"Uzbekistan airways" JSC


1. Alcohol and cigarettes. the maximum quantity of 200 cigarettes or 250 grams of tobacco (cigars) per person, but both not more than 250 g, and 1 liter of alcoholic beverages.
Products imported in excess of the established norms, should be left in a designated special boxes to customs control.

2. Artistic and cultural-historical values.
For import/export of statues and Buddha images, items of religious and ancient art, Antiques requires permission of the Department of fine arts (Department of Fine Arts).

3. Weapon and ammunition: Weapon, ammunition and explosive devices for import/export requires permission of Department of the national police (Office of National Police).

4. Technique. For import/export of wireless receivers and transmitters, telecommunication equipment requires the approval of the National telecommunications Commission (National Telecommunications Commission).

5. Prohibited to import:- narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances;- items and publications obscene;- counterfeit and pirated goods; - false coins and banknotes, protected wild animals.For import and export of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances the laws of Thailand provides a particularly harsh measure up to the death penalty.