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08 Jun 2017

Attention passengers of the Uzbekistan Airways!

Due to the planned overhaul of the runway, the flights to the Samarkand international airport will not be executed in the period from 1 to 31 July of the current year.

15 Jun 2017

Change of the boarding time for the flight

Dear passengers! Boarding on all flights of the Uzbekistan Airways National airline ends 20 minutes prior to the departure time of the aircraft specified in the schedule. In cases of the late arrival at the boarding, the airline has the right to debar you from the flight.
08 Jun 2017

Attention passengers of the Uzbekistan Airways!

Due to the planned overhaul of the runway, the flights to the Samarkand international airport will not be executed in the period from 1 to 31 July of the current year.
26 May 2017

Direct flights to New York

From 27 July to 27 October this year, Uzbekistan Airways introduces non-stop flights on the route Tashkent-New York-Tashkent. The flights will be operated on Thursdays on comfortable aircraft Boeing-787 Dreamliner according to the following schedule (local time): НY 101 Tashkent- 08:40’New York - 12:30’ НY 102 New York - 15:00’ Tashkent - 11:35’ +1(Friday).
11 Apr 2017

Uzbek-Pakistani cooperation is expanding

April 5 at the Lahore international airport named after Allama Iqbal international diplomatic mission of Uzbekistan has organized the solemn ceremony of admission of the first flight of the Uzbekistan Airways National airline on the route Tashkent-Lahore. The event was attended by the representatives of the provincial government and the city administration, social and political circles, the media of Pakistan, Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Pakistan, the management and staff of Uzbekistan Airways, the representatives of tourist firms. The resumption of direct flights between the two countries has caused a positive response in various circles and media of Pakistan, who praised the efforts of Uzbekistan in strengthening of bilateral relations. Representative office of the Uzbekistan Airways has given detailed information about the capabilities of the National airline in passenger and freight transport and has noted that the national carrier of Uzbekistan will continue to make a huge contribution to the strengthening of mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries. On the same day, the Embassy of our Republic in cooperation with the representative office of Uzbekistan Airways has organized a conversation "at round table" in the city of Lahore. Participants were familiarized with the course of socio-economic and democratic reforms in Uzbekistan, which have created favorable conditions for foreign investors. In the margins of the event was executed a screening of a documentary film about the sights of Tashkent, Samarkand, Khiva, Bukhara. In a separate video presentation was told about development of tourism industry in Uzbekistan, the potentialities of the modern hotel complexes, transport and service infrastructure of the country.
11 Apr 2017

The national airline made the flight to Dushanbe

On 11 April Uzbekistan Airways national airline made its first for twenty-five years flight to the capital of Tajikistan – Dushanbe city. Now the flights from Dushanbe to Tashkent will be operated twice a week on Tuesdays (departure at 9:50) and on Saturdays (departure at 13:40). The flight time will be about one hour. As noted by the official representative of Uzbekistan Airways in Tajikistan O. Ruzimuradov, with the opening of this route, the tourists and representatives of various organizations and departments will have more opportunities to use the facilities of Uzbekistan Airways for transit flights via Tashkent. In addition, the citizens of the two neighboring countries will be able to make mutual visits to each other in a relatively short time. Note that since January 1992, Uzbekistan Airways provides its services for the transportation of passengers and cargo, and today operates regular flights to Europe, North America, Persian Gulf, Southeast Asia, the CIS countries, including 15 cities of Russia.
05 Apr 2017

The national airline of Uzbekistan recommenced the flights to the city of Lahore

April 5 this year, Uzbekistan Airways has executed the first flight to Pakistan. Now the flights will be operated twice a week on a comfortable airliner A320 on Wednesdays and Thursdays according to the following schedule (local time): Wednesday: HY 463 Tashkent 10:30 – Lahore 12:50 HY 464 Lahore 23:55 – Tashkent 02:25 (Thursday) Thursday: HY 461 Tashkent 22:40 – Lahore 01:00 (Firday) HY 462  Lahore 10:15 (Firday) – Tashkent 12:45 Ticket purchase is available at all points of sale.
28 Feb 2017

Uzbekistan Airways will fly to New York more often.

From 30 March 2017, the Uzbekistan Airways National airline launches a second frequency of regular flights in New York according to the following schedule (local time): Thursday: HY 101 Tashkent (04:40) – Riga (08:10)                   HY 101 Riga (09:40) – New York (12:30) Thursday: HY 102 New York (15:00) – Riga (06:45 +1) Friday: HY 102 Riga (08:15) – Tashkent (15:05)
20 Feb 2017

Uzbekistan Airways introduces the second frequency of flights to Sochi

From 7 March 2017, the Uzbekistan Airways launches a second frequency of regular flights in Sochi. The flights will be operated on comfortable aircrafts A-320 according to the following schedule (local time): Tuesday: 685 HY Tashkent (07:00) – Sochi (08:55) Tuesday: HY 686 Sochi (10:25) – Tashkent (15:50)
07 Feb 2017

Uzbekistan Airways National Airline starts executing flights in Lahore, Pakistan.

Starting from April 5, 2017 flights on the route Tashkent-Lahore-Tashkent will be executed as follows: HY 463 Tashkent-Lahore on Wednesdays, departure from Tashkent at 10:30, arrival in Lahore at 12:50 HY 464 Lahore-Tashkent on Wednesdays, departure from Lahore at 23:55, arrival in Tashkent at 02:25 on Thursday HY 461 Tashkent-Lahore on Thursdays, departure from Tashkent at 22:40, arrival in Lahore at 01:00 on Friday HY 462 Lahore-Tashkent on Fridays, departure from Lahore at 10:15, arrival in Tashkent at 12:45 *For all of the points the local time is displayed. Booking and buying tickets online is available via "Online booking" and at all distribution points. For additional information call: 140-02-00
25 Jan 2017

Uzbekistan Airways: 25 years on wings of independence

28 January 1992, the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a decree on the establishment of the National airline Uzbekistan Airways. Three months later, after obtaining the status of the national carrier, National airline has  gone through the registration procedure in the International civil aviation organization (ICAO), has issued its own code, amended its flight details in the world reservation systems. The company's steady flight began. For the crew of the National airline this holiday is truly important. Looking back at the path, you can make sure that every year was no less fruitful than the previous one. Visual confirmation – the increasing economic potential of the country and the image of civil aviation of Uzbekistan. Our Team has a lot of to be proud of. Modern and comfortable airliners of Uzbekistan land and take off in more than 50 cities in Europe and Asia regularly. They execute charter flights to all directions from Alaska to New Zealand. The pilots of Uzbekistan have mastered the control of aircraft A320, Boeing 757/767, Il-114-100, and today they control the new generation aircraft - the Dreamliner. Their skill and potential are well known in the world and highly appreciated by international organizations. Over the years, many major projects have been implemented in the area. The ground infrastructure of airports was upgraded, the fleet of aircraft was completely renewed and the control and service of the new aircrafts were mastered, the air navigation system was improved. New destinations were opened, new terminals with high throughput were built, advanced technologies were introduced. Modern passenger terminals are equipped with all facilities and with equipment that meet international standards. Own training base is established. It's aimed at training and staff proficiency development. The training center has professional teaching staff and a Fitness center with many kinds of simulators, including full flight simulators of aircraft Il-114-100 and A320 that allows it to offer services on preparation and training to foreign companies. Soon to be installed a Full-flight simulator of a Boeing 767. The airline can independently and efficiently maintain the airworthiness of its aircraft and provide services for the maintenance and repair of aircraft to foreign airlines. Implementation of large scale projects in the near future will bring civil aviation of Uzbekistan on qualitatively new level, ensuring its status and image in the international arena. The staff of the airline aims at the leadership in the airline industry. And of course, the priority in its activities, as before, will be ensuring the safety of flights and passengers, while remaining true to its criteria – stability, reliability, and comfort.