boeing 767 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircrafts new ergonomic pillows are offered, which allow to spend the flight comfortably. In addition, having taken into consideration the wishes of passengers on international flights, Uzbekistan Airways has updated the diet of the on-board meals. The menu for business class passengers now includes new types of snacks, desserts and hot dishes. Airline specialists continue working on the service improvement and are hoping that the passengers will appreciate the introduced changes.