"Uzbekistan airways" JSC


1. Alcohol and cigarettes. Foreigner, an adult (over 21 years) and have the status of a non-resident US, allowed to bring into the country without paying customs duties not exceeding 1 liter of alcoholic beverages, and this applies not only to the spirits, but also beer, wine, liquor.

Drinks brought in by you over this norm shall be taxable.

But in the United States other than the federal law of action and state laws, and in some cases they can be severe.

In Texas, for example, duty-free import quota is much lower than in New York, where you are not allowed to import even two half-liter bottles of beer.

2. Prohibited to import:

- absinthe

- Candy with liquor

- drugs

- dangerous drugs

- anti-government, propaganda and espionage materials

- pornography in any of its manifestations (videotapes, magazines, photographs, slides, etc.)

- Lottery tickets

- toxic and poisonous substances, flow knives, unless the knife does not belong to the one-armed passenger, in general, everything that could be dangerous.

3. Prohibited to import:

- inflammable or explosive materials, weapons, counterfeit and fake goods

- some items of wild flora and fauna, such as ivory, tortoise shell.