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In Spain, a selective customs control in designated areas, although it may be holding directly in vehicles in which foreigners enter Spanish territory.

Customs declaration is filled in when the number of items or goods transported across the border, is commercial. There are no special rules concerning the procedure for the import and export of expensive things and objects.

In practice, the customs authorities shall apply the higher cost limit - 10 thousand. Euros, above which requires a declaration (must have proof of invoice).

1. Alcohol and cigarettes.

Citizens older than 17 years are allowed to import duty-free in Spain 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco, 2 liters of spirits or wine, the strength of which is less than 22 degrees, or 1 liter of alcoholic beverages with more than 22 degrees, 200 grams of coffee and 100 grams of tea, 50 ml perfume or toilet water up to 0.25 liters.

2. Artistic and cultural-historical value.

Order of import of these items are not legally defined.

3. Weapons and ammunition. The importation of any kind of weapons or parts thereof carried out with the permission of the Ministry of Interior of Spain, which is presented to Customs along with the weapon. Controls on the movement of weapons across the border made the Civil Guard.

4. Currency. Cash up to 10 thousand. Euro for 1 person over the age of 17 years are carried free and cash in excess of 10 thousand. Euro must be declared. Not formally allowed to move across the border 20 thousand. Euro husband or wife separately if the couple goes on a trip together.

5. Cars and gasoline. At the entrance in vehicles with license plates of other countries, including Russia, must have, in addition to a driver's license, technical passport and insurance «carta verde». Restrictions on the import or export of gasoline is not provided.

6. A ban on the import of meat and dairy products, except for those that do not require refrigeration before consumption, or have a commercial package of a standard form. Foods that do not contain meat or milk is allowed to bring the rate of 1 kg per person.

7. Others.

Slot machines for authorized in Spain and imported games on presentation of the license obtained in the Spanish Interior Ministry in consultation with the National Commission for the games. When you import a car in Spain you must pay taxes on the value added to the movement and for the purchase of the hotel, as well as council tax. For all categories of citizens allowed temporary import of vehicles for six months, the students - the period of study, seasonal workers - on time.