"Uzbekistan airways" JSC


1. Prohibited for importation into Turkmenistan legal entities and individuals:
- children's pneumatic guns, revolvers, machine guns, rifles and other means with ejection of plastic bullets and other;
- used tires (in the case of their destiny for commercial purposes);
- vehicles with right-hand drive or right-converted from LHD except special equipment, machinery and vehicles passing in transit through the territory of Turkmenistan;

- road vehicles, not including model year which was 10 years old, and regardless of model year vehicles, motorcycles, tractors, special machinery and other equipment does not meet the rules of the road due to damage or deterioration, after determining in the prescribed manner and the extent of damage damage - high-performance cars of the sample, as well as cars with engine capacity of more than 3500 cc (except vehicles designed for off-road driving, vans, transit through the territory of Turkmenistan and re-export);

Prohibited for importation into Turkmenistan legal entities and individuals:
- pornographic print, video, photography, film and audio production *;
- printed and audiovisual materials, and other media containing information that could cause harm to political and economic interests of Turkmenistan and its national security, public health or morals.
Note: * Prohibited and in transit through the territory of Turkmenistan

2. Prohibited for importation into Turkmenistan, export (sending) from Turkmenistan by natural persons:
- weapons, ammunition, military equipment and specially designed for their production components and materials;
- explosive substances
- nuclear materials, including in the form of fuel assemblies;
- sources of ionizing radiation;
- technology and special equipment that can be used to create weapons and military equipment;

- pyrotechnics (fireworks (sparklers and flint, candle and torch ignited gunpowder in it does not apply) firecrackers, rocket launcher)
- drugs, psychotropic substances, precursors, technology or equipment for their production and use;
- poisons and toxic substances;
- canceled securities
-labels (labels) to cork the bottles and other packaging materials intended for the manufacture of all types of alcoholic beverages.